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  1. How much do you rely on the assistants report? I find it a bit confusing. It will say I am doing good defensively , but I lost buy 3 goals! Do you take the report seriously?
  2. The prospect ranking page won't show. It freezes up .
  3. While trying to remove a player from Waivers I got this .... error while loading this screen . 500 internal server error
  4. SUGGESTION....I read some where that you will have some new Icons / logos for our teams jersey. Awesome! I would like to suggest that along with Icons / Logos should be a choice of letters. Like a stylized B that the Bruins use , the C for Calgary , C on the Vancouver Canucks, the old D in Detroit. I think it should help out if we can not find an appropriate logo to match our team name. I never could find a good logo for my team jersey when I was called The Goldville Groove. I would not have had a problem if I had a G as a logo. Anyway.. just a thought!
  5. This is what I get... Do you want to release center Rohan Hewitt? If you proceed half his salary $18 500 will be locked for the remainder of his contract (2 seasons) before being freed under the salary cap. What I would like to see is. Releasing center Rohn Hewitt will cost you half his salary $18 500 will be locked for the remainder of his contract (2 seasons) before being freed under the salary cap. Your team will now have $487.650 this season and - 35,000 next season. Something like that. OR have an undo last move button. So if do cut the player, and it does not look right I could undo the last cut and keep the player and contract.
  6. I am horrible with contracts and numbers! In the NEW GAME can we have a preview pop up( when we are about to cut a player) as to what our money will look like in the next two seasons IF we cut player (x) . I messed up because I wanted to save money by cutting one player so I could keep another player .in fact I messed up finances for next season again. Im in the - negatives. I realize there is a warning when you are about to cut play (x) but I would like it to show what my finances will look like IF I cut that player. I'm very frustrated! OR maybe an undue last move feature! Does that make sense?
  7. I noticed that each league will have more teams. I am in bronze league in Biscuit. Can I move up to Silver if I choose? I missed my chance (again) to advance during this last playoff Or will we be all moved over to the corresponding league in the new release. Just wondering how those new spots will be filled.
  8. Maybe sponsor a team that won their free league. Advance them to the paid league for 1 free ( sponsored ) year.
  9. 1. check out 2. / this is most likely what you are using now. has some of the same icons! 3. has a logo design program
  10. I am thinking that might be correct. But I would like someone to verify it. So if some one is good in the AAHL he should be a good choice for a BHL team. Does that sound right??
  11. What makes a player a star player ? I have a star player that is getting older. I am not sure he is worth what he is asking for on a new contract.