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  1. I wouldn’t be so cocky about the boost thing, both of you, my friends. Not taking anything away from the Riverdale results - they are impressive. But Superb missed out on any good free agents and have close to an SHL-level team, as do Natashquan and the other promoted team in the East. That is why they are bad, no boost will help them. In the West, you are conveniently overlooking the fact that Metairie, another promoted team, has more points than Riverdale, and a CONSIDERABLY better defensive record, 2nd best in the conference, in fact. And they have a slightly better squad, but not that much better. Certainly not one built on some particular strategy, just the best they could get at the moment. So let’s wait and see. From my observations, the boost, if it exists, drops off around mid season, so very soon we will find out who is making the correct arguments. I am looking forward to it.
  2. So, this is an interesting discussion. While I would generally agree with Rain wholeheartedly here, Riversdale Heroes is newly promoted in my Buzzer GHL, and are keeping pace at the top of the conference in their first GHL season. I.e. Keeping pace with my team, that I built in completely opposite way - 100% focus on speed and skill, and that is the current East champion. Granted, we are only 30 games in, and I am confident there is an early-season boost to newly promoted teams - so this would be more accurate after another 30 games. But - Riversdale also managed to replicate my 5 promotions in 5 seasons from the LIHL, and they do play in a defensive style opposed to my all-offence. Very close comparison of two completely differing team styles that seems to suggest that both are viable. For context, Riversdale is not entirely skill-less in the GHL. They have a few players with 90+ shooting and passing - but considerably fewer than I do. Don't get me wrong, I would still prefer my team-building approach 10 times out of 10, but this is worth a closer look.
  3. Take a look at Endurance on your team, Paul. I would not be surprised to see a hidden Endurance meter that depletes throughout a season and is impacted by a player's Endurance score. Your team isn't exactly top in Endurance, especially your goaltenders - that may account for the late-season slides. Good assessment of my weaknesses - and I agree with the loose definition of "weakness", as well as seeing them as challenges to defeat. I just did a massive high-risk, high-reward trade in Buzzer that is going to bring new issues for my team - and I've never felt more alive . The size issue with my D-men I've solved since the beginning of the season by pairing them with larger counterparts - worked well so far. complicated. Lie's stats are 2.86/90.2% - which is decent for a backup. Baudoin, on the other hand, isn't even in Top 20 in SV%, despite having 8 shutouts (Tied for 1st). That's how streaky he, or his cocaine supplier, is. I am nearly sure I've identified the exact issue with him (not Anxiety, surprisingly), but have not yet decided now to fix it. The Spirit comment is interesting. Never was a fan of the "winning = who has the most heart" argument, but winning teams have had high-Spirit players often (i.e. Kegashka). I have some lower-Spirit players the past two seasons because of trades, and I have been worse defensively, so reasonable guess. But my offence has fired up as a result, and I like that exchange. For now, at least. I will keep an eye on this going forward, though - good observation.
  4. Interesting - my initial thought was your roster's Big Games and Ambition traits were lagging, but seems like they're actually quite good. Harmony and Heroic even, for the team. For me at least the problem is clear - goaltending. This is a lot more mysterious.
  5. I actually enjoyed when random decent FAs appeared in season 1 before people started complaining. Not many, of course, but here and there an 85+ FA is a welcome addition. Otherwise the player pool becomes a) thinned out and b) distributed among many of these same teams that refuse to trade or are inactive. Look at our FA in Cage, it's nonexistent.
  6. Absolutely agree with both of these points. And frankly, point A is a direct result of point B. I've targeted 4 goalies this season from 4 different teams, with all kinds of combinations of picks, players, PMs - and to no avail. Managers would prefer to sail along season after season with a completely mediocre team, rather than do a trade or two - it's brutal.
  7. That's exactly what I've been doing on my Buzzer team. Just pulled a goalie off waivers for the same reason here. This season is just strange.
  8. I'm joining you because my backup can't avoid getting pulled, so Baudoin ain't getting no rest and a losing streak is unavoidable .
  9. Maybe it is the wording, I can buy that. However, if this is meant to be a realistic sim, I don't buy that assessment of the situation. Think about this happening in the NHL. A player and a club agree on a contract up front, and the player signs it. Imagine players going around complaining about their contracts that THEY agreed to and playing like trash as a result. That's not expected behaviour at all - and this is exactly why it's very rare IRL. I could MAYBE buy this with players that have an Arrogant or Agitator trait, or something. But this player has blue traits. Now, in football, the approach is entirely different. Player performance drives the contract, term doesn't matter. Players and clubs are free to renegotiate at any point, break the existing terms and install new ones on an extension. But in that case, clubs have the option to open negotiations with an unhappy player immediately. What we have right now with these contract demands is somewhere in between, and definitely looks like a bug. If it's intended, Anders can weigh in - or this can be another AMA question.
  10. Maybe, and maybe not. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have players ask for new contracts when that entire functionality is not available to managers at that point. Just because some players still perform in isolated situations doesn't mean that this makes sense from a logical perspective. It's a Chekhov's Gun principle - if something like "player is unhappy" is shown to us as managers, there needs to be a reason and an action to be taken as a result - otherwise we may as well be spectators.
  11. He's Happy because this just came up 3 days ago. This has happened before with other players and the happiness inevitably goes down over time, as does the performance.
  12. Example here. Two years remaining, he wants to discuss a new contract. Pros & Cons immediately goes to "Bad Contract Situation", performance has suffered - and as a manager, there are no tools to address it because extensions can only be offered in the last contract year.
  13. I think you may have misunderstood my post, Paul - the issue isn't in the player being unhappy, it's them asking for a new contract (with all the consequences) multiple seasons before the game will allow you to offer them one. As an example, Football Manager has this as well, but there you are able to offer the player a renegotiated contract before their current one ends.
  14. This has happened a number of times on my team and others. Players that will have 2+ years left on their contract are "Unhappy/Concerned because they would like to discuss a new contract". However, the game mechanics do not allow this unless the player is in his last year - and clearly this impacts performance. With my player in question, his performance dropped like a stone last 3 games when this came up. So you are stuck for some time with an underperforming player and no in-game mechanics to address the situation. Clearly a bug, as I see it.
  15. I doubt it would be hundreds, maybe 10-20 - as I don't see more than 20 people participating. But a firsthand discussion would be awesome.