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    Season 5 is a bad season to quit because you're losing. The draft is stacked at the top.
  2. It is either $1.99 or $2.99. Pretty sure the funds are based on your location, so assuming US, then likely USD. And the subscription is monthly only. But Anders can give you exact answers in advance if needed. [email protected]
  3. The fee would be listed on the sign up page before you accept the terms of use - and to my knowledge there are no tiers, just a flat fee. If you want information in advance, you can probably contact [email protected] And yeah, still pretty active. Seems to die down a bit on weekends, though. The forums are used a lot less these days due to the new chat feature and the addition of Discord. The Change Log has all the new feature along with road map items:
  4. Third of the season update: 1) Rafael Bolduc - 89 OVR Forward ... most GHL goals. Bolduc has 13 goals and is currently 6 goals back of the leaders (Whitely and Breton, 19). Probably not possible to catch them as they are playing lights out, but a Top 5 finish in goals for Bolduc would be a success. 2) Kvido Zluky - 86 OVR Defenseman ... most GHL Points by a defenseman. Zluky currently has 17 points. Leader has 24. I expect a late season surge. Although he will have to catch his own teammate first, Nickerson, who has 22. 3a) Henri Pohl - 83 OVR Goalie ... I want this guy to win Vezina. Given his low endurance and the fact that my team wins might be lower than usual, I don't think that is possible. Instead, I am going to try and get him 50-55 starts with the goal of GHL's best save percentage. Abort! Abort! I folded on this one early and I'm not happy about it. But Pohl shouldn't have been as bad as he was. Oh well. Time to move on. 3b) I will play the hot hand in goal and Pohl will be given a long leash to keep the starting job. In the event George Mercredi earns the starting job from Pohl, the same goal applies. This guy has been a dud as well. A couple of games ago he blew a 4-0 lead halfway through the second. High expectations for a pair of Heroic veterans did not work out. 4) Svend Clausen - 82 OVR Forward ... most GHL Points and/or Goals by a rookie. Another dud. Clausen has 1 point in 10 games and has spent most of the season in the AAHL. My goals for the less skilled players were a bit unreasonable. Lesson learned. 5) Jeremie Cline - 97 OVR Center ... best GHL +/-. Cline is sitting at +18. Leader is +24. This can change in a blink. 6) Any single player on the Stealheads to record a Gordie Howe Hattrick. If accomplished, that player will earn a $2M roster bonus. Not yet, but hopeful.
  5. Updated as of Day 10. That will be the final update for Season 5.
  6. Yeah, I had a ton, especially in the days leading up to the draft. There was one day with 30+ messages to the same manager. Once you delete them all it's worth it. The menu taking forever to load was driving me nuts. It's worth the 10-20 mins to delete them all.
  7. I did it in about 10 minutes. Are you using your phone or laptop? If laptop, you can open like 10 tabs at a time.
  8. I deleted all of my World Messages and most of my World PMs and the page load time is now approximately 5 seconds compared to the previous 15-20 seconds. A noticeable difference. Still a slight lag from the other tabs which take about a second to load, but much better. Agree with Deadwing - with Discord and the new messaging system, we probably don't have a use for the World PMs.
  9. Now that you mention it, for me it is both. When I originally try to load the Manager tab and when switching to the history tab. Also, when deleting messages, it takes quite a while for the page to load again. And it's only the Manager tab... Team, League and Transfers all load quickly.
  10. Still feel this way.
  11. I’ll throw an update on these Day 8 or 9.
  12. Looking through rosters to pick out players age 18-21 that have never played a GHL game before is not gonna happen. To me, a rookie is an 18 year old... not a 19 or 20 year old that was too sh!tty to play a game yet . If needed, I can change my silly goal from "rookie" to "18 year old". But for the purposes of this, only 18-year olds will apply. I like the second idea and something I had been thinking of myself last season. Let's see if we remember or have time.
  13. Season 5 Power Rankings - updated as of Day 10. Hopefully the excel/screenshot method is readable for everyone. EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE Top 5 Offenses: 1) Slaughterville Red Tide 2) Sheshegwaning Dragons 3) Enigma Rage 4) Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears 5) Big Delta Stealheads Top 5 Defenses: 1) Victoria Regals 2) Sheshegwaning Dragons 3) Ithaca Ricochet 4) Rome Trojans 5) Slaughterville Red Tide _______________________________________________________ The formula: Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF * 2) + (SG * 2)) / 26 Where: OFF = sum of 12 highest rated centers & forwards* DEF = sum of 6 highest rated defenders* SG = overall of starting goalie * unless managers provided their unique roster set-up Originally created by: Erzac
  14. For GPHM purposes, 18 years old.