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  1. If you do the math, $2 a month for 12 months is $24 and you are asking for $25/year. Doesn’t make sense. Not a dig at you or your intelligence, just pointing out a flaw in your idea.
  2. I’ve played management games with arena ticket sales and budgets etc, it seemed a bit too complicated for my taste. I like to just focus on the team building aspect of the game. Don’t get me wrong, when I first heard of it I loved the idea of it, but once put into action it got tedious.
  3. I would just like some kind of record attached to my manager profile like Jack said. In 19 seasons as GM of the Unity Fire Dogs I have 7 cups and 11 regular season titles, and am very proud of it. I would like for that to stay with me as recognition of my accomplishments, and I know many other managers would like that too.
  4. So we will lose all records of our cups, records etc?
  5. It’s because the first seed sucks
  6. Just a question, how will the order be decided when choosing new logos? First come first serve?
  7. Another thing I would suggest that is on the note of draft class presentation that I have been thinking of for a while is multiple rankings. In real life there are countless lists and websites that have draft rankings such as nhl central scouting, tsn, ISS hockey, and many more. I’m not saying we should have 10 different rankings, but 3-4 would be useful. This would come into play mostly for drafts such as the Hischier-Patrick draft where many rankings had each interchangeable at 1/2. It would help close decisions where the prospects are similar, if say 3/4 rankings have one player above another it would give them more stock and make your decision easier.
  8. Another good example is the game I just had against you, you beat me today when you are placed 8 and I’m placed 1, an 8 spot difference. Edson beat you when placed 16, and you placed 8, an 8 spot difference. It happens to every team, you can’t beat everyone below you and lose to everyone ahead of you, it just doesn’t work like that.
  9. I see where your coming from, but seeing the 8th place team lose to the 16th place team doesn’t seem unrealistic to me. I lost to the same team 2-0 while being 1st and them being last, and out shooting them 37-25. goalie must have stood on his head haha! You make valid points with the inconsistency of star players, my star center Gavrikov has 60+ points a season for 3 years straight then he was injured for almost half a season and never came back the same. I think the sim engine needs tweaking, but the development team has stated they are working on this and it will be vastly improved in the future. Nothing much can be done till then, so stay positive and hope it’s just a rough patch in your season. You have a great team going for you and can make playoffs this year, so just keep chugging along! Good luck this season, I look forward to playing you soon! Gator
  10. I think he means we are given the player overall, but that’s it. If we want to know that players shooting stat, passing etc. we would have to scout them to find out. Again, this is what I got from his comment, would be cool though.
  11. No, he will play for them for this season, then be returned to you and you will have an opportunity to sign them this offseason. This is a good thing actually because then he will get ice time and develop faster. His rights are still yours.
  12. Whenever making a substantial offer, I always use the message function before using the trade window. This gives me the opportunity to explain my reasoning for the trade as well as gives the other party a chance to explain why they are rejecting. When doing this I’ve never had a negative result, regardless of whether the trade goes through or not. The reason I say the result is never negative is because I always come away with something from it, whether it be a better understanding of what that specific manager is like personality wise or what the market for certain players is at the moment. I’ve also never ended a deal on bad terms when doing this, I always ending it with a goodluck or thank you for your time, and always get a similar final reply back. I feel if every gm does this, there will be a lot less tension in the gameworlds and community as a whole.
  13. I’m not in the LIHL but I love meeting and conversing with other managers, this game has a great community. I’m Gator Raid, manager of the Unity Fire Dogs in the GHL, if you have any questions about the game or just want a second opinion on something regarding lines, tactics, trades etc. let me know! I’m learning new stuff about this game everyday, so I don’t know everything, but I’m willing to pass on what knowledge I do have. Talk to you soon