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  1. IHL "We like the tenacity and toughness Yan brings game in and game out. He's a perfect 3rd-liner for us, and we're happy to have him back on the team". Yan Yurevich signed a one-year extension with the Fury, ensuring he would get to play at the IHL level. "The competition only gets tougher from here, so I'm going to have to get tougher as well", Yurevich said about the upcoming season. The Fury stayed active throughout the pre-season, acquiring veteran leadership through free agency to stay competitive with the other teams in the IHL. Yurevich would indeed find himself on the third line along veteran center Bill Bergenskjöld and James Dunkelberger, which Yurevich claimed was his favorite line at that point in his career. "We couldn't be scored on. We'd hit you, take the puck away, and we'd go down the ice. It was like clockwork." It was expected to be a transition year for the Fury, but they far surpassed expecations, finishing 1st in the IHL, and earned a spot in the BHL. Yurevich improved upon his previous season, scoring 15 goals and 42 points and finishing the year with a +30 rating. While the team was preparing for the jump to the BHL, Yurevich was once again approached about a new contract, this time inking a 3-year deal that paid him $60,000 per season. When he was asked about why he didn't go to free agency or negotiate for more money, Yurevich replied, "This is the team I want to be on right now. The money isn't important, I just want to play hockey." BHL The Fury might have been on a roll, being LIHL and IHL champions in consecutive seasons, but the team knew that this year was going to be a real test for them. The teams were only getting tougher, and much of the Fury's core group of players had to be replaced. After a flurry of trades and free agent signings, the Fury was ready to go for the upcoming season, and Yurevich was ready for another year anchoring the third line. However... "We'd like to give you a chance on the second line. Let's see what you can do." Yurevich was floored. "I don't even know what to say, I'm stunned. With all the guys we have here, to get this opportunity is pretty amazing". Centered by Gabryel Nolasco and opposite Rasmus Lundqvist, Yurevich would finally get his chance to be on a top six line. As the season got underway, everyone was wondering, would the Fury be able to promote 3 years in a row? The competition was indeed tough, and the Fury placed 5th in the regular season, ending their streak. Yurevich had a career-high 22 goals to go along with 19 assists, and he played in all 60 regular season games. "Bring it on", Yurevich replied when asked about facing a team in the playoffs for the first time in three seasons, "I prefer it this way anyway, now we can leave it all out there on the ice". Yurevich's eagerness was apparent, and the rest of the team fed off of that to earn a victory in the first round. However, the Fury would eventually lose in the final round, and failed to promote, something that had been unfamiliar to them. "It's tough, the guys are taking it kind of hard, but we'll be back next season", Yurevich said as he was cleaning out his locker. The Fury did indeed return to the playoffs the following season, after improving on their previous performance and finishing 3rd. Yurevich tallied 22 goals once again to go with a career-high 46 points in 60 games. Yurevich felt the team chemistry would be enough to carry them through. "I've got a good feeling about this season. We kept a lot of the same guys from last year so we were able to grow together as a team. We just have to be strong on our sticks and we can win this". Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, as the Fury failed to win the final series and were eliminated, leaving even more questions about the team. Was the core good enough to win? Would the next year be enough to improve and be able to promote? There were a lot of decisions to be made during the off-season, including Yurevich's expiring contract. However, as the season was coming to a close, an unannounced press conference was made. "This is a difficult decision, and it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to step down as general manager of the Michigan Center Fury". To be concluded...
  2. Nolasco was a stud, so was Francis Arena, who played on the same line I believe. I had a lot of good memories with that team. For personal reasons I stepped away from the game for a few months, mostly because I didn't have time to manage the team like I had been able to. As for why I re-joined with an LIHL team, I like building the team up from the bottom, always have, even with my EA NHL sim franchises. More of the Yan Yurevich story will be coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!
