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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Oh - and going back to a discussion that hasn't been had in quite some time.  Roster Limits!!!  I have always felt for GHL level it should be 30.  Maybe offer a bit more leeway for the lower leagues, but I can't imagine why any GHL manager would need more than 30 spots.  This would be the ultimate measure against hoarding players and creating a larger FA pool.
    6 C - 11 F - 9D - 4G = 30 players.  Easy peasy.  You can even get creative and do 7C and 12F and 2G, the options are endless.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Just re-read this part and I see what you're saying.  Personally, I think the problem is contracts.  Players are signing way too cheap.  I had hoped that the release would have solved that - for example, players in the 90s should sign for 6M+.  I see some signing for less than 3M, which allows managers to hoard (along with potentially getting a team of all 90+ players, but that's another topic).  If hoarding is keeping other managers from getting players, then it seems like an effective tactic to be honest.  I personally don't agree with it because having too many players on your roster, especially on one way deals, will kill your confidence as those players would become anxious - and having too many salaries prevents managers from splurging on those top tier players.
    I think if the contracts were fixed it would solve a lot of this.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Definitely agree with everything you said, rain.  I just understand the mentality behind managers finding comfort in signing their own players.  Many might think the current roster is good, they just need 1-2 more pieces to make it all work.  Season 3 FA was a great example for me.  I placed a 2nd/3rd line player on waivers to go after Rackley in FA.  That plan didn't work out and I lost the player to waivers, having my worst season so far.  But overall you are right.
    I think the FA market will continue to get better each season.  In S2 it was awful.  Got a little better for S3 and this past season there were plenty of players there for signing.  As new players continue to pour in, more players will become available - managers will start doing exactly as you said above in hopes of signing "better" players and improving their teams.  Just a bit limited at the moment.  I think we are a few seasons away from the FA pool being really good.
    In terms of trading, I think there are a fair amount of moves made each season.  Almost every manager has made a trade or two at this point.  But trading is tough in general.  You need to find a fair balance and also offer something that the other manager needs, taking into account team tactics and cap space.  If you find value in a player on another team, chances are that manager also values that player and it will take a bit to move them.  I thought the trade between Cedar and Slaughter was a great example of a fair trade benefiting both teams.  I also think the trade between me and Cedar was a benefit to both teams.  Cedar got the younger, better, bigger player on a cheaper contract, so on paper it looks lopsided, but I was up against the cap and it provided me some breathing room to make moves in case of injury... and it provided me positional balance in that I now have a C who can fill in in case of injury - and I already had depth at D.  I needed to move Obeng after this season anyways and Kozak is a great example of a player that will walk without a contact next season.  I've offered quite a few trades for G this year as well to no avail - and some of the offers I thought were really good, but can understand why they were rejected.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to rainsilent in Cage trash talk   
    While there might be some truth to it there is a massive negative drawback that goes along with it. Holding on to those players is an active restriction to what you can do in FA while also being an active handicap to your teams performance. You are holding on to a player, bringing several detrimental side effects to your team in the process, just for a, most of the time, modest trade value. It isn't worth holding back your team because of that.
    Yet the reason the latter part of 2 and the entirety of 3 is true at all is because managers hoard players that don't work for them when they shouldn't. If they let them go to FA the FA pool would have many more players in it and so long as you went in looking for what you needed rather than strictly the best overall player there wouldn't be many bidding wars. The only getting lucky there would be would be in outbidding for the top players. Which, to be honest, should be how that sort of goes anyways. It is literally a self perpetuating issue. The fact that there is no real cap crunch for the really deep GHL teams only serves to add to it.
    If I had this same mindset I never would have gotten any of my current 4th line players. A 4th line that is, performance wise, one of the best 4th lines around. I traded better overall players for Stubna, Stang and Reason. I traded those players because they weren't working in the role that I had them filling. I didn't trade for Stubna, Stang and Reason knowing, or even thinking, that they would be as good as they are. I traded for them thinking that they had the skill set to perform good enough on the 4th line for the duration of the contracts that they were on. Meaning that they would fill that role until I let them go and filled their spots with better players.
    Some of those players were from AI teams. The rest Anders created because the player pool that was generated at the start was strictly to fill the teams meaning that there were no extra players to go around at any level. As I said above though, if managers weren't hoarding players that they didn't need or players that weren't performing for them the FA pool wouldn't be nonexistent. Top end players would still be a rarity, as they should be, but quality 2nd and 3rd line players would be notably more abundant if managers didn't unnecessarily hoard players. This is really going to become a pointed problem in the GHL the further we go because teams with great depth are allowed to keep their rosters due to players not increasing their salary demands enough. It was a serious problem in the past and it will be a problem in the future too if the two faster leagues are any indication.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to rainsilent in Cage trash talk   
    Alex I don't think your backup is good enough to really be a good backup at the GHL level. He is a really good overall goalie regarding his skill set but 86 reflexes is bad when a lot of the shooters facing you have 95+ shooting.
    This is because a number of managers resign pretty much everyone on their roster, usually until they get really old, no matter their actual performance. It is, frankly, a stupid practice. If your team has issues why are you going to keep bringing back the same players and the same team and expect something different? If there is an issue with the performance of a player trade them or let them go when their current contract is up. I don't mean to bad mouth Erzac but his team is a prime example. After his S1 championship his team has been struggling to get the results despite the talent. At what point do you stop banging your head against the wall and accept that you need to change up the roster in some way? You don't have to go chasing 'better' overall players to get better results either.  If I had his team I would have turned over almost the entire lower half of that roster a season ago because many of them are just playing poorly for whatever reason. Too many managers get too overall focused and also get too locked up in the team that they have.
    As for your goalie issues, I think it is down to a lack of endurance in both goalies. Your backup is actually playing rather well on the whole. When both goalies have low endurance giving adequate rest for your starter is quite difficult when the backup has an occasional bad game. When my buzzer team was in its second season, down in the IHL, my starter and backup both had low endurance and a chain reaction happened where both goalies ended up yellow tired. Both of them got hurt in the next game that they started. In my opinion, finding a goalie you wouldn't mind splitting starting time with Amick would be the way to go. Try to get a two goalie system where your second goalie has more endurance and can play a few extra games like what I have with Wilcot.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    It is funny how each team seems to have their own unique problems and it's relatively consistent over multiple seasons.
    Probably not an ideal scenario unless you are developing a goalie, but have you considered signing some scrub to play in the affiliate to act as a 2nd backup?  When Amick needs a rest, which is often... and I mean OFTEN lmao, I'll recall Loiselle to play backup in case of goalie pull so that Amick doesn't get thrown into the game.  Even some 78-79 guy for like 400K. 
    For what it's worth, the last place Alligators beat me earlier this season when they started their 78 overall goalie.  It was a glorious moment for both teams.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    I wonder if Season 4 will turn out like the others?

