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  1. Basically the “role” request is an ice time request. Star player means they want a lot of ice time. Keep them over a certain amount and the player will remain happy. Go below and they will get concerned. For goalies that probably means something like 55+ games. Also, join Discord if you can. Some good chats and Q&A on there.
  2. Paul T

    Youth draft

    Click the “only available prospects” tab and it will show you which players are left.
  3. Welcome back! What specific message are you getting when you try to re-sign them? If they are happy with their current contract, you will have a chance to re-sign them later in the season. If they don't want to talk to you (usually lower leagues), there's a chance you might have to let them walk, but also a chance that if you keep trying, they will eventually sign.
  4. Very cool! Some of those players look exactly like I pictured them... especially Chezhekov.
  5. Day 9 update after some recent trades and spawn signings EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE Notable movement - Plastic Attack drop a few spots - Natives are now #1 overall.
  6. As of Day 6 EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE Top 5 Offensive teams: 1. Red Tide 2. Dragons 3. Natives 4. Rage 5. Battlin Bears Top 5 Defensive teams: 1. Natives 2. Dragons 3. Yale Men 4. Red Tide 5. Trojans Top 5 Goalie tandems: 1. Pegasus 2. Bulldogs 3. Doom 4. Plastic Attack 5. Outlaws
  7. I am in agreement with this. I think everyone who has responded so far is showing @zinnyzxx support and agrees with the issue by providing multiple solutions. It's a topic that has been discussed for the past 3 years that I continue to discuss because I think it would greatly improve the game. Luckily, in a recent chat with Anders, it seems like roster limits, as well as a few other things mentioned here, are on his "to-do" list. So that's good. But to dive in a bit - say the roster limit is set at 30. That is not going to solve the issue, specifically with the Hawks. Their roster is 31players, so they can just drop the 79 overall and move on. All the rest are still in the affiliate. Which is why I agree with @rainsilent that salary demands also need to come up in order to fully solve this. The higher salary players ask for, the less players teams can sign (or they can still choose to sign many players, but their top talent won't be as good, and I'm fine with that strategy aspect). Also, players turning 21 won't sign for as cheap or if they are 85+ overall maybe they shouldn't accept 2-way deals. The reset started off great in this regard, but something was changed around S4 (S8 in buzzer), which made it too easy to sign players. Right now, the salary demands of 21 year olds are just ridiculously low. Even 88 overalls are signing SHL level deals, which is crazy. So again, I think my solutions to the following issue are: 1. Roster limit. 30 seems reasonable to me. 2. Salary demands should be higher. I don't know what the fix is here or if it can even be fixed at this point, but it would help to solve the "hoarding" issue. 3. Players getting frustrated or unhappy easier - and having a greater impact on performance, if they don't already.
  8. Well, because the topic was around "hoarding" players and not the quality of the player. The original post made no mention of this. My comparison was clear in that it compared the # of players on each team. Rainsilent cleared that aspect up on discord and I went on to acknowledge how certain team's approaches are not ideal. The conversations are still there. But I also don't think it is up to those managers to make sure they aren't screwing other teams. Just like it's not up to managers with stacked rosters to worry about other teams. What they are doing is not against the rules - and if the players or prospects are on two way deals, then they can be put in the affiliate. But I do think the game should put measures in place to limit that sort of thing. 100%. Roster Limits + players getting frustrated easier + higher salary demand. I also took the time to read it, give my opinions and offered some solutions to the problem. Why not build on that if we want a true solution?
  9. Agree with the sentiment, but disagree with some of the reasoning. This conversation had been had before and I think needs to continue until there is a fix. I agree that hoarding is an issue. Not one of the games main issues, but definitely an issue. So how do we fix it? I am not a fan of gentleman's agreements, so if the game allows it, it's not cheating. Asking managers to drop players or trade players is asking them to help the competition and why would they do that? My solutions would be: 1. Roster Limits. There's no reason a GHL team needs more than 30 players. I understand this can be tricky with promoting teams, but I don't see how any team would have a major issue with this if managed properly. It would also force teams to make quality decisions on which players to start, put in the affiliate or drop. 2. Better contracts. Right now contracts are way too low and allowing managers to sign players too cheap. Cheaper players means more players (and/or a team of all 90+ overall players, which is probably an even bigger issue). Until those two things are resolved, hoarding will happen - and again, it's not against the rules. But I'm having trouble with why you called out the teams you did given that your roster is 37 players. 1. The Hawks only have 31 players. I'm not sure why you guys hate on him so much. 2. North Shore has 40+, but like you stated, they just promoted as well. They only have 2 players 90+ on their roster, so any ill will their way is just misguided. The reason for the post is to help promoting teams, but they just promoted 3 seasons ago and did fine with a not so stacked roster. That should be appreciated. 3. Oshawa and Batchawana are on their own. Their rosters are high and stacked. Bash that all you want. Could the bigger issue possible be teams like the Hawks and Black Devils who both have 12 players 90+ overall on their roster?? Number of players aside, this would be a bigger reason why promoting teams don't have success. At least IMO. If you want to read prior discussions on this topic, you can view them here (they are from 3 years ago):
  10. Paul T

    S7 GHL Power Rankings

    The West is a little tougher to analyze accuracy given the tight rankings to start with. Larger swings were expected. The close: Plastic Attack finished 1st. Red Dragons down 2 spots to 6. Rage up 3 spots to 2nd, not surprising given their historical success. Doom up 3 spots to 3rd. Bad Apples up 3 spots to 4th. *All of these teams finished in Tier 1 as expected. Yale Men up 1 spot to 7th. Elite up 1 spot to 8th. Masons from 10 to 11 after manager leaving. Knights, Squad (now Paladins), Wild Cats all in their exact 12, 13, 14 spots. The variants: Natives from 2 to 9 and missing the playoffs was surprising. It's very possible teams with the abbreviation "SHE" were coded to under-perform this season. Most stud players are <20 so inconsistencies can happen. Outlaws from 1 to 10. Some notable long term injuries in there, combined with consistently under-performing for many seasons. Commandos up 6 spots from 11 to 5th. With 12 mid season trades, some very significant, the team is greatly improved. Added bonus: Ghosts won SHL.
  11. Paul T

    S7 GHL Power Rankings

    Recap of the S7 results vs. the power rankings, starting with the East. The close: Red Tide finished 2nd, but is heading to the Finals... not surprising. Big Delta finished 1st which isn't shocking as they have a pretty good manager. Trojans finished 1 spot from projected. Minutemen were exact in 7th. Vortex slipped only by 2 spots, but in the same tier of rankings as expected. The bottom 3, Super Sonics, Beasts, Dukes, all relegated. The variants: Dragons finished 9th and missed the playoffs. A season that ultimately cannot be explained - and was quite the topic of conversation on discord. Battlin Bears and Bulldogs both fell 4-5 spots, although both teams seem to consistently under-perform each season, so not totally unexpected. Marlins up 3 spots and Sand Storm up 5 spots. Quite a few trades from Sand Storm that improved the team, but nothing too significant. Both teams managed well their first season in GHL, so the improvement from last season with another year under their belt is not all that surprising. Bangers from 11 to 3, seem to have swapped mojo with the Dragons. All in all, fairly accurate with the Dragons being the only unexplained variance and the Bangers massive, although not totally unexpected, increase.
  12. Which game world? Checked your buzzer teams and didn't see him. If Attack, then I can't help.
  13. Turning your phone sideways will display Confidence and Health.