  3. "Probably Dimitir Evtuh. The way (he) could move around and put the puck in the net was amazing. I want to score goals like him." A young Yan Yurevich, speaking through a translator, gave that response when asked who he idolized while growing up in Belarus. The budding forward missed his first year of action with the CAHL North Sydney Silent Pirates, but he continued to stay optimistic and looked forward to make an impact in his second year. He was happy to have another opportunity to play after going undrafted. The few scouts that looked his way noted his impressive physique, but felt he didn't have great hands and that he was too slow to make it in the pros, even at the LIHL level. They were about to be proven wrong. LIHL Yurevich finished his second year with North Sydney, tallying 6 goals and 13 assists in 50 games, but only managing to have 11 minutes of ice time per game. When asked if he was disappointed with that fact, Yan replied, "A little, yeah. I want the chance to prove myself like everyone else does. The team always comes first, but I feel like I can do more to help." With Yan's contract expiring, it was unknown whether or not he'd get another opportunity. Until... The Michigan Center Fury had just come off of a 14th place finish in the LIHL, after relocating from the San Antonito Black Bears. "We were just looking for some new blood, something to put a spark back in this team", the GM said, addressing the need to add younger talent to an aging roster. There must have been something about Yurevich that caught the attention of the newly-appointed GM, because the first off-season move he attempted was to sign the young power forward. Without hesitation, Yurevich accepted. "I can't believe it, I've loved hockey my whole life, and now I can continue to live my dream". The contract was a two-year deal, so while there was some job security, the message was clear: this is your shot, now go out there and prove it. Years One and Two Yurevich's first year in the LIHL proved to be not what he'd hoped, scoring 5 goals and 19 points in an injury-shortened 46 games, all while only logging 9 minutes per game. "We wanted to get his feet wet, I know he was unhappy with the approach, but we had to ease him in while working out some other aspects of this game", the Fury GM said of his rookie's performance. While the Fury improved and made it into the playoffs, they failed to promote. Yurevich was a non-factor, registering zero points in three games and only averaging 6 minutes of ice time. Yurevich, visibly upset with the way the season went and the lack of ice time, responded by saying, "If they're only going to play me on the 3rd and 4th lines, I guess I'll just have to be the best *expletive* 3rd liner there is". The Fury had another productive off-season, acquiring Gabryel Nolasco from the Minnedosa Musketeers for a 1st round pick, adding a much-needed 1st-line center. With Yurevich's commitment to a more defensive style, he was given a chance on the 3rd line with roommate James Dunkelberger. "Dunks is a good guy. He's helping me with English but his Belarusian needs a lot of work", Yurevich chuckled. "Yan talks a lot of crap", Dunkelberger joked after a game. "We're always competing because we're on separate penalty kill lines. He always tells me 'I got this' before we go out there on the PK, and most of the times he's right". He was right. The Fury finished the season with a record 158 points, clinching an IHL berth. Yurevich played in all 60 games, scoring 15 goals and 38 points, with a +34 on the season. The question was: Had Yurevich done enough to earn a new contract? To be continued...
  4. Lineup for today's game (2nd D pairing) Box score / TOI Player page / Last 5 games Just got today's game simulated, I put him on the 2nd line D and penalty kill, but he didn't actually play. Deseves had 35 minutes of ice time so it looks like he was the main guy that covered his shift. The weird thing is that even though it shows him as being scratched on his player page, he's still getting tired.
  5. I took him out so that my defensemen wouldn't get tired covering his shift. I will put him in for the next game to see if anything different happens.
  6. Game World: Biscuit League: BHL Team Name: Michigan Center Fury I have a defenseman, Amaury Leray, whom I acquired in a trade at the beginning of the season from the SHL. I went to look at his stats and realized it wasn't showing anything for the BHL, only zeros in everything for the SHL. I looked at previous game logs and noticed that he wasn't even getting any ice time. I can't send him down to the affiliate either because he's on a one-way contract. If I could get some further assistance on this matter it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Balazs, that was an awesome breakdown of the LIHL, and thank you for the nice compliments! So many good teams are battling for that 2nd spot, including the Thunderbolts, it'll be close all the way until the end.
  8. There's a player on my team named Stephanie (Nuttall), and I've seen a Jennifer (Chouinard) as well, so perhaps this game isn't gender exclusive after all. I had a guy a couple of years ago by the name of Cestmir Papai, and was still rated 65 overall (LIHL) at the ripe old age of 39. Although his best years are behind him, he's still in the league at age 41, but his overall is a 55 now. Still has a 75 faceoff rating though.
  9. Well so far this season I've scored seven goals in a game 3 different times, and my team is averaging 5.3 goals per game this season through 28 games, so there's that. My leading goal scorer has 18 so my players are really spreading the scoring out. I feel like I could have an 8 or 9 goal game at some point.
