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  1. So regardless of if I win the upcoming relegation playoffs, I'm wiping the team. Everyone is up for grabs except Kosir, Kaila, Vaslik, and Willman. Looking for good prospects and draft picks
  2. There's plenty of managers here who totally need to join the discord server. Having that community of managers adds so much to the game so come over and join the fun. Discuss your team, other teams and anything else.
  3. This is really cool! You should keep doing it, I know it's time consuming
  4. Is there any update on what's up with Buzzer? Been frozen for 2 days or so now and it appears the games on day 79 has been skipped.
  5. I'm hoping to build off the success I found in the 2nd half of the previous season. I was swept in the first round, due to my leading scorer who lead the GHL in points being injured. I improved my goalie situation, and found a stable 3rd D pair. But this game can be weird, good players don't = good results.
  6. Anyone else having this issue? For the last week or 2, messages, and all pages have to be hit multiple times and then load very slowly. Currently, I can't get the transfer page to load at all.
  7. zinnyzxx

    Season 6 Chat

    How in the world did you get that many highly skilled young players without being in the GHL. SHL drafts haven't gotten me much, and even my 2nd round GHL picks aren't over low 80s.
  8. Really happy with my season. About 20-30 games in, I thought I would be fighting at the top all season, but I came crashing down. I still finished strong after a bad mid season, and made my first playoffs in the GHL. Was up 2-0 in the second round before losing 3 in a row. Overall very happy with my season and hope I'm in the GHL for good now
  9. zinnyzxx

    Season 6 Chat

    It's so quiet in these forums now, what happened?
  10. zinnyzxx

    General Stories

    Not sure what to call this thread but what's going on with your team right now? I spent 2 seasons ago in the GHL for the first time and had 4 wins. I'm back now after an SHL promotion and I already have 2 wins so hooray for improving lol
  11. I need a good center 85+ overall, bellemore golden flyers, open to offers
  12. It's a small issue, but I have a message from season 1 that can't be deleted. Bellemore golden flyers SHL Buzzer. Thanks
  13. Endurance is a problem with goalies. There's no reason I can only play my starting goalie for 1 game at a time before he's tired. This shouldn't be a problem in the upper levels
  14. This isn't true at all. When you get demoted, you lose all players on a one way contract, which is many. I just got demoted from GHL and my team is pretty much at standard if not a little above standard SHL level.
  15. Looking to have a good season in the SHL since my single season in the GHL had 4 wins all season... Need to have some good times again