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  1. Yes role of #1 goalie was included in offer
  2. Ok I keep offering my Goaltender Gazurik a new contract and he just outright dismisses it as not good enough Yet it's exactly what he has asked for. Game world Buzzer GHL Highland Blazers Player contract PLAYER DEMANDS Kašpar Gažúrik wants a GHL level, 3 year one way contract with a salary of $3 400 000 per year. Expected role on team: No. 1 goalie PLAYER RESPONSE That's not enough. You'll have to do better than that. CONTRACT SALARYYEARSCONTRACT CLAUSES One way contract ROLE ROSTER Star player No. 1 goalie No. 1-2 goalie Backup goalie Depth goalie Make offer
  3. I have been involved with the game for several years now and since I keep up to date and make changes on the fly I Flip from PC to Phone. Granted it is harder to access all the stats on the phone platform because space is at a premium and usually maxed out. In my opinion though the one thing soarly missing is Players Fitness. You only seem to be able to access player fitness through Individual player information. You should be able to Look at your overall teams fitness and make adjustments in your squad based on a players fitness as it will prevent you from aquiring injuries or not playing up to potential within the squad. Currently you have to cycle through each players personal stats to see if he is up for the next challenge (very time consuming and clumsy on a phone) Just a suggestion to improve all platforms for future, Thanks.
  4. Can not make color change on my team jersey keeps defaulting back to "This cant be good "500 internal server error" screen. Have tried multiple times over the entirety of this season to no avail
  5. That is correct there is no health column unless you go to individual stats on each player. It's a bit of a pain to have to cycle through all players individualy
  6. There needs to be a stat line that shows a players condition after a match and/or after training. On the phone app there is no way to determine if a player is tired or not. This could cause excess injuries if you slot a player in for too many duties.
  7. yeah unfortunately this looks like my last season as I will not purchase a prepaid card. I had a $200.00 prepaid card which I only had used $142.00 of For some reason I cant use the remaining $58.00 and mastercard will not help me reinstate the outstanding amount. I too had a Patreon account which was accessed via Paypal.
  8. I do not have a credit card and prepaid cards give me nothing but problems especially online.
  9. Yeah whats the point in stating theres a time line if your league doesn't abide by it . It certainly wouldn't stand up in Court
  10. Wow That was disheartening . When I made the claim on Sandstrom I was the only one who had claimed him. After 8 days still no one had claimed him. It should have closed after 4 days. Then I made a post on it and all of a sudden two more claims well after it should have closed. Guess who came up empty handed. SIGH! Seriously Now I have 7mil that was to go to a couple of players to better my team and now its too late to even pick up alternates. The team that aquired both Sandstrom and Bugri should not have even been part of the waiver as he entered the waiver after it was supposed to have concluded.
  11. So is there any new information as to when GHL Howitzer is going to be back online and active?
  12. Sorry was not aware of this until now I'll watch for the next one : )
  13. Can somebody look at the waiver claims in Howitzer please!
  14. m having a similar but different issue as I have claimed two players 6 days ago and claim was supposed to close after 4 days. Seems to be stuck. VIEW CURRENT WAIVER CLAIMSBelow you'll find all your current waiver claims. If you've changed your mind you can cancel the claim by visiting the player's page and choose Claim player... from the action menu. CURRENT WAIVER CLAIMS PLAYER TEAM SALARY YEARS CLAIMED CLAIMS CLOSES Kalle Sandström (D) Pittsboro Predators $3 300 000 1 Day 3 1 Day 4 Rafet Bugri © Edson Lightning Bolts $3 000 000 -> $3 750 000 1 Day 3 2 Day 4