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  1. can’t buy a win this season. I expect to at least make the playoffs with my current roster. My guys can’t score to save their lives. Hoping for a better second half this season. Oh well! I will be extatique when my team starts winning more games.
  2. Decided to bring the Rome Trojans back to life. Glad to see some of the people from the old Biscuit days here I hope my team ends up faring a little better than the original Rome Trojans
  3. Same with Medeiros on my team. He somehow played 30 seconds even while assigned to my farm team.
  4. Yann Rock


    I hear you. Last season I lost one of my top forwards (Guyard) for the whole season and could never get over it. The amount of injuries I've had in the past two seasons are staggering. I'm hoping to avoid injuries to my top players this season, but you never know. Your team is so stacked that I strongly doubt you miss the playoffs, but it does get frustrating when your top guy(s) get injured for a while. The addition of farm teams will help soften the blow in case of injuries compared to previous seasons though. Best of luck Kim (Except against the Trojans)
  5. Well that's a bit of a drop for us this season. Hoping to challenge for a playoff spot, but I'll consider this a good season if I avoid the relegation zone. Best of luck to everyone this season.
  6. Same here, traded player is still on my affiliate. I also have a free agent that doesn't want to leave my affiliate team.
  7. He has a few seasons left until then, but I hope not
  8. Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
  9. My prospect Nial Batts declined my contract offer. Is this a bug or is he pulling a "Eric Lindros" on me? Would love to hear if this has happened to other managers.
  10. Awesome! Thank you for this
  11. Sens keep coming back. That 6-5 game against the Rangers was a nail biter for sure. Going to NY with 2-0 lead in the series, anything is possible now. Karlsson is playing like a possessed man, but Anderson should try not handling the puck as much for a little while Overall quite happy with how they're doing in the playoffs.
  12. I've always had very good goaltenders, skill wise, but they always seem to let me down when I need them the most. I switched goalies last season and this one is even worse At least I'm still in a playoff spot in the GHL, so yeah it could be worse. Just a little frustrated that my goalie is killing my season so far considering I thought I was going to improve from last season.
  13. Goaltending has been horrible for my team this season. Not too many options out there either to improve in goal. Wondering if I stay with Stulreiter next season or look elsewhere for improvement. For now I'm just aiming for the playoffs.
  14. The answer would be a polite laugh
  15. Yann Rock

    Trader S8

    Veteran defenceman Mathis Janvier is available. Looking for a forward of similar caliber, preferably a veteran. Mathis' overall skill level is 83 and he's a good stay at home defenceman. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=3923