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  1. andrakh


    tnx all.. yeap i like the name too.. i looked at draft picks from my opponent in the playoffs and he has a couple of them (3 first round, 3 second round and some 3 rounds..).. but nevermind.. i will wait until day 77..
  2. andrakh


    ..i still didnt get message about promotion.. and still dont know which pick i will have in draft..
  3. andrakh


    hi all, i have a question or two.. i have recently played in the playoffs for GHL and won 2/3 games. am i being promoted? and if i am will the draft picks will be changend and when (and which draft picks will i get)? my team name is wolf trap wild wind and have played with arkadelphia devils from GHL tnx
  4. wolf trap wild Bronze Hockey Leaguefishbowl
  5. Today i had an trade offer which i was about to reject, but the simulation was running, and when the simulation finished i pressed reject button. and i was suprised to see goalkeeper from that trade (i dont need one.. especially this lame) on my team, and without 2nd round draft pick (which i need). so, is it possible to undo the trade?