  10. The GM of the LIHL's Michigan Center Fury announced a press conference earlier today to address the state of the team and to field some burning questions by the fans and media. The following is a transcript of that press conference: Q: Your team is off to a red hot 18-0-0-2 start, placing you in first place in the league. Did this outcome catch you by surprise? A: No, not at all. We have a good group of guys here and strong leadership among them. This is what we set out to achieve over the course of the last two seasons, so I am not surprised that our players are playing at a high level, but we have to keep it going. Q: You made some controversy in the offseason in trading for Gabryel Nolasco, a player that could be a top line center for most IHL teams, and maybe start for some BHL teams. How is he adjusting to being on a lower level team, and do you think that was the right move? A: Well, uh...Gabby is a phenomenal player, and we're happy to have him on the club. We had a good discussion in the preseason about how he would fit in and he has accepted that role. We sacrificed a 1st for him, but in my opinion it was well worth it. We were gunning for a promotion and I felt that we needed something to push us over the edge, and adding Gabby only makes our team that much better. It was not a rental move either, we're going to do the best we can to extend his contract and make him a member of our team for years to come. Q: There's about 3 or 4 teams heavily competing for those top two spots, and some of those general managers have been around the league for a while now. Do you feel intimidated at all by some of the more experienced general managers? A: Haha...I don't know if intimidated is the right word or not, I guess I consider it a challenge. When I was starting out I looked up to a lot of those GMs like Diamond and Kari, they definitely know how to run a team. We have our work cut out for us to stay on top, and each day is a learning experience to keep putting our best lineups out there and to improve our roster if and when we can. Q: You were able to sign Francis Arena to a contract extension last week, how big is that for your club's future? A: It's huge, we're really excited to have Fran for a few more years. He's a high-caliber player, he works his tail off every game, and he's a perfect fit on our first line. Q: Speaking of contracts, the cap space is almost all used up for this season. Are there any more moves you might make to solidify being in one of the top two spots, and what happens if you fail to promote? A: It's hard to say, if our players are playing well then there's no real reason to change anything, unless injuries occur which we've been lucky to have nothing major happen so far. We've got some expiring contracts that we'll have to evaluate at some point in time. As for failing to promote, I've got to be honest, it's something I haven't really been thinking about. We had a plan at the beginning of the season and it's the same plan we have right now. I've got confidence in our guys to get it done. Q: No more questions. A: Alright, thanks guys. Have a good day. Michigan Center Fury hosts the visiting South Dayton Owls tomorrow. Captain Manuel Bleich is listed as a healthy scratch, filling in for him is Leos Malga. Backup Andrai Nigro is slated to get the start in net.
  11. About to kick off a new season (tomorrow!) in Biscuit's LIHL. The team had a big improvement over last year when I finished 14th. I ended up in 7th this year, got a good taste of the playoffs, and my young core of players is still improving. Line projections for next year: Tikkanen-Beliveau-Arena Mars-Hugh-Dunkelberger Tornblom-Kostial-Bergius Yurevich-Nuttall-Schneiders Bleich-Jussila Cech-Seppala Averin-Malga Nigro Anderson Options I'd like to explore: Obviously I'll have to wait until the draft turns out, but I really wouldn't mind trying to snag a top notch goaltender. I've got some really good goalie prospects, and I'd like to hang on to Nigro, but with some contracts expiring that I might not be able to maintain, I really need to try making a run next season. Overall, there's going to be some tough competition next year. If I can have another good offseason and make it to 3rd or 4th, I'd definitely be happy with that.
  12. Whenever I get sent a lopsided trade offer and I reject it, I'll usually send a follow-up PM (in a nice manner) to the other user explaining exactly why I rejected it, whether it be not wanting to give up that particular prospect or draft pick, not wanting to take on a higher salary, etc. Generally speaking the other person will be following the trade formula, but they may or may not be trying to abuse it, or they might think it's a fair trade. I guess I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but that's why I will PM them to try to get their thoughts on it, or maybe if it seems they want a particular player I'll try to make a counter offer. I would say it turns into abuse when they keep sending similar trades over and over. Sometimes bad trades are just bad trades, but there's no need to get too worked up over it. If I send a follow-up PM, I most likely get one in return saying "Yeah I was just trying to dump salary" or "I was just wanting to shop this player around", and then it ends there. I would suggest maybe if it happens again to take time to send a PM explaining why the trade doesn't work for you, since there are new users that get cycled in and don't know the system too well yet. I think most users want to make fair trades and have a good GM rep.
  13. Alright, changed my tactics back to what my team was comfortable with, and came away with a 4-1 win. Probably shouldn't have messed with it to begin with, but hopefully we can recover. Lions won again, they look like a really good squad right now. Nobody wants to have the Warriors right now, which is unfortunate. The previous owner dumped all the good players and then bailed, so if anyone wants a challenge, there you go.
  14. Well, after my good start to the season I've lost my last 3 games, and 2 players went down with an injury. I changed my tactics beforehand so I'm going to go back to how it was to see if I improve. The season is still young, and it's a tight race at the top so far. The #1 Riversdale Lions take on the #2 Soda Bay Cyclones tomorrow so it should be a good matchup!