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  1. PT101

    Cap Bug?

    The biggest issue beside that, is that I put a player on IR who has cap numbers this year and next, only put the money available this year, and not next. Thus not allowing me to recall.
  2. PT101

    Cap Bug?

    So I just had an injury. Put the player on IR, and go to recall a player. To much surprise ... I can't because I don't have cap next season (I assume) This player is on the last year of their deal, but has agreed to a 1 year deal next year. That amount didn't reduce from next year though .... stopping me from being able to recall. Feels like a bug, no point putting someone on IR if I can't use the cap to recall a player.
  3. I agree with this 100% I just put someone on IR and its completely pointless because I don't have cap next season. I can't recall anyone ...
  4. PT101

    UFA, limiters

    Esp, now with the new waiver rule and trade rules .... it makes this an important suggestion I think.
  5. PT101


    I would have liked to have seen something like suggested with the UFA's (ability to limit, say I only want 1 forward .... out of 5 other forwards I'm trying to sign) paired with the waiver news, but overall good stuff.
  6. Edit: I got an answer. Its basically 2.99 US dollars (or $4.05 Cdn) per month. For anyone new who is also wondering.
  7. ok, I asked. There is a BIG difference between 1.99 if Its Cdn and 2.99 US Funds. 2.99 US, would turn into about 3.80 a month Cdn, which if compared to say XBox Live for PC (for 5.99 a month) isn't really worth it value wise. 1.99 Cdn a month might be ok, although it would be nice if there was a discounted rate for say, 6 months or a year. I'll email and find out though
  8. ah, I just wanted to know what the fee was before I signed up (because I don't know if I'm remotely interested) what the payment method options are (month, or discount for a year, visa, paypal, etc) and is the funds in US dollars
  9. gotcha, so how can I get info? I don't see any info on the main screen.
  10. oh, I see .... seems kinda dead around here .... I remember it being more active. Is there a lot of people still playing?
  11. Thx, is there tiers of subscription?
  12. Hello? Anyone play anymore that can tell me
  13. I can't seem to find any information about it. I remember being offered 1.99 as a long time beta player. Wondering whats new since its been a year since free went out the window.
  14. I'm done. Done everything possible, and was getting a little bored anyways. Who knows maybe I will revisit in a couple years. Been a blast. Thx for the work.
  15. PT101

    Congrats, Edward

    Congrats, Edward Van Luven on the GHL cup. Pushed hard to get to the finals, but you got her in 3. I think there is time for one more season. See if I can challenge one more time.