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    By the way. Will there be any impact on my team if I extended the contracts of my players or signed new ones before the update? So like only a few of my players have agreed ice time. Ir should I count it as a lucky season?
  2. Buzzed by Paul's idea in Cage, I started to put together some small nations' national team squads. I did in 14 F, 8 D, 3 G format, tried to split the 14 into 5 C + 9 F, but where centers were clearly better than the last few forwards there I went with them. Just to be clear, I only looked at overall (what I try to avoid when building my team tho), so it's rather the best team than the right one Any questions, requests, advice and comments are welcome as well I also used a bit more colors in the player traits, according to the order of traits in the help files Let's start with the Italy roster here too: Interesting to see they have a lot of free agents, almost no depth in wingers, and their best goalie is down in the Czech league. Ones to watch: Pablo Zambrotta, the 87 ovr center and Samuele Perico, the 84 ovr defender, both with plenty of GHL experience, and Cristian Diego Alves, the recent BHL draftee who can grow into an important player for this team. As you can see, their D-line is getting old, but they try to compensate it with size and toughness
  3. same for me, but with 10 days or so
  4. Hello guys! Copper Hockey League manager here. In previous seasons in lower leagues l loved my twoway line performance, they helped my game a lot. But this season those guys are the worst in my plusminus list by faaaar.. Although for me they are the perfect twoways with good puck skills and fair defensive attributes. Can it be cause the team is in general around the opponent in strength so they can not generate that much momentum? Or why are they so vulnerable at the back end? Usually they go at 3rd line. I'm thinking of trying out to go without twoway line, but as l built my team, l'm rather a fan of allrounder guys.. Thanks for every answer in advance!
  5. Buzzer, LIHL Electricity same problem. first and third game assistant report say error, second works well
  6. Okay, the Blue Knights acquired a bunch of good attackers so i was too early
  7. Hello! As i saw several GHL power rankings, I felt that why not see what's going on a league below, this feeling combined with how I love power rankings made me to create this ranking. I calculated using erzac's method (http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/7614-ghl-s10-power-rankings/?do=findComment&comment=27461), after day 5, so right before the season starts. So here is the ranking of Howitzer SHL 1. Stockton Thunderbolts (GM: Emille Hamilton) OFF: 86 DEF: 86 SG: 82 OVR: 84.2 Previous Finish: Relegated from GHL (They had only 7 Attackers, 4 Defenders and 1 Goalie) 2. Walkerton Blue Knights (GM: Charlie Burnaby) OFF: 71 DEF: 84 SG: 90 OVR: 83,7 Previous Finish: Relegated from GHL 3. Parkville Kingsmen (Computer) OFF: 79 DEF: 82 SG: 86 OVR: 82,8 Previous Finish: 13th 4. Coquitlam Seahawks (GM: Dean Turner) OFF: 81 DEF: 84 SG: 83 OVR: 82,8 Previous Finish: 3th, Eliminated second round 5. Green Lane Citizens (Computer) OFF: 82 DEF: 81 SG: 83 OVR: 82,0 Previous Finish: 2nd, Eliminated first round 6. Buckingham Breakers (Computer) OFF: 82 DEF: 84 SG: 80 OVR: 81,9 Previous Finish: 6th, Eliminated first round They have only 10 Attackers 7. Bakersville Bears (GM: Brett McLellan) OFF: 81 DEF: 80 SG: 84 OVR: 81,8 Previous Finish: 4th, eliminated second round 8. Batchawana Speedy Cats (GM: Máté Csizmadia) OFF: 81 DEF: 81 SG: 83 OVR: 81,7 Previous Finish: 9th 9. Walleyview Pharaos (Computer) OFF: 80 DEF: 80 SG: 84 OVR: 81,4 Previous Finish: 7th 10. Deadwood Desperados (GM: Mario Lemieux) OFF: 80 DEF: 80 SG: 83 OVR: 81,2 Previous Finish: 8th 11. North Atlanta Bearcats (GM: John LeClair) OFF: 80 DEF: 80 SG: 83 OVR: 81,1 Previous Finish: Promoted from BHL 12. West Rushville Oilers (Computer) OFF: 81 DEF: 80 SG: 82 OVR: 80,8 Previous Finish: 12th 13. Copper Mountain Bandits (GM: M. Holmes) OFF: 78 DEF: 78 SG: 84 OVR: 80,4 Previous Finish: Promoted from BHL 14. Tway Twisters (Computer) OFF: 78 DEF: 80 SG: 81 OVR: 80,0 Previous Finish: 11th 15. Arkadelphia All Stars (GM: Kirk Regan) OFF: 78 DEF: 78 SG: 81 OVR: 79,0 Previous Finish: Promoted from BHL 16. Miami Phantoms (Computer) OFF: 81 DEF: 77 SG: 76 OVR: 77,6 Previous Finish: 10th As you can see, the teams relegated here have some roster problems, for the Thunderbolts I'm sure it's affecting the strenhth, but that's their team at the moment. I will be eager to see how can they cope with the lack of depth, and who can they sign so late. For me the biggest question is that can the Blue Knights' defense and star goalie win matches instead of their weakly looking offense ( or as they say Defense wins championships- can it happen in hockey also?) Good luck to everyone, it looks like a close season, maybe only the Phantoms look a bit weaker than the others, everyone else looks to have a chance. If you want some updates, tell me, I don't know how much time will I have, but I will do my best!
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    Season 6

    I'm happy to sign Yumashev and Laliberte, i'm trying to build a young roster with some experienced players.. But... my best scorers are all nervous.. so on the big games my defensive players wll score my goals I want to ask that what is meant to be big game? or it's just for the close 3rd periods?
  9. Hi! I'm Máté frm Hungary, manager of the Mountain Lakes Fighting Camels, trying to help this little team from the sand to the top Played in prototype too, then started here in the BHL then got to the GHL in 2 seasons, now fighting for staying in the top league and carry on my job. Good luck everyone