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  1. Endurance is definitely an issue with my team and one of the 3 main weaknesses that I can point to right off the bat. That problem stems from my early perception that it didn’t matter all that much. It has especially impacted me with goalies. I seem to manage it well with forwards and Dmen by regulating their ice time, but endurance being a cause of my late season struggles is an interesting suggestion that could very well be true. The only thing I’ll say is that in earlier seasons, my team had better endurance and we still collapsed. Season 1 for example, my top line endurance was 99, 99, 99 and my goalie that season was 95. They all still disappeared late season and into the playoffs.
  2. Yeah my team is interesting to say the least. It could very well be that we are just overperforming in the first part of the season and coming back down to earth in the 2nd half, but the pattern is alarming and especially the first round playoff exits, only winning 1 game in each series. It seems to be a team thing rather than a specific player thing. I am in an interesting spot right now, though. Sitting in first place with no chance of relegation allows me to test certain line combos or focuses out prior to the playoffs. If they work, great. it would be cool to finish 1st. If they don't, then I drop down to 4th/5th and get a better draft pick, which would guarantee I get one of the top 20 players that I am targeting. It's a win/win right now. I don't really care who I play in the playoffs because to this point I haven't been successful as the 2nd or 5th seed and there is no team in the top 8 in the East that I feel confident about more than others. In looking at your team, I see 3 weaknesses. And take the "weakness" with a grain of salt because I feel like your team is top 5 in Cage, with an argument to be made #1 overall. First, as you said, would be your goaltending, specifically your backup goalie. And it also appears that Baudoin being anxious has had an impact in the playoffs, but maybe that's just the small sample size we have so far. In Biscuit, a nervous goalie won back to back titles and the team that won wasn't among the best. Second, I noticed the spirit of a lot of your C and F is low. Who knows how much this even matters, but I suppose it can be considered a weakness, especially defensively. Refusal to back check, etc. It doesn't impact Scott because he's just a scoring machine, but others could potentially be playing better defense if they had higher spirit. Third, some of your defenders are small, so other team could potentially be overpowering them. Shilling, Gemmell and Sharshin are all great players, but small in comparison to most players. This all being said, I think you can pin point multiple weaknesses on every team - some more than others. My team has 3 glaring ones that I could name off the top. After the reset teams were meant to have weaknesses. Personally I think it's fun to work around those weaknesses. One thing I liked about your reddit post was the comment "easy to learn/difficult to master". That is not only true, but a very good thing as it prevents the game from becoming predictable and boring.
  3. Outshot and controlled possession against both Mango and Bodmin. Rome gave us probably the worst beat down of the year... didn't show up.
  4. Looks like my late season struggles are real. Now 1-3 in the last quarter of the season and we've been shut out 3 times. That's some cold offense right there! And I only scored 3 against the Dragons because Peek played his backup.
  5. To all the GHL managers who may relegate this season - and to the SHL teams who don't promote - stick it out! There is a 16 year old 88 overall defenseman in the Russian juniors who will be eligible for the draft NEXT season. He'll be what, 92-93 by the time he's 18. If that's not incentive, I don't know what is.
  6. Peyton was great too! No denying that. I really enjoyed that rivalry.
  7. Oh - and going back to a discussion that hasn't been had in quite some time. Roster Limits!!! I have always felt for GHL level it should be 30. Maybe offer a bit more leeway for the lower leagues, but I can't imagine why any GHL manager would need more than 30 spots. This would be the ultimate measure against hoarding players and creating a larger FA pool. 6 C - 11 F - 9D - 4G = 30 players. Easy peasy. You can even get creative and do 7C and 12F and 2G, the options are endless.
  8. Just re-read this part and I see what you're saying. Personally, I think the problem is contracts. Players are signing way too cheap. I had hoped that the release would have solved that - for example, players in the 90s should sign for 6M+. I see some signing for less than 3M, which allows managers to hoard (along with potentially getting a team of all 90+ players, but that's another topic). If hoarding is keeping other managers from getting players, then it seems like an effective tactic to be honest. I personally don't agree with it because having too many players on your roster, especially on one way deals, will kill your confidence as those players would become anxious - and having too many salaries prevents managers from splurging on those top tier players. I think if the contracts were fixed it would solve a lot of this.