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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Discord: Anders AMA   
    I think this is a fantastic idea.  I'm not sure how it could be organized in a way that Anders could handle hundreds of questions coming his way at once, but this would be great from a community perspective.
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Paul T in Discord: Anders AMA   
    Hey Anders:

    You know there is a core community of long-term managers here who love this sim. What do you think about hosting an AMA on Discord where we can ask you simple (perhaps Yes/No) questions about elements of the sim - with as much elaboration as you are comfortable with?

    I mean here things we have always wanted to know but have been unable to determine in-game (example: "Does fatigue strongly impact goalie attributes/performance?"). I have a few of these, they've come up in various discussions, and it would be interesting to hear your perspectives on some of these things. Of course, you do not have to answer any leading questions or ones that reveal game mechanics.

    This could also be a good avenue to talk about your roadmap for GPHM in the future, any areas you need help or input on, any resources we can provide, gain feedback on the game, etc.
    Thoughts? Other managers - feel free to comment as well if this is something you want to see.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to GamePlanHockey in Overtime/Shootout Bug   
    Thanks for reminding me. I will have a look at this as soon as possible.
    Extended lineup with overtime and shootout assignments are planned for upcoming releases.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to flowbish1 in Season 8 Chat   
    Here it goes! First GHL season for me, Good Luck to Everyone!
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to GamePlanHockey in Quick update   
    I thought I 'd owe you all a quick update on what's been going on lately. The last month has been crazy and I've been falling behind with almost everything, this game included. I have in the last couple of weeks started both a new job and a small renovation of the house. And with everything else that's going on in the world right now I have not been able to put in that many hours on the game lately. 
    So please accept my apologies for the lack of updates and not responding to questions and emails lately. I will do my best to catch up as soon as possible. But today I finally managed to make an update fixing the current bugs with scouting reports and draft preferences.
    I have started working on the v2.3.0 update. I will share some more thoughts regarding this update soon.
    Thanks again for your patience!
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in RESEARCH NEEDED - Overtime / Shootout   
    Tell me about it 🤣

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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Steve in RESEARCH NEEDED - Overtime / Shootout   
    Just like NHL, I'd love to see ties and/or no shootouts be brought back!
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Steve in RESEARCH NEEDED - Overtime / Shootout   
    This is still a bug. Just had a game that had 0 minutes of OT and went directly to a shootout (see screenshot).

    It's about time this problem gets fixed. If OT/shootout can't be handled properly, let's remove it altogether, but something has to be done - this is a big part of the game.

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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Paul T in Overtime/Shootout Bug   
    Entire thread with examples and details below.

    Let's get this fixed, as this is an issue since 2017, it routinely comes up, and it impacts gameplay.
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from StevieY in Overtime/Shootout Bug   
    Entire thread with examples and details below.

    Let's get this fixed, as this is an issue since 2017, it routinely comes up, and it impacts gameplay.
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    If you had to bet your life on which team won this game...

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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Glawing in Toggle to Prevent Auto Goalie Switches   
    Thanks for input. This is noted and we will have a look at it and see if we can have a solution. 
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    AlexanderRasputin reacted to Wick Schozen in Toggle to Prevent Auto Goalie Switches   
    Genius! I've had to resort to putting an affiliate goaltender as my backup in games that I crucially need my started to have the night off. A simple toggle would be far more convenient. 
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Wick Schozen in Toggle to Prevent Auto Goalie Switches   
    Can a simple toggle be implemented that stops automatic goaltender swaps in games?
    There have been numerous situations where I have been unable to give my starter rest for one game because he continually keeps getting pulled in. This has now happened three games in a row most recently, losing me 9 points.
    I, and presumably most other managers, would rather take one blowout and get back on track than getting stuck in this cycle or have to obtain a third goaltender for rotation.
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Tyrod Gibson in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    Shot must have been from a gun. To put him out of his misery.
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Steve in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    I raise you my Buzzer GHL goaltender - 94 overall. The last loss was against a team near the bottom of the league in every category. He lasted 10 minutes. 

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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Steve in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    Game mechanics, imho - I've grown used to it. Identical consistency issues with my starters in both Cage and Buzzer.

    Both 94 overall and both can last only about 3-4 games before they have a monumental collapse and a goalie rating in the red. This sim has a bit of black humour in it when it comes to goaltending  .
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    AlexanderRasputin got a reaction from Paul T in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    Ah yes, the rare and elusive 24.00 GAA. Nothing brings people together like shit goaltending.