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  1. Paul T


    Question on the Scouting. On the Goalie reports there are two values that are listed twice... Pressure Handling and Resilience... and I've noticed these values can be different. Just wondering what the difference is between the two. For example, the same player might have: MENTAL Pressure Handling - Excellent Pressure Handling - Good PHYSICAL Resilience - Good Resilience - Bad
  2. why no discord? seems to be similar to chat
  3. This is mostly a copy and past from something I wrote in another post. It relates to both goalies and skaters. Endurance impacts the game in two ways - Performance and Injuries. Or a better way to look at it is, Endurance impacts a player's Health... and a player's Health "could" impact Performance and Injuries. 1. Players with a low Endurance rating get tired faster (assuming training intensity and ice time are equal). Players who are tired/exhausted, in theory, will perform less than their attributes indicate. How much less, I have no idea. If a player has 99 skating and if they are fatigued they perform as if they are a 95 skating, then that's still pretty good. I don't think it's known how much ratings actually drop for tired/exhausted players. 2. Endurance is one of the many factors that impact a players Health - and low Health (tired/exhausted) can have an impact on injuries. There are other factors that impact health such as training intensity and ice time... and other factors that impact injuries such as how the other team plays (hard/dirty), being hit and a players own injury proneness. So the injury thing is not as simple as saying a player with 60 Endurance should get injured more than a player with 90 Endurance since there are so many other factors. A great example is the GHL Cage Stray Cats goalie Wright. Great player with horrible endurance. 96 OVR, 63 END. In season 1 he started 60+ games + all 16 playoff games and dominated. The Stray Cats won the GHL Cup. I remember him being exhausted towards the end, but it didn't matter. Maybe because he's just too good for the performance drop to have that big of an impact. In Season 2, he ended up getting injured for 30+ games... and in Season 3, his performance took a rapid drop and they had to play a playoff series to avoid relegation. In all 3 seasons, he was a workhorse when healthy... but you can see the extreme examples. So I guess the best way to look at it is, low Endurance has a higher chance of negatively impacting a player's performance and risk of injury, but that doesn't mean it will happen. It's all chance based.
  4. Paul T


    Also just realized you can look back at past season schedules now, too. Good for viewing all time head to head results. Loving V2.2.0 so far.
  5. How about this stat line?
  6. Priceless!! That last stat line is very similar to my game against the #12 Rome Trojans earlier this season (who scored more in that game than their next 3 combined). At least we can commiserate!
  7. What's everyone think about Ovechkin's chances of catching Gretzky on the all time goals list? Originally a record I thought could never be broken seems to be in reach. Barring injury, he should be around Esposito by end of season. I suppose it depends on if he can play another 4-5 seasons. THEN, alls he needs is another 1400 assists to catch him in points.
  8. Wait...wait. Wait. You get 3-4 games before a collapse? I would never criticize the sim. Only the player. I'd much prefer 2, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2 GA than 0, 1, 4, 5, 1, 4, 1. This is 100% on Amick and he's aware he's about to go on the trade block. Big Delta... more like Little Beta.
  9. He keeps my season interesting. I can't wait to run some scouting reports on him. Just have a few more important players to get to first.
  10. Paul T


    Thanks for this. Very cool all around! Interested to start testing out the scouting feature to see what each report displays and which are most useful. It's also cool to be able to select a prior season on the standings and player stats pages... and be able to see past playoff brackets. A+ on the bug fixes.
  11. I just had a game where OT only went 1 minute, so this bug is confirmed. The goalie minutes (61) confirms it.
  12. A while ago someone had mentioned a high (non goalie) performance rating and I forget what it was. Today, Terho Huhtala had a performance rating of 88. That might be the highest single game performance I've ever had from a skater position. Interesting story around Huhtala. I acquired him in an early season 2 trade that sent an all star goalie out West in exchange for Huhtala, Amick and a GHL 1st. The jury is still out on whether it was a bad trade or not as I still feel like the goalie doesn't perform up to his rating, but on paper I probably shouldn't have made it. I was hesitant to acquire him given his low Defense and Spirit, but he quickly became one of my top scorers in season 2 and always seemed to score in big moments (I guess that Heroic trait means something afterall). Going into season 3 free agency, one of the games best forwards, Joesph Rackley, became available via relegation. I decided to make a play for him, but needed to clear some cap first. Huhtala became the odd man out and the only option was waivers. I knew it was a giant risk as it left me with a smidge over 10 million to bid. But... I tried to be sneaky about it, thinking that I could put Huhtala on waivers for an hour or so and recall him if I didn't sign Rackley (I actually made a suggestion quite some time ago that players should stay on waivers for at least 2 days before being able to call them back so don't judge me ). But being on the East Coast, USA makes that plan difficult as free agents happen sometime between 2-4am. Well around 1am I threw on on waivers and within 10 minutes someone claimed him. To add insult to injury, my 10.1M bid was not enough to get Rackley as someone else ended up bidding 12+M (thanks Peekaboo... jerk). So my high risk, high reward plan backfired greatly. My offense really struggled last season and that was a big reason as I never managed to replace him. I think the team that put the waiver bid reached out the following day and asked why I had put him on waivers and I explained my reasoning. I'm pretty sure the other manager either offered to remove the claim or offer some type of trade for him, but I refused stating that I knew it was risky and that I should live with it and let it play out. Think he ended up with 7-8 bids and eventually went to another Eastern team. That team ended up relegating last season and I jumped on the chance to get him back... and it's a good thing because over the first 8 games he leads my team in points (7+4) with a +5 and 80 performance. We are currently 5-0-2-1, but would probably be 1-0-2-5 without him. Good times.
  13. Stang still plays for Cedar. He's one of those guys you love having on your team. Not having to worry about your bottom 6 is a great thing. Just put them out there with confidence. He has 16 career GHL goals, but came up with 2 huge goals in that season 2 first round playoff series. +3 playoffs overall. On the flip side, my best player, De-Nobile has 95 career GHL goals, but only 1 in 12 playoffs games... with a -7. Also... take a look at some of the players that consistently score on me... maybe I should rage!!!
  14. Good memory. Stang had a career series against me in the season 2 playoffs. Slight misperception, though, as I don't rage. At least not a serious rage as I tend to enjoy when non-standard events occur. I do remember pointing it out and giving my team the hairdryer treatment because of it. But at this point I've come to realize that a CHL team would take us out in the playoffs (specifically 3 games to 1). Fairly certain the game coding goes something like =IF(AND(Manager="Paul T",Game="Round 1 of Playoffs"),Lose series 3-1,jump to rest of code)