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  1. Something I've always wondered, but I am too lazy to crunch numbers: When a goalie is tired, does it affect performance, or injury chance? Or both?
  2. Does it make sense to pair an offensive with a defensive D-man in any of the defense tactics? Looking through the guide, it tends recommend playing similar types of players with each tactic.
  3. slipdog

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Tignish Animals here. (SHL) Just joined Buzzer, and am looking for some discards from GHL with at least 3 years contract, in exchange for my 1st and/or 2nd round picks.
  4. Quick question. Do personality traits affect player's ability to attain chemistry with line mates?
  5. Seems to work fine now, thanks! The only glitch seems to be that some team's 'last 10 games' on game preview is inaccurate. Not that it matters much, mind you.
  6. This hasn't happened in the ten seasons that I've played, so I am not freaking out about it.
  7. It seems like Dangles has been inactive for a couple days now. Does anyone know what is happening, or is it just my account that has been on hold?
  8. I was seeing two totally lopsided blockbuster trades, both in favour of the Eagles, and both coming from newly created teams, and both with dubious user names. It seems pretty clear to me unless I am missing something.
  9. I am noticing some sketchy trades that recently happened in BHL Dangles. I reported it, but maybe someone here can tell me if I am over-reacting.
  10. Hi folks. I am new to this great game, but I have noticed an aesthetic flaw. I am hoping someone here can convince me that I am misguided in this because there is so much to like about this game. Flaw: It strikes me that there is little point in developing young players, because promotions and relegations shake up the roster so intensely. I also don't see the point in signing long-term contracts given the fair possibility of changing divisions. Indeed, if you are demoting, it would be great to have some great talent in a lower division. On the other hand, if you are promoting (the ultimate goal, to win games and promote), then what advantage is there to sign longer contracts? I have found so far that resigning players is more expensive than the free agent market, so that is another strike against developing franchise players (in my brief experience with GPHL) In short, the extreme change-over of roster from season to season strikes me as a somewhat lacking in team character. I love this game, so someone please explain to me where I am missing something here. thanks!