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  1. When can we expect this new release
  2. Camii663

    Season 6 Chat

    I'm always up for some good trades
  3. Camii663

    Fire sale

    I'm looking to unload all my ghl contracts for prospects
  4. Camii663


    It would be nice to get some more updates
  5. It would also be nice to add draft picks to the list of things you are looking for in trade offers
  6. Hoping some new additions to the game like something to do in the off season. Like signing coaches maybe some sort of stadium option of sponsor signing.
  7. Camii663


    It would be nice to include future draft picks and maybe cash?
  8. Camii663


    Pelee island Hornets
  9. Camii663


    Really looking to get rid of Eaton on defense
  10. Camii663


    Looking for prospects and picks let's make some deals
  11. I just drafted 3 players who I cant sign. They already have contracts with other teams and wont join my team till next year.i thought I would get to sign them its day 1. Isnt it silly season? I dont understand why I cant sign them it seems a bit unfair
  12. Camii663


    Maybe get rid of shootouts in the playoffs?
  13. This is great news thanks