  9. Definitely agree with everything you said, rain. I just understand the mentality behind managers finding comfort in signing their own players. Many might think the current roster is good, they just need 1-2 more pieces to make it all work. Season 3 FA was a great example for me. I placed a 2nd/3rd line player on waivers to go after Rackley in FA. That plan didn't work out and I lost the player to waivers, having my worst season so far. But overall you are right. I think the FA market will continue to get better each season. In S2 it was awful. Got a little better for S3 and this past season there were plenty of players there for signing. As new players continue to pour in, more players will become available - managers will start doing exactly as you said above in hopes of signing "better" players and improving their teams. Just a bit limited at the moment. I think we are a few seasons away from the FA pool being really good. In terms of trading, I think there are a fair amount of moves made each season. Almost every manager has made a trade or two at this point. But trading is tough in general. You need to find a fair balance and also offer something that the other manager needs, taking into account team tactics and cap space. If you find value in a player on another team, chances are that manager also values that player and it will take a bit to move them. I thought the trade between Cedar and Slaughter was a great example of a fair trade benefiting both teams. I also think the trade between me and Cedar was a benefit to both teams. Cedar got the younger, better, bigger player on a cheaper contract, so on paper it looks lopsided, but I was up against the cap and it provided me some breathing room to make moves in case of injury... and it provided me positional balance in that I now have a C who can fill in in case of injury - and I already had depth at D. I needed to move Obeng after this season anyways and Kozak is a great example of a player that will walk without a contact next season. I've offered quite a few trades for G this year as well to no avail - and some of the offers I thought were really good, but can understand why they were rejected.
  10. Agree - but I'm totally fine with it I think there are basically 3 reasons for this. First, managers don't like giving up assets for nothing. There's an entitlement attitude in that if you sign the player they are worth something and can be used as a trade chip down the line... and there's some truth to it. Second, there's comfort in re-signing your own players where you can somewhat dictate the terms of the contract vs. having to rely on free agency and trying to outbid other managers or get lucky. Third, as we are only 4 seasons in, the free agent pool has been thin, so it goes along with point 2 in that there is comfort knowing your roster is filled. This one will start to change in the next few seasons as the FA pool becomes bigger.
  11. As a Pats fan, I disagree. One can simply point to Belichick's stats as a head coach prior to Brady to prove this incorrect.
  12. Hey Admins I have what should be a relatively minor, yet simple suggestion. I know this has been brought up a few times before, but the wording on the Team Achievement page can be a bit misleading (i.e. Playoff 2, Playoff 3, etc.). Path: Team Stats > Team History > Achievement The labels that seem OK are: Promoted, Saved by Playoffs, Missed Playoffs, Relegated by Playoffs, and Golden Cup winner (although I would capitalize "Winner" to emphasize it The ones that can use updating are: Playoff 2, Playoff 3, Playoff 4 & Playoff 5. My suggested updates are: Playoff 2 = 1st Round Playoffs Playoff 3 = 2nd Round Playoffs Playoff 4 = GHL Semifinals (to my knowledge, Playoff 4 only appears for GHL playoffs and none of the lower leagues) Playoff 5 = GHL Cup Finalist (Playoff 5 only appears for GHL playoffs and indicates a loss in the finals) *I was originally going to suggest that Playoff 3 = Quarterfinals, but that would only apply to GHL. I think my suggestions above would be accurate for every league level.
  13. it's crazy when stuff like that happens. Today was a weird game as I rarely get dominated like that. The bright spot is my backup, Pohl, might be the answer in net. I think he just joined the Vezina conversation
  14. I did some research on my trends, splitting by the season into 4 quarters and calculating the # of wins (regulation + OT/SO) during those periods. The first thing I noticed is that my Win % over the last 20 games of the season hovers around 50%. Not great for a team with a consistent winning record and who typically holds a 1st place spot at some point during each season. Season 1 started amazing as I won my first 20 games. It dipped below .500 in Q2, then rebounded in Q3, only to collapse again in Q4. Season 2 was pretty consistent Q over Q, but there is a major dip at the end heading into the playoffs. Season 3 was relatively consistent all the way through, however there was a significant dip in Q3 that I wasn't ever able to recover from. Season 4 is trending downward. Data for Q4 is incomplete, but I'm off to an 0-1 start and I'm guessing I will win approximately 7-10 games over the final 19. Average wins per period. Q1 = 14.5 Q2 = 12.5 Q3 = 12.0 Q4 = 9.5