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  1. bouncer

    Season 8 Chat

    The last update really increased number of injuries to goalies I had like 1 injury in Cage and Buzzer since the very beginning and this season I had like 5 of them in both worlds and here 2 in 2 games of PO... it happens in RL, I know... but with my 78 OVR AAHLer goalie, I'm without a chance after falling in both of those injury affected games.
  2. bouncer

    Season 8 Chat

    And there goes my backup... Nils Themens will be out for 10 days with a upperbody injury
  3. bouncer

    Season 8 Chat

    Hi all! My goalie was really superb this season, so I was hopeful I can make it in the playoffs this season before my players will get too old to compete... Well, obviously, first game of the PO, this happens: Arnaud Belle-Lagrenade will be out for 7 days with a upperbody injury
  4. Any news about this? Buzzer is killing me again - I'm not able to switch goalies for 2 days as I happen to log in always when simulating.
  5. Hey, I'm out of playoff run this season and before the end of the season, I would like to trade away this goalie: Malinowski, 82 ovr, 20 yo. He is pretty decent young goalie, who can make a backup slot in GHL soon or maybe already now. He is not signed for next seaosn yet, but he is asking very reasonable money - 600k, unfortunately he wants 1W contract and that does not fit my plans, I don't need 3rd 1W goalie, I want AAHLer for now. I can pack him with some of my AAHL assets or pick to get: A draft pick or move in draft position this season, B young 2W goalie.
  6. Thanks a lot! I hope this will be improved soon... I was revamping my training today and once I finished, I just saw it is simulation... for 21 more minutes! So I have to do it all again and don't forget about it (which is hard in my case).
  7. Thanks. Well, this "simulating" issue I have can be improved with 3 ways: - somehow remake the system, so one can save lineup, tactics and other changed during simulation - obviously, if the simulation is actually simulating a game, the changes will not be propagated to this game, but it will to the next one. - minimize the time of the simulation - I have seen estimations like 10-20 minutes... that is a lot considering how little teams are in the world - enable possibility to save different lineup and tactics for different games - so I can set my backup goalie appearance for next 14 days now and I don't have to login between 2 games (12 hours window in Buzzer) and be lucky that the game is not simulating...
  8. I have a felling the game is in "Simulating" state more often. Or just I have a bad timing, but I don't have that much time to play, so quite often I tried to change my lineup or tactics and about of that 75% I only realize the site is Simulating (in Buzzer, it is not that bad in Cage). So I play tired goalie as result or worse. This is very annoying a with the draft preferences save bug, I'm actually thinking about cancelling my subscription. This game is great, but those little things can really kill the buzz.
  9. Hey I can confirm this bug - yesterday I was unable to save my draft preferences in Buzzer and as a result I drafted with my 25th pick a 52nd ranked player. I didn't have time to get back to it. I'm super angry right now. With the super-annoying "Simulating" all the time (I cannot save my lineup pretty much every day because fo that and I don't have that much time to play GPHM to login more than twice a day), I'm actually thinking about cancelling my subscription.
  10. Thanks to all. I'm really happy and can't believe it - last two rounds were incredibly close and I guess I was lucky. I really like my team... 2nd and 3rd line can always step in when top line struggles. Peekaboo - your offense is scary, I was lucky your goalie was not any help, otherwise you would smash me
  11. Ah, the 4-5 loss in the second game of the finals sucks! But so far, pretty close games in the finals... exciting!
  12. Prairie Stars vs. Hawks is becoming a true rivalry. We have faced in the same situation in S1, but both teams were not so dominant in the previous series, especially Hawks after 2 exhausting 3-2 wins were simply tired to take out the best team in the league, considering talent. This is going to be nail-bitter, I hope. I know i'm capable of blanking Prairie Stars, but they start home and are incredibly strong. At least I hope there will be SC champion from West for once :-P
  13. bouncer

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Once I'm out of the playoffs, Hazard Blizzard (GHL) would like to trade away following players: 21yo 80 OVR D - 28yo 85 OVR D - 35yo 85 OVR D - 36yo 83 OVR D - and some SHL caliber players: Looking for skilled 2nd/3rd pair D under reasonable contract or for young AAHLers