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  1. I don't see this player on your team anymore. To answer your question though, just like in real life, players have a ceiling of how much they can develop.
  2. Moved to the Q&A forum.
  3. I experienced this as well, although I figured either my reputation wasn't high enough or the player really didn't want to sign with my team after all.
  4. I'll mark this as a non issue for now, but let us know if it happens again.
  5. Are you still having this issue? I'm assuming you are referring to Game World Attack. I was able to schedule a Friendly.
  6. TheWizard

    Next game

    Is it a scrimmage? During the Preseason, teams can scrimmage against other teams in different leagues.
  7. Good call! Papa and Baby!
  8. Player's name is Baby Chippendale...for real?
  9. I'll have a rum and Coke...hold the rum.
  10. We're just missing goalie stats then this will be finished.
  11. Yay! More talent for the human-managed teams!