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  1. Turning your phone sideways will display Confidence and Health.
  3. Paul T


    Great update. Thanks, as always.
  4. Rankings are updated as of Day 7 prior to the season opening games. EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE TOP 5 OFFENSES: 1) Slaughterville Red Tide 2) Sheshegwaning Dragons 3) Big Delta Stealheads 4) Enigma Rage 5) Eastern Outlaws TOP 5 DEFENSES: 1) Victoria Regals 2) Rome Trojans 3) Sheshegwaning Dragons 4) Pittsboro Plastic Attack 5) Slaughterville Red Tide
  5. Some silver lining on the goals above. 1. Bolduc vanished down the stretch and didn't even end up top 5 in goals... but thenhe turned it on in the playoffs and led the postseason in goals. 2. Similar to above, Zluky did not accomplish the regular season goal, but ended up leading all defensemen in points during the playoffs. 5. Same story, Cline led the postseason in +/-. So basically most of the player goals that I had set for the regular season where accomplished in the playoffs by those same players.
  6. First up - GEORGE MERCREDI (Goalie) As Cage took off in Season 1, George Mercredi, the then 89 overall keeper, found himself in a tough scenario as backup goalie on the St. Thomas Stray Cats. The team appeared dominant from the get go, but he sat behind 28 year old Gregoire Wright (95 overall) on the depth chart. Looking to clear cap space to build out his roster, manager Erzac scoured the league for potential suitors for Mercredi when he came across the Deferiet Leopards (now Big Delta Stealheads) and noticed that their goalie situation was garbage (two 83 overalls). Erzac quickly messaged the Leopards manager, Paul T, looking for a trade. The asking price... a mere GHL 2nd round pick. Not knowing what the upcoming drafts would look like, Paul T hesitated for a split second before accepting the offer, which thrust Mercredi into a starting role. Mercredi's confidence after the trade seemed to be sky high as he led the Deferiet Leopards to a 20-0 start, making them the last team to lose a game in any game world after the GPHM refresh. Mercredi would finish the season with a 35-11-3 record with a .936 save percentage and 1.92 GAA. Unfortunately Paul T was aware that Mercredi was aging and jumped at an opportunity to acquire a much younger goalie at the time in Zach Woodley. The 23 year old 91 overall Woodley appeared to be the long term solution for the Leopards in net, but the love affair never really worked out. Both goalies posted respectable season 1 numbers, but the Leopards were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the #7 seed Bulldogs 3-1. Mercredi's old team, the Stray Cats, ended up winning the Gold Cup in season 1 leaving Mercredi wondering what could have been. The Leopards decided to move on from Mercredi at the end of season 1 and they would regret it a few seasons later. After his dominant stint with the Leopards, Mercredi went on to guard the crease for the Parkland Lightning Bolts (season 2) and Miami Angels (season 3). Both teams would relegate and Mercredi would comtemplate retirement. After long talks with his family and agent, Mercredi decided to test the waters in season 4 and signed on with the newly promoted Bodmin Bangers. Season 4 with Bodmin turned out to be highly successful as he went 37-18-3 with a .914 save percentage and 2.63 GAA and a 4th place finish. In the 2nd round of the season 4 playoffs, Mercredi found himself facing a familiar opponent, his old team, the Big Delta Stealheads (formerly Deferiet Leopards). After going down 0-2, the Bangers, led by Mercredi, turned it around and ended up winning the next 3 games to defeat his old club. Unfortunately the run came to an end in the conference finals where they lost to the eventual champions, Dragons. At the end of season 4, Big Delta showed an interest in acquiring back their old keeper as they were frustrated with their current goalie Michele Amick for his lackluster performances in big games, and they were not confident that 83 overall Henri Pohl was the answer either, despite a dominant season 4. Mercredi was traded for Amick and he decided to give his career one more shot with his old club, despite multiple opinions around the league that he would retire. Mercredi returned for season 5 knowing that he would be completing with Henri Pohl for the starting job. Both Pohl and Mercredi struggled early on and Big Delta played musical chairs in goal, eventually settling on 19 year old Colby Gloria. With Pohl's skills fading quickly, Mercredi earned the backup job mid season and throughout the playoffs. The season ended in dream fashion with Big Delta winning the Gold Cup. After captain Jeremie Cline hoisted the Cup, he immediately handed it to Mercredi. His glory had finally been achieved as he skated around the Delta Dome with the Cup held high over his head. At the end of season 5, at age 40, George Mercredi decided to call it quits. His career complete. He will go down as one of the greatest Cage goalies of the early seasons.
  7. I am creating this thread so managers can document retirements for players that were important to their team or the league. Players that should be remembered. A eulogy of sorts.
  8. Accomplished on Day 76 by Jeremie Cline. Receives $2M roster bonus on top of his $8M salary.
  9. 25% of the season left to go - update above in blue.
  10. Paul T


    Also, the descriptions seem to indicate the Greed trait order is something like... Greedy, Hard to Please, Reasonable, Compliant, Humble, Eager, Easy Going
  11. Paul T


    Hey Anders @Anders Granberg, First - thanks for this update. This is something I've had in my mind for some time that will add a great deal of complexity to the game and should force managers to carefully construct a team rather than just sign the best players possible and stack the lineup. Glad to see this made into reality. Second - I wanted to address a few topics that came up today in the Cage chat on Discord. ....The first is the impact to Winner Instinct. I view this as minor in comparison since it's unknown exactly how much WI impacts actual team performance, but many of us are wondering if the new values are legit. It seems like almost every team's WI has dropped significantly. In Cage GHL there is only 1 Heroic team and 2 Strong teams. There are 6 teams with OK... 14 teams with Weak... and 5 teams with Paralyzed. One manager mentioned that player happiness in terms of contracts now has a bigger impact on this - and I know first hand that most of my fellow managers are super cheap ... so maybe it's all accurate. But the drop seems to be drastic, even for teams who seem to have decent contracts and all players are happy, so figured I would address it to see if maybe something is off. ... The second is the specific Roles that players prefer and may ask for during contract negotiations. Many managers have mentioned that almost all their players are seeking a "playmaker" role, even when another role seems to fit better. I forget the examples that were used, but I have a few of my own that I can share below. In the first set of screenshots, my forward Langevin's stats would indicate he would be decent at pretty much everything other than being a playmaker given his low passing. His Player Roles page also seems to agree, but his preferred role is playmaker. In the second set, my defenseman Folan's stats would indicate he is a great Stay at Home, goodTwo Way and horrible Offensive dman. Again, the Player Roles also swing that way, but his preferred role is Offensive. Many were wondering if this was somehow on purpose or if the players were taking their rating into consideration (i.e. a player who wants 1st or 2nd line duties will be sniper or playmaker only... player on 3rd line is two way, etc.) instead of their actual attributes. This was a heavy topic of discussion today, so figured I'd make a post to get some clarity. Thanks! Paul
  12. Paul T

    Manager Graveyard

    Season 5 is a bad season to quit because you're losing. The draft is stacked at the top.
  13. It is either $1.99 or $2.99. Pretty sure the funds are based on your location, so assuming US, then likely USD. And the subscription is monthly only. But Anders can give you exact answers in advance if needed. [email protected]