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  1. Exactly, the term soccer is from Association Football, nothing else! Football is quite a broad term, it doesn't have to mean 'kicking ball with foot'. Rugby for instance is 'Rugby Football' or Australian Football
  2. I'll try posting here instead of making a new thread. I really like Front Office Football, will I enjoy this game? Just looking for something with abit more to look at while I play!
  3. This seems really interesting! Good luck and keep us all posted
  4. Just to update in case anybody see's this. They are no longer working together and OOTP is not releasing Front Office Football any more.
  5. You are looking at Draft Day Sports or Pro Basketball Manager series. Pro Basketball Manager gets a lot of negativity but I tried their 2018 version and it was quite enjoyable for a cheaper title. I don't recommend trying International Basketball Manager, while the screenshots look nice the game is extremely clunky, it's the same engine from around 10 years ago (I have it on disc the old version) and it needs a lot of work.
  6. I had the same problem. I used a NO CD fix from Gamecopyworld and launched it from the new .exe instead of the original one and it works perfect!