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  1. There was a report a week or two back that him and his family are taking French lessons... Plus why would his wife want to move to Manchester? It's a dump of a city with nothing to do.
  2. Rigafan

    Release of 0.8.7

    As a huge Janikowski fan this is painful to read on the update... Fixed so it is not longer possible to hit a 75 yard field goal
  3. I watched the video last night as I've been interested in this new version... however for me, it will still be a pass. After trying their Pro Football and Pro Basketball demo it's the UI/Interface that kills the interest for me. It just runs SO SLOW. Now I have a decent PC. Good CPU/GFX 32gb Ram and NVME SSD but the delay between the screens is hard to bear and if I imagine myself playing out a full season or career I just can't do it. Don't get me wrong, full credit to the DDS guys making new versions each year and trying to keep the interface fresh and tidy (it sure looks great) but for now I'll just read the forum and see how it progresses for next year.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! OK I'll play around with the free agent signing again tomorrow it might be my fault trying to click everything so fast. Noted on the players over the roster limit. I did see the roster count screen but forgot to sort my players before continuing. I'll play some more tomorrow and post any good/bad or ugly things. So far though the game looks like it will be very fun ones it's more stable. Side note I love the team names, did you just randomly pick them?
  5. If you mean Football Manager by SI Games? Then you are better to go to Sortitoutsi website, that seems to be a popular one.
  6. No logs were produced but I experienced the following using the lasted update... Free agents - select player - request offer - make offer - crash to desktop. Tried it twice both times it happened. Clicking the contract's icon on the left toolbar didn't bring up any page? Got to game day. The game seemed to sim 3 of the 5 schedule games and update the rankings, but it left my game plus 1 other remaining. I clicked 'sim game' nothing happened. I clicked 'view recap' on a different game and I got crash to desktop again. If I may offer a suggestion for consideration? Have some kind of indication that you have an email on the top bar, maybe on the 'home' part? The calendar is nice but its easy to miss the next event email if you don't remember to check it. Still! My 'Elite Indoor Football' League is ready to go!
  7. Amazing! I look forward to the next update
  8. Mr Robmeister! Since the very first version I have had the same issue: I make a league, any size/style and go to the draft screen. If I hit "draft until human" I get an error (also an error log that is attached) and it loads "CPU drafting" for a while and drafts only 1 player. If I then go CPU pick until all the teams have players including my own I can close the draft screen then as soon as I hit advance date I get close to desktop with no error log. Everytime! This is running the latest update, windows10 and also as admin mode. Please let me know if I'm being stupid and It's my fault as I really want to play the game!
  9. https://www.sportsmogul.com/ Thats the game if anybody is wondering. They have been releasing Football and Baseball games for years. I did have an old Football version, maybe 12? And it was decent. Their forum is pretty bare and most people are just complaining so not a good sign! Has anybody here played it or have it can give me a reiview?
  10. According to a post on reddit/xfl it is looking to relaunch in 2022 now. I thought the XFL was a nice idea, even the AAF was fun to watch, they have that more 'college' feel with the plays and the action but as mentioned on this thread football fans in general just don't seem to accept any other league and they always seem to vanish.
  11. That's odd, i've just checked my save (I sim games but check the next one) and I can use the special team options while play calling. Thats using the latest 0.8.6 version.
  12. Front Office Football is the best. The Interface is old/weird/odd but please learn it and once you are used to it. it doesn't matter! My tip would be watch some Youtube lets plays and see how they navigate the screens/which screens they use and keep open it will help! Draft Day is just a pretty interface in my opinion.
  13. Just to add I've recently bought Bowl Bound from GreyDogSoftware (its on Steam too) and while it is 'out of date' it is a very fun game. The write up on the Dynasties section here encouraged me to buy it. It will be my College game until CT Football is updated a little more!