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  1. I experienced this as well, although I figured either my reputation wasn't high enough or the player really didn't want to sign with my team after all.
  2. I'll mark this as a non issue for now, but let us know if it happens again.
  3. Are you still having this issue? I'm assuming you are referring to Game World Attack. I was able to schedule a Friendly.
  4. TheWizard

    Next game

    Is it a scrimmage? During the Preseason, teams can scrimmage against other teams in different leagues.
  5. Good call! Papa and Baby!
  6. Player's name is Baby Chippendale...for real?
  7. The Buffaslug! I gotta give the Wings credit. For a team as old as they are, they have rarely updated their logo. Can't say the same for Toronto or Montreal.
  8. I'll have a rum and Coke...hold the rum.
  9. A good game, but a tough loss for the Preds.
  10. Well put, Deadwing, and I echo your sentiments. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and will contribute, to the Help Files!
  11. We're just missing goalie stats then this will be finished.
  12. Yay! More talent for the human-managed teams!
  13. Not trash talk, quite the opposite in fact... I love Tyrod's avatar. Guy Fieri as a red dragon = classic!