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  1. I think picks should be treated like players... What i mean by this is allow Picks to be put on the trade block or set them to Untouchable, and allow them to be listed as a Transfer need. When you are a rebuilding team, you want picks, a lot of picks, and it would be nice to tell everyone that you want picks, also, a rebuilding team doesn't really want to give up your picks, so being able to set them to Untouchable would be great, that way I'm not getting a bunch of annoying, bad offers for my picks when i want to keep them. Also as a competitor, you might be willing to give up your picks to get that player that may push you over the edge to go from competitor to favourite, so it would be great to be able to put your picks on the trade block, let everyone know that your picks are available for the right return. As far as i know, picks can't be Trade Blocked, Untouchabled or Transfer needed. It would really help in trying to communicate your intentions to other teams. If i am wrong, and this can be accomplished, please let me know...
  2. i was hoping perhaps, to have an expansion on roster sizes. I definitely understand putting a roster cap in the tiered worlds, as the more a higher tier team hoards players, the lower levels will suffer in quality of players. So i get that and wouldn't really ask for those to be expanded. My request would be for the North American style world. I still understand having the roster cap, spread the quality of players out, but i was wondering if maybe the cap could be expanded by say......5 players? My roster has the required 20 players you need to fill up a nightly lineup, then i like to keep a scratched centre, 2 scratched wingers (one each hand) and 2 scratched D (one each hand), that makes 25 players, this only leaves 5 spaces available for development players. Now, you need a 3rd goalie on hand in case one of yours gets hurt, you could use a development goalie for this, but if you're going to need him to serve as a backup for a long period of time, he won't get much playing time, which could hamper his development. So, if you decide to bring in a stronger, older 3rd stringer, that leaves 4 places for development players. As a manager that likes to build through the draft and develop from within, I feel like this just isn't enough. Adding another 5 players to the roster limit would allow for 9 total spots, 1 goalie, 3 D, 5 forwards (or however you want to arrange it) this seems a little more congruent to a proper development system. Another issue is the Farm club player status. Most of my players on the farm club get really tired all the time, because of this, if my main roster players are tired and need a need a day off, i can't just promote a player from the farm to cover for a game because they are all tired, hence the reason i keep extra's scratched on my roster. But i don't want to keep younger, development players as healthy scratches for the progress hindering reasons I mentioned above. If the farm player usage issue could be fixed so that they were always fit, it would solve my player development issues a bit, allowing for development players to be in the farm, getting play time, and then can be called up when i need them to fill in, it would erase the need to keep some older healthy scratches on the roster taking up contracts.
  3. bremitt


    just for clarity, does this 30 max limit mean 30 allowed at one time on the main roster, or does this mean 30 total players under contract, main roster and farm clubs?
  4. Not sure if mentioned, so i will apologize if it has and I am just being redundant. The Process of having to go to a players page, let it load, click on assign/recall, let it load, then authorize that choice, then let it load, is rather annoying. Could it be possible to set it up so that when you are on your roster page, and you click on a player, and the pop up comes up with his ratings and traits, at the bottom, like how you can simply click on "add to shortlist" or "remove from shortlist" have another bottom that we can assign/recall that player? That way we can just quickly go down our roster list and do it all from one page in a much faster process.
  5. Unless at the lower levels, players use less endurance during a game, because the players they are playing against aren't as good of skaters or as physical. So in that logic, having a 60 Endurance in LIHL would be the same as a guy who is a 85-90 endurance in the GHL. Although this is just me spitballing and talking out my ass
  6. bremitt

    player ego

    That is a fair point, and by your definition that makes sense. To me, i always thought that Confidence was believing in yourself and your abilities, Cocky is making sure everyone knows how much you believe in yourself. A Confident player would have the puck behind his net and believe he could go coast to coast, but he sees a teammate open and passes the puck. A Cocky player would believe he could go coast to coast and attempt such a thing, much to the ire of his linemates. I've heard the saying, there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. I guess another way to say it, that just came to me, would be to say that confidence is believing you can do it, cockiness is just being obnoxiously confident. to summarize, i never took cockiness as someone who is overcompensating for his lack of confidence, but is someone who is full of themselves and always thinks they are hot poop...
  7. bremitt

    player ego

    I think you misunderstand me... I'm not talking about "Anxious" in their "Big Game" rating, i mean when they are "anxious" in their confidence level. It changes (from my understanding) based on how often they are played and how well they are playing. This isn't about a confident player not handling pressure, it's about a player who has very low confidence, and yet his profile says that he is cocky. To me, a person who is cocky, is always confident.
  8. bremitt

    player ego

    now i understand the idea behind making players that are "cocky" and "arrogant" seem like a bad thing, and if you have a lot of these players, that would be a detriment to the dressing room chemistry, and this suggestion would sort of make having a lot of those players a positive, but here goes. Not sure if a suggestion is even the proper term, but more of an observation. My team is bad, and they have been doing bad, and I ran a lot of players through my team this season, so there are a lot of players that have been sat for long periods of time. I get that this hurts their confidence and I understand the reasoning behind this in the game. But I have players that are "cocky" and "arrogant" who are "anxious" or "uncomfortable", wouldn't these players always have high confidence? isn't that what being cocky or arrogant is? always thinking your hot stuff, which means they would have little issues in the confidence department. Now, if you changed it so that "cocky" and "arrogant" players were always confident, or at least had a confidence floor of "good", this would mean that bringing in those types of players would be a positive because they would always play at a higher level than someone who is the same skill level but has "uncomfortable" or "anxious" confidence. So I can understand that it sort of defeats the purpose of having personality issues being bad for a team. But if you could find a balance between them always being confident but they hurt the team chemistry enough that it's not worth it, etc, it may work. Or you could leave it as is, and that would be fine. As stated, not really a suggestion, just a funny observation.
  9. thanks for the heads up, and for those wondering, my team is the Superb Green Knights...
  10. so, if anyone is checking this... I inherited trash. I am at the bottom of LIHL and as the trade deadline approaches, pretty much my whole team is for sale. Spence, Huntley and Palardy are listed as untouchable, everyone else is expendable. Even my untouchables are available if your offer blows me away. Looking for good picks and good prospects or good YOUNG roster players, i don't want your garbage as i am already over flowing with it...
  11. sorry if this has been said, but in a quick search, i was not able to find it... I know that we generally aren't allowed to alter jerseys after the initial setup (at least in the old version) but i part of my design in the preview didn't follow through into the game. During setup i had multi coloured sleeves and now my team has on solid colour on the sleeves. Would i be able to alter this to reflect what i wanted during setup?
  12. if the Free league is going to be a part of the larger world, why not include the rookie draft to it? there are a handful of players that are left over at the end of the draft anyways, add another 2 dozen to the draft, the free leagues only get 1 round and pick from the bottom of the pile, but it is something, it gives those at the bottom of the league a way to try and climb up to the top...
  13. I know there is no team editing, unless you are an All-Star account, and i understand why this is and accept this, my issue, to a degree (it is very minor) is that i was in LIHL when Farm teams were implemented, i was able to create my farm team, set up a theme with my main club. I recently was promoted to IHL and in doing so, was awarded another farm club at the AAHL2 level, and i was just assigned a team. Would it be possible, when being given a new farm club after a promotion, to do a 1 time edit of that team, and then after that 1 time edit, the details are fixed (unless you are an All-Star of course)? If the answer is no, i will gladly thank you for your time and back slowly from the room...
  14. what if i make and upload my own logo and allow for Moderator approval? shouldn't run into any legal issues and shouldn't have any appropriate issues either...