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  1. Age has the biggest factor of when players peak from my experience, of course a 27 year old won't grow like a 18 year old. Use logic people
  2. @Scorevat OK. @everyone only 5 teams left guys. If you want to play pick a team quick!
  3. So far teams north america, Europe, USA, and Bolivia have been taken. Still 6 more teams left
  4. @the wizard good idea, would help speed up the process
  5. yeah but GMs being named now so people if they want can send rosters ahead of time
  6. Love to see that you guys like the idea. The teams will be as follows: Canada USA Team North-America (Canadian or American players 23/under) Team Europe (23/under or any age of countries not in tournament) Team Russia Team Sweden Team Finland Team Czech Republic Team Switzerland Team Bolivia We changed a couple rules. Now it is a 10 team tournament, it will be 2 groups of 5 teams, top 4 make it to next round, top 2 pass round 1 auto. We will now be looking at applications if you want to manage a team, so if you wish to participate, please put which team you wish to manage below, if more than 1 person chooses a specific team, we will probably have a vote, or maybe we would just play like rock paper sissors or like do a randomizer or something idk. Applications will close FEB 22nd, so close notice because the season in mitts is so fast, we need to have this set pretty quick. I myself will take team North America(23/under)
  7. @BBC Haha, nice to see your interested. We aren't naming GMs until the start of season 3, but I will try to be sure to give you a country that starts with a B.
  8. Pretty much yeah, looking for the best and sending a list, and keeping up with the games
  9. thought of something cool, since the game doesn't by default have international competitions, I could put the players into nhl 16 and try and sim a group stage + playoff of this. I will try and plan it out. There will be 8 GM/coaches asked to join, there will be 2 groups. GROUP A GROUP B TEAM1 TEAM5 TEAM2 TEAM6 TEAM3 TEAM7 TEAM4 TEAM8 Each team will match up 2 times. 4th in both groups go home, 1st passes 1st round by default, 2v3 in both groups. All of the playoff series will be best of 3. I don't know which countries I will chose to compete, probably same as official world cup of hockey. Would you guys be interested in doing this? Im not accepting anyone for a team yet, but if you guys are interested please say so in the comments so I know. Im not going to do this if no one wants to take part.