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  1. I've thought this for a while now. It's a good idea
  2. How do you compare my team with the others I listed. Yes I have a decent amount of players in the minors but they're also BHL level players I just signed recently so my prospects would stop getting tired so quickly down there. I have 1 player that's 80 overall and the rest are just fodder that the FA is still full of.
  3. Promoting to the GHL is a difficult thing to do. Promoting and surviving your first season at this point is extremely difficult because the free agency is garbage. It's been garbage for many seasons now. Why is the FA trash? Because managers have entire team's worth of players just rotting away in the minors with no intention of bringing them up, or trading them. So then the very very few players available in the FA are bid on wildly getting double the salary that they ask for because the demand is so high. Whether the fix is creating an engine to make players refuse to sign with a manager known for player hoarding, or just putting a 6-8 player cap on the minors... Something needs done because this is embarrassing. Here's the proof. Harrow, Batchawana, Oshawa, and to a lesser extent - North Shore since most of those players are from his SHL club and just recently promoted - are prime examples. Think of the value these players could add to promoting teams. It's a s*** way to manage a team and screw over other managers.
  4. The John Scott Award (Sudden unexpected greatness award) Pts from a non elite player Yakimov - Bellmore Golden Flyers!
  5. About 80% of the offers I get to play a friendly match end up in a glitch and I can never accept the offer. I've talked to a few other managers and they deal with this too. When I try to accept, this is what I see
  6. Player requested roles are completely broken when promoting. I'm losing most of my team since they will not be able to perform at the GHL level, but I'm losing even more because the players that I do want to keep are demanding star player when they are 4th liners at best. Examples: Sechapio is an 80 overall player, but demands 1st line in the GHL? https://gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=21704-A Gent played 55 games and was on the 4th line, but demands star player for GHL? https://gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=17905-A Ming is currently on a 3rd-4th GHL contract who has just been traded to me. His contract is immediately expiring, yet he demands star player https://gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=14201-A Here are pictures of the contract demands. I think the role feature needs looking at and tweaked.
  7. After spending seasons 4-10 in the GHL, the Golden Flyers looked to switch things up. It was no longer considered a success to stay alive in the GHL and have quick playoff exits. After all, in those 7 seasons, they made 6 playoff appearances. 4 of those 6 they were bounced in the first round; the other 2 were 2nd round exits. Looking to switch things up, the fearless and sometimes stupid manager Zac Zinn made many moves in the offseason between seasons 10 & 11. Every addition was meant for speed, as they switched offensive tactics to fit a speedy and skilled team. They drafted Erkki Kaila, a highly skilled sniper as well as bringing in Jan Kosir, a reliable 1/2c who could play sniper, playmaker, or two way game. Ugo Branson, a young talented playmaker, Elliot Page, a safe 3c, and Bradley Willman, a dangerous sniper center with great defensive side (although his addition would come closer to the trade deadline) Not only would the team change their offensive tactic, they changed also their defence style to also fit a speedy game. To fit this, they brought in a few mid-range talent defensmen who could skate. The manager expected a slow start to the season as it would take a while for the team to adjust, however when the team figured it out, they'd take the league by storm. Speaking in terms of offensive and defensive stats, using formulas, the Golden Flyers were ranked 6th in the Eastern Conference. They nearly split their first 10 games going 4-6. This result was expected and acceptable. It was all going towards a greater good. They also went 4-6 in the next 10 games. Even though the end game results were expected, the team only managed to score once in 7 of the first 20 games. The offence was gone. High profile scorer Jasmin Emond had vanished and Kaila was proving to have a slow start to his career. Starting goalie Rehor Istvan was doing what he could, but the goals weren't coming. Then comes a 7 game losing streak, the team still isn't scoring. Manager reports show the team has gained strong familiarity with the new system, but the goals still aren't coming. By now, it's not just a lack of goals but too many goals being let in by the goalie tandem of Istvan and Deon Core were regularly blowing games. As it turned out, there was a locker room blowout between the two goalies as both thought they deserved the 1G position while neither played like it. One had to go. Istvan was traded, posting a 7-7-1 record with a 3.42GAA and 885% with a 68 performance rating. Core was relied very heavily on for a bulk of the games remaining. Midway through the season, they picked up a little steam, winning 4 or more games in a row a few times. The team still wasn't performing as original expectations had lined up, but it was an improvement. Even though there wasn't a strong need for another high talent goalie, the Golden Flyers found themselves in a position to grab Robin Guilmaine in a trade. Core had after all been cooling off and not playing too great. He was 37 years old after all. What resulted was the biggest dumpster fire in net for the final stretch of games. They had come close to taking 9th in the East to avoid the relegation playoffs. They crawled towards 9th, making slow progress towards it. And then Guilmaine said "win? Over my dead body" Guilmaine posted the following stats insuring the Golden Flyers for the first time ever would have to fight in a playoff series to stay up in the GHL: 4-8-3, 3.80GAA, 884% and a 67 performance rating. During the final stretch, Guilmaine was pulled in 4 straight matches. They finished 10th and played the Rycroft Twisters in the relegation playoffs. After winning the first match 5-1, they allowed 22 goals in the next 4 games and lost in 5 games. Core played every game in the fear that Guilmaine would blow it, but in the end it was the cold hard fact that taught the manager that all goalies are bastards and stealers of dreams. In conclusion, what the manager brought out of a massive failure of a season is that changing all tactics at the start of a season is impossible to do so with any success at the GHL level. Secondly, looking in depth at how a roster has weaknesses is extremely important. An in depth look at the Golden Flyers roster would show a lack of passing skill in the forwards, and a big lack of passing and pick handeling skill in the defencemen. With the exception of possible future hall of famer Vratislav Vaslik, the defensive lineup with a subtle mess with breakout passes and turnovers. And thirdly, lastly, the most important lesson learned from this garbage season is that all goalies are bastards.
  8. I must have missed this being discussed, but this would be amazing if we had this. This is a problem that affects all of us
  9. So regardless of if I win the upcoming relegation playoffs, I'm wiping the team. Everyone is up for grabs except Kosir, Kaila, Vaslik, and Willman. Looking for good prospects and draft picks
  10. There's plenty of managers here who totally need to join the discord server. Having that community of managers adds so much to the game so come over and join the fun. Discuss your team, other teams and anything else.
  11. This is really cool! You should keep doing it, I know it's time consuming
  12. Is there any update on what's up with Buzzer? Been frozen for 2 days or so now and it appears the games on day 79 has been skipped.
  13. I'm hoping to build off the success I found in the 2nd half of the previous season. I was swept in the first round, due to my leading scorer who lead the GHL in points being injured. I improved my goalie situation, and found a stable 3rd D pair. But this game can be weird, good players don't = good results.
  14. Anyone else having this issue? For the last week or 2, messages, and all pages have to be hit multiple times and then load very slowly. Currently, I can't get the transfer page to load at all.
  15. zinnyzxx

    Season 6 Chat

    How in the world did you get that many highly skilled young players without being in the GHL. SHL drafts haven't gotten me much, and even my 2nd round GHL picks aren't over low 80s.