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  1. It's the time of the season.. you know for what? That's right! The jersey editor is broken. Exact same thing as before with switching seasons.
  2. Which world is this and was it the change of season? Currently, the editor works on Cage.
  3. Just on desktop. You can do the same, but man it's still a lot of crap to delete.
  4. I couldn't even delete all my PM's, there's just too many in the last 90 days. I went on for about ten minutes and finally gave up. I get slight lag on every page, but that has always been the case. I'm not sure what could be done about that?
  5. I started deleting the old message strings, and quickly came to a conclusion that it's a task too great as the game keeps each thread for 90 days before it expires. I noticed something alarming though, which may or may not be the reason for lag, but certainly something I've never really paid attention to before. Each time you send a PM through the old system on the manager page, and each time you reply to it, the game duplicates the entire thread and sends it the other way instead of getting rid of the old thread. Then the other manager responds, and again the game creates a copy of everything + the new response and sends it back. So if the thread started with 1 message sent by manager A and manager B replied to it, you have 2 messages stored in 1 thread and all is well. You got your reply. Now if manager A decides to continue the conversation and sends a second message by just replying to the old one, and manager B does the same, you now have 6 messages stored in 2 threads (2 in the original and 2+2 in the new duplicate the game created when manager B responded to your second message including your earlier response). This sounds a little bit gibberish, but can you imagine what happens when you bounce the thread back and forth for, let's say, 15 times? That is a lot of messages in a lot of threads, and the original message has now a whopping 15 copies of it in your PM box in tidy separate threads. Who cares? Well, managers who used the old PM system for just exchanging thoughts and ideas about the game, those threads expanded into hundreds of messages at best. So yeah, I couldn't clean up my box because there's no simple "tag and delete all" -option I'm not sure if this is the only reason, but I'm pretty sure it's a major one. Conclusion: Use the new chat.. it's pretty awesome. Edit: I was one of those managers, and I have probably hundreds of dupes of each message I ever wrote, so I wouldn't wonder if it causes some lag. It's just text, but truly massive amounts.
  6. Same as with Paul. At any given time when logging in or rechecking the manager page while in game causes considerable lag. It loads very slowly. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I do have a massive amount of PM message strings on my manager page. I will try tonight and delete most of them because the new chat feature is much more convenient to use anyway. If it has to load all those strings every single time, I could see where it might cause a noticeable delay on a mobile device. It still puzzles me, however, that the page loads slowly on a direct cable connection as well.
  7. I'm not sure if you had a chance to do something already, but the editor seems to be working again.
  8. The error message is displayed when trying to save changes. Thank you thousand times for checking it out.
  9. It's the change of season and jersey editor breaks up. Nothing new in itself, but needs to be patched together again. For some reason this same problem reoccurs around every season switch. This is now 3rd season in a row it happens. At least I knew to expect it this time and did my editing in advance for season 5. However, every manager may not be as lucky, and well, it gives a bad impression to whoever might be just trying out the game right now. Edit: Let's add a little. It's the same error message as before. I tried to reload and relog-- no difference. Edit2: This is Cage.
  10. Deadwing


    Since you can send PM's through the new chat as well, perhaps sometime in the future, when the new chat has been thoroughly tested and cleaned out of any possible bugs, the old PM messaging system could just go away? I mean, it's clunky to use and doesn't really serve a purpose once we have reliable, and clearly better alternative. I haven't noticed any flaws in the new chat, but I admit I haven't used it enough to really tell as of yet. However, what little I have used it, I do like the ease of use and how it's always easily available just one click away. Very nice addition.
  11. I suppose, with the scouting now implemented, these previously hidden attributes would be nice to have opened up a little in the help files.
  12. Very disappointed to see this with an NA tag on it. While it's not exactly a bug in the code, it is an issue. I would, at the very least, expect a response telling where such issues can be reported. Current action points to just ignoring the issue.
  13. Same here. Everything else loads fairly good, but manager page takes sometimes up to 15 seconds to load (up to 30-40 seconds on tablet).
  14. Let me just say that I like Ramblers jersey a lot.
  15. Deadwing

    Manager Graveyard

    Some people are so hasty.. they can't handle slow.