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  1. It wouldn't let me make a buzzer team since the team wouldn't save each time I tried...
  2. This is only an issue once the regular season ends until the season change. Still an issue but actual pre season games should work.
  3. It still doesn't show for opposing manager's players. Would be kinda nice to know what role a player is before acquiring him
  4. Ya it was weird. Only had an issue accepting Forest Park's invite. Worked against Nipawin. May have been a minor glitch so not too worried now
  5. So I got invited to play a friendly game and it won't let me accept it. It keeps taking to a page saying that this can't be good and that the site is not behaving properly.
  6. Kyle44

    Page Reload

    Ever since the new update, if I click back when I look at a player profile, it will reset everything. If I offer a trade and don't click submit offer and then take a look at a player page, it will reset the page when I return to it. It used to let me view players and return with everything intact. This is also problematic with scouting for me and to view season stats/standings. Prospect rankings already takes long to load and I have to reload it every time I look at a player page. If possible, it would be nice to be able to return to the tab when you go back to something rather than have it reset to the default tab. Idk if I explained this well enough or if anyone else has these issues but I am experiencing it on my phone and laptop.
  7. Kyle44

    Manager Graveyard

    Rosa still has his team in attack
  8. Man idek. That was such a trash trade. I've seen a few questionable trades recently. Scorevat and I have ranted about them on the discord page already lol
  9. Don't forget Papa Bouba Edersole in draft rankings lol
  10. He posted it on the general chat that he fixed it
  11. Absolutely nothing to do with this, but would you trade for Willie Malboeuf-Beausoleil??? He's still young and has upside but doesn't fit into my system. Looking for a decent equivalent at any position
  12. Wanting to trade willie malboeuf-beausoleil for a dman or forward of similar overall (preferably strong grinder) Hmu with offers!
  13. Ooooh I love Johnnie walker blue label!!! The other whiskey's are good too but idk if I can afford to drink those too often lol. Honestly I'm not a picky drinker so I like all those suggestions you gave. Currently I've been drinking stolichnaya vodka with homemade raspberry juice. The juice is kinda syrupy so the vodka offsets it and it gets a flavour similar to a vodka cranberry, but with a hint of raspberry in it. As for your rum suggestions, I love captain Morgan but I think I wanna venture into some rums that I don't drink as often. I love Kraken rum (try it if you haven't) and legendario (sipping rum), so you should definitely try those. Negrita isn't as common in these parts of Canada, but it is definitely a rum that I like. So far though, I am liking how this thread is going!
  14. Definitely like those suggestions. I've had Slivovice, and I definitely know the experience of having too much of it. Been a while since I've had either though, so may have to hop back on that bandwagon haha