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  1. These are dark times for the Tigers, defeats after defeats... Maybe we can reach a playoff spot, but we need to find our better form.
  2. We are the Lords of the Overtime! We are huffing and puffing and always find ourselves in an uphill battle, and if we don't lose in regulation time, then comes the lucky escape! I have a suspicion that there will be no lucky escape against the Sebastian Storm. They have a superior squad, and Dave "granpubah" Calloway is a very experienced manager with great tactical skill. I have learnt a lot about the game's tactical aspects just watching his team, and analyzing our battles. My team started the career in the LIHL, the Storm is a well settled SHL team, so it will be a great challenge. Smashvilles4Real is going to travel to the Knights, they have a terrific team, so Smash need to dig deep if they want to steal some points!:) The Knights offered me Dawkins in a trade, and I feel some regret because I rejected the offer. That's an interesting trade: From Knights (SHL) to Twisters (BHL) SHL level 1st round pick SHL level 2nd round pick SHL level 2nd round pick From Twisters to Knights CHL level 1st round pick CHL level 2nd round pick CHL level 1st round pick BHL level 2nd round pick J. Marquardt (C) 31, years enforcer overall rating 71.
  3. Tomorrow in the early hours (here in Hungary) the Steam will have a big-big challenge, they are going to head-to-head with the Big Ducks. The Portland team found their captain and some magic formula and they won 4 games in a row! :) Packer the Steam's center has 14 points after 11 games (4+10), Tage Thomsen has 7+9 so he is the most effective attacker in the other team. This will be a great game, I am going to check the result after I wake up! :)
  4. That was a great match! The Whalers had an excellent start, but the Big Ducks nearly came back from 4 goals behind. The Whalers have some excellent scandinavian players, and they didn't let the team down. The Tigers had a hard fought victory in the overtime, and it was a real disappointment for me. Our finishing was really poor, we had a lot of chances, and we scored only one in the regulation time. We are going to badly miss these points at the end of the season. Today we are going to lock the horns with the Whales. Where are the Whalers when we badly need them? My favourite jersey is the second one, I have a nostalgic feeling when I look on them, it looks like the "old" Hartford Whales' jersey. The Steam has an excellent squad, maybe there are some issues with the Teamwork. After some unlucky defeats, they had an invaluable away victory. This is a performance they can build on.
  5. Good looking jerseys! :) I think the Big Ducks are going to win this derby, they have an excellent squad, Tyrod has one of the strongest team in this division, and they will have the home advantage. Off course I support for the Whalers, because I see the Ducks are preparing to fly away. :) I think they are not just Big Ducks, they are the Mighty Ducks... :)
  6. I think It is going to be an exciting season in the SHL! After six games the Ducks are leading the race, and they destroyed us 2:5! :)
  7. But how can I sign 70+ overall rating players with very good traits in the Lower Iron League? Every time I've tried I couldn't offer a contract. Anyway, it harms the balance of the league. I think, in this year there will be some runaway winner because of this.
  8. In the Cage Lower Iron League there is a brutal goaltender with an overall rating of 71. He made the competition totally pointless with a saving percentage of 94,7%... For example Tigerton Tigers outshot them 41:24, but the final score was 0:0... And they won the shootout. So, we have a champion! :)
  9. Ask him not to do this, and if he doesn't change this situation, ban him for life. This is the quickest solution. I don't think he will pay for two accounts for long time after the trial period.
  10. Greetings! I like the new design very much! I have two small problems, I can't find an option to edit my farm team, the second one is that I have regained the Torrington Thunderbolts name, but my team is called Rio Grande Matadors on the next game screen.
  11. Yes, I remember, this was my first season. I've finished 2nd in this league with the Thunderbolts. Nolasco was the Fury's powerhouse, he was a terrific player! (He finished the season with 100 points (37 goals and 63 assists)! Why did you change back to the Lower Iron?
  12. Balazs


    That's okay, you will get a message on the 77th day. My other team the Torrington Thunderbolts also won the playoff in the Biscuit Game World, so I know everything will be arranged on that day.
  13. Balazs


    Hi Andrakh! Congratulations, you have been promoted, you won your series against the Devils 2:1!
  14. I voted on the poll, of course I'm staying in this game. The gaming experience and the work performed in this project worth the money I think. Keep up the good work guys! I hope I can keep my team names after the reset...