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  1. 34 here, definitely agree about hiding from the wife and kids
  2. Well......The new Rhinos manager didn't last long
  3. Great thread! I think we need to get more activity in the forum for our game world I know its early days but I think its great to see none of the usual teams in the top 3. Would love to see a really close season
  4. I really like this idea, although I think there are other features such as affiliate teams which need developing before Your suggestion reminds me a little of the scouting in the NHL game for xbox/ps4 etc. Prospect stats are hidden, so you have to assign scouts to a particular league/country. The longer your scouts spend there, the more stats for those prospects playing there are revealed.
  5. One of my prospect goalies has been named captain of his team, maybe not being able to select a goalie as captain of your own team is a bug?
  6. Sure am! It doesn't take long to drive all over the country here ;-) You should have come around September though, that's when our hockey season starts!
  7. Would love to goto this! However I'm hoping to fly out to Toronto in January for the Flames games against the Leafs/Habs If flights from the UK weren't so expensive, I would definitley do both.
  8. I've been thinking recently when trying to put together some trades, it would be great to be able to see a trade history with the team your making an offer to, maybe displaying what trades you have offered them in the past and if it was accepted/rejected. I've found myself occasionally offering a trade that I've previously offered before Also, if players on your trade block match the transfer needs of another team. Would it be a good idea to have these teams displayed somewhere as 'trade partners'? Makes it much easier then going to each team trying to find a match for a player you are looking to move
  9. +1 Was only thinking the other day that corsi would be a good addition
  10. what if instead of listing which teams were interested, there was a bar that filled up based on how many teams had a particular player shortlisted? maybe call it 'interest level' and have the rating going from cold (low interest) to hot (high interest)?
  11. Yeah I guess it's unlikely they would win, was only an idea anyway :-)
  12. Yeah, as in every team in each world would take part in their own cup competition Round 1 - LIHL/IHL Teams (16 games) Round 2 - add the BHL Teams (16) Round 3 - add the SHL Teams (16) Round 4 - add the GHL Teams (16) Round 5 - Quater Final (4) Round 6 - Semi Final (2) Round 7 - Final (1) One game per round, winner moves on to the next round. So that's a maximum of 7 extra games through the season (that's assuming a LIHL/IHL went all the way) I do like the idea of an international tournament, but this way each team/manager gets to be a part
  13. What would people think to a cup competition for each world that takes place during the season? Maybe something similar to the FA Cup in English soccer where all teams are involved but the top teams come in at a later round to give the lower league teams a chance to progress. I realise on paper the GHL teams would have a huge advantage but maybe ambitious players from lower league teams who play well in big games should get an extra boost when playing the big clubs? Just thinking it's something extra to compete for?
  14. What if players who aren't getting many games or much ice time could become unhappy and request to leave a club? This might stop the bigger clubs hanging onto players they aren't using?
  15. wasn't he a pending UFA? - I guess if they didn't think he was likely to re sign then you got to take what you can get for him