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  1. Can a simple toggle be implemented that stops automatic goaltender swaps in games? There have been numerous situations where I have been unable to give my starter rest for one game because he continually keeps getting pulled in. This has now happened three games in a row most recently, losing me 9 points. I, and presumably most other managers, would rather take one blowout and get back on track than getting stuck in this cycle or have to obtain a third goaltender for rotation.
  2. Shot must have been from a gun. To put him out of his misery.
  3. Ah yes, the rare and elusive 24.00 GAA. Nothing brings people together like shit goaltending.
  4. I raise you my Buzzer GHL goaltender - 94 overall. The last loss was against a team near the bottom of the league in every category. He lasted 10 minutes.
  5. Amick possessed by the spirit of Braden Holtby .
  6. Game mechanics, imho - I've grown used to it. Identical consistency issues with my starters in both Cage and Buzzer. Both 94 overall and both can last only about 3-4 games before they have a monumental collapse and a goalie rating in the red. This sim has a bit of black humour in it when it comes to goaltending .
  7. Stang is made of granite, dominated in my bottom 6 for a long time. Where is he now? Interesting to look at his stats over the past two seasons.
  8. Agreed - keep it coming! Big Ducks are my early-season favourite, I've seen them build their team for the past 3 seasons, and they should shake some things up in the GHL if they get there. Tigers are a team to watch, as well as the Fighting Knights - will be keeping an eye on them all this season.
  9. Congratulations to Hawks - well deserved!
  10. Good European absinthe (I like German, i.e. Eichelberger) - or Slivovice (Czech plum liquor). Fair warning - either is not for everyone. You drink a little cup, then another little cup, and very suddenly (and irreversibly) your night becomes a lot more interesting.
  11. Goaltending is a problem on both sides. Beaudoin has a piss-poor track record past the 1st round and needs to step up. Whichever goalie blinks first in this series, will lose.
  12. Yeah, that’s always been inconsistent. I don’t think new managers should be able to take over GHL teams as a rule, but I have seen it happen. Give it a shot and if no luck, email support and ask what is up. This is a good team available and deserves an active manager.
  13. There's a GHL team available in Buzzer.