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  1. Hey Wiz thanks for moving this over. This is a team in Attack GHL #10 Dmitry Siyangulov sebastian baccaneers 25 88 oa been 88 oa forever. why what gives
  2. #10 Dmitry Siyangulov is 24 yo 88 oa has played 5 seasons 4 in ghl has over 120 goals an avg 75 performance the last 3 seasons came to me with 88 oa and is still after 5 seasons 88 oa how is this possible???
  3. when do we start!!! Thank You.
  4. received error message. team is Sebastian Chargers. took over a bot team old sebastian chargers still seems to exist in BHL I remaned that team. Attempting to rename an edit the team to Melbourne Beach Golden Lions. No luck got error message Team currently is Hodson Dragons
  5. 5/27 received I could change the uniform but not save it
  6. this player is just back from a seven day injury and he's still exhausted. That shouldn't be, correct?
  7. I boss I'm pretty sure I waited 30 seeing that the last post here was in late march. I'm not having any luck changing the colors on my Attack Team the Sebastian Buccaneers. is there a way for you to ck??
  8. I wasn't sure if the 30 days had past to edit my team so I went in and edited my team name. On all my pages except the managers page my current team name "Sebastian Storm" appears On the manager page the name I eventually want appears "Sebastian Wildfire". Craziest error I've ever seen!
  9. Is there a good reason why ending contracts is no longer a searchable field??
  10. glad to read Paul T's observation on training but I train general moderate for everyone in the old system it seemed to keep everybody fresh and trained up most of my young players at a constant rate. Now few players pop lots of players seem to drop for little reason except usage rate. (3rd and 4th liners drop more than bench warmers) And then there are pops and drops like today that make zero sense. In Buzzer GHL Jerome Brunner an 82 oa 32 y/o 1st line D/man dropped. while a 4th line recently injured and currently waived forward popped. What's up with that????
  11. Metarie Buccaneers traded their #2 pick to me the Joshua Tree Paladins. We also swap picks because I'm relegated. He should have my #1 SHL pick and he does. I should have his BHL 1 and 2 and his SHL 2. I'm missing his SHL#2, Help quickly please
  12. The bug causes the page to crash when removing all trade offers at once or when removing the last trade offer directly from the list. A work around in your case could be to create another trade temporarily and then remove the trade offer you can't open. Sorry about this, will try to have a bug fix ready asap. I got internal server error 500. the trade is too old to open. the player wanted has signed with a new team. the trade was initiated last season. so I have 808k dead money TFN. [email protected]#%[email protected]#$^@#$%!$%!%!
  13. do you need more infor. the trade is now a new trade in the new season. it did not cancel when trades from last season ended. I can't open the trade to see who was in it. I have 800K in cap money tied up!!