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  1. I'm done. Done everything possible, and was getting a little bored anyways. Who knows maybe I will revisit in a couple years. Been a blast. Thx for the work.
  2. PT101

    Congrats, Edward

    Congrats, Edward Van Luven on the GHL cup. Pushed hard to get to the finals, but you got her in 3. I think there is time for one more season. See if I can challenge one more time.
  3. If you haven't noticed, I only have something to say in response to your insults. If you haven't noticed, I asked for the other "Cheese" thread to be locked, because it offered no further value. *We* destroyed that thread with our own personal opinions, and you couldn't help but run over here mins. after I win another championship to make that remark. The exact same thing, again. How coincidental. If you need to make that comment otherwise and don't like Lumber or myself, then suggesting another league is a reasonable solution to that problem till reset. If you stick to the subject matter and don't attack people you'd be fine, and If you really care about the sim and its creators then keep your points directed to the subject of the thread. GPM has already commented on this topic days ago in the other thread so it would be great if we could move on.
  4. Well, I'm glad u have nothing useful to add. Was fun, thanks for the continued entertainment.
  5. Give me a break, your team was tanking and you saw a chance for gains so you could prove what you said in your personal messages to me was true. If we're talking realism here, No good team would take a coach from a team doing so poorly. If we're talking realism here. Elite goalies, do play 85-90% of the nhl season as well. This is a sim, for fun. not everything is based on realism. Do you know how many other sims don't even make use of the backup? A lot. While we're at it .... Here's another opinion. Iif you wanna switch mid-season maybe you should only be allowed to do so to another league or a lower level team (same league) .
  6. So is switching teams mid-season to take over the league best team, but thankfully your made up ideals don't matter and neither do mine
  7. and I have no problems with that. My point has been simple all this time. If its in the sim I will use it. If not, no probs. No different that him switching teams mid-season to get ahead, its perfectly allow. This goes back to him not liking me because I rejected his trade offer a while back. I'm convinced that he takes little shots at any excuse possible. Makes it more fun for me to push his buttons, but if he quits so will I.
  8. If you weren't so rude, self interested, and also a hypocrite in your arguements maybe someone might listen to you.
  9. Go jump to another team, because your a great coach, and exploding the fact that another better team is obtainable (that can get you ahead of me) makes you awesome at this game, doesn't it? See what I did there?
  10. Well, how rude and hypocritical of you. but I wouldn't want you any other way
  11. As do I but you had a comment, and I had a good suggestion. If you don't like Lumber, try another league till reset.
  12. Maybe try another team and/or league till then. Props to Bill for a good run to the Lumber finals btw
  13. We are going to endlessly go in circles on this. You don't agree with me and I don't with you. Criticize stats and sim functions all day if that's how you want to use your time, but stop insulting. Let's see if we can agree on one thing, quit and move on.