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  1. Yeeee Boooiii! What a season by Marinier, only 1 point behind Rackley
  2. Great game Smash! That game looked like it got close in the end, but the loss really took it's toll. This resulted in nobody showing up defensively next game (possibly due to hangover). After some nights of heavy drinking back at the duck pond, The Ducks seemed to of finally snap of it, stopping our little tailspin.
  3. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, after spending 2 seasons in the SHL i just kept adding and adding more to what i had so my teams teamwork stayed really high with mostly green egos. The (Mighty) Big Ducks won't be heading south this winter, that's for sure. Damn those look really good! That 3rd jersey looks like somebody really ticked off the fisherman(king) from the home/away. Lets hope the fisherman keeps his shirt on against us tonight hahaha.
  4. yea he really does have the ratings for an effective 2way winger, just not as a top center sadly.
  5. Thats fair, i'm no stranger when it comes to picking up players who don't work well in other peoples systems, i think i might still be a little butthurt about Chene though
  6. Our wings have been working overtime to compensate for our lack of hands! I was expecting a good start for the ducks but not 7-0-0-0! this is going to be a big test tonight against our conference rivals, The New Hartford Whalers!
  7. probably for the best you didnt get Chene, from my own experience with him, i found he doesn't really play to his potential.
  8. Season 7 is the season i finally break into the GHL in Buzzer, finally got things in better shape after 2 seasons in the SHL. Lets go Big Ducks!
  9. Smoked way more Ganja over the last few years, on the occasion I'll have Bacardi white rum or even some Gibson's Whiskey
  10. First off, a big Congratulations to Bouncer and the West Chicago Hawks on the ever so coveted GHL championship this season in Cage! - My plan following the conclusion of the GHL finals this season is for a complete relocation/rebranding of the Netherhill Nightmares, (its DEFERIETly an original idea which has never been tried before, EVER. (Dont @ me)) - With the conclusion of the GHL finals, i am pleased to anounce that the Netherhill Nightmares have Officially Been relocated and rebranded to become: The Maxville Vortex Effective Immediately.
  11. A little late but, Great series by both the Battlin Bears (Joe Leconte) and The Minutemen (Rainsilent). both series were filled with 1 goal games that were filled with tense excitement. The Bears ultimately ended up victorious out of our playoff bracket to face the Dragons.
  12. I'm still against having S/O in the playoffs all together, and thank you for your flattery it means a lot coming from other top managers. i had a pretty slow start to the season as i was (and still am) retooling/Rebuilding as most of the top players are unobtainable at the moment, But of all the playoffs we've had since season 1, this one stacked up in my favor the most (Considering i played the Dragons and Red Tide in the 1st round in the first 2 seasons.)
  13. I recall the Dragons sweeping rounds to the cup finals last season with his only loss coming from the Nightmares .
  14. I noticed something pretty interesting about a player i had in my AAhl2 team in buzzer: Through 1 season with 47 SHOOTING He Has 51 Goals and 123 points! *Edit: Also his CF is through the roof in the minors!