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  1. Man idek. That was such a trash trade. I've seen a few questionable trades recently. Scorevat and I have ranted about them on the discord page already lol
  2. Don't forget Papa Bouba Edersole in draft rankings lol
  3. He posted it on the general chat that he fixed it
  4. Absolutely nothing to do with this, but would you trade for Willie Malboeuf-Beausoleil??? He's still young and has upside but doesn't fit into my system. Looking for a decent equivalent at any position
  5. Wanting to trade willie malboeuf-beausoleil for a dman or forward of similar overall (preferably strong grinder) Hmu with offers!
  6. Ooooh I love Johnnie walker blue label!!! The other whiskey's are good too but idk if I can afford to drink those too often lol. Honestly I'm not a picky drinker so I like all those suggestions you gave. Currently I've been drinking stolichnaya vodka with homemade raspberry juice. The juice is kinda syrupy so the vodka offsets it and it gets a flavour similar to a vodka cranberry, but with a hint of raspberry in it. As for your rum suggestions, I love captain Morgan but I think I wanna venture into some rums that I don't drink as often. I love Kraken rum (try it if you haven't) and legendario (sipping rum), so you should definitely try those. Negrita isn't as common in these parts of Canada, but it is definitely a rum that I like. So far though, I am liking how this thread is going!
  7. I can get behind this 100%
  8. Definitely like those suggestions. I've had Slivovice, and I definitely know the experience of having too much of it. Been a while since I've had either though, so may have to hop back on that bandwagon haha
  9. Those are definitely some good suggestions. I've always enjoyed drinking my liquor straight, but lately I've been getting bad hangovers, so i figured it's time to shake things up Haha. Also Paul, you said you hate gin, but have you had empress purple gin? That stuff is really good imo. Gin isn't something I enjoy regularly, but I tend to drink it on hot summer days
  10. Ok, as a slut for drinking, I'm getting tired of drinking the same stuff... and I drink a lot of different liquors. Not related to GPHM really... at all tbh, but what's a mixed drink or straight drink that you can give me??? I know enough straight liquor that I have literally died from and mixed drinks that are really good, so give me a less common go to drink you like!!! I need something to subside me from drinking home-brew and vodka/ whiskey lately. Give me suggestions on great mixed or straight drinks that make you have a good time!!! (looking at you Deadwing and Paul specifically, but everyone is encouraged to participate)... Need something new to be an alcoholic to hahah!!! Hope you all contribute (no fireball, Vodka, or Bailey's though, I have drank enough to know what it is good with lol). Cheers y'all!!!!
  11. I've experienced this for months lol, thought that maybe my browser just didn't support it as well. Guess not haha
  12. It would definitely make free agency less frustrating. It also wouldn't be unrealistic as NHL teams or any team really can place offers to as many players as they want to, regardless of cap. The priority thing would also be nice, so that the players you don't care as much about don't take up that spot.
  13. Ya, but I started as shl during the relaunch and it wont let me take on a ghl team since then, even with open teams. I see new managers get ghl right away but it wont let me and idk why
  14. Pfffffft As a Russian, I'm Vodka all the way y'all ... although I will drink literally anything if it involves liquor lol