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  1. Front Office Football is the best. The Interface is old/weird/odd but please learn it and once you are used to it. it doesn't matter! My tip would be watch some Youtube lets plays and see how they navigate the screens/which screens they use and keep open it will help! Draft Day is just a pretty interface in my opinion.
  2. Just to add I've recently bought Bowl Bound from GreyDogSoftware (its on Steam too) and while it is 'out of date' it is a very fun game. The write up on the Dynasties section here encouraged me to buy it. It will be my College game until CT Football is updated a little more!
  3. Rigafan

    Coach movement

    Speaking of coaches. I just simmed a few seasons into the future to test. My Strength coach contract ran till 7/1/22 but he was still on my team in 2023? When I go to the coaches page, I can go to unemployed and click on them but can we sign people here or hire/fire our coaches?
  4. It's very minor just having more choice is nice I guess! Either way keep up the great work. The game is already very addictive!
  5. Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 is my all-time favourite sports game/sim. Other than that I enjoy Front Office Football.
  6. I would agree that The College Years is the best College Football experience, sure it doesn't look good (Front Office Footbal UI isn't great!) but the actual game is so detailed and in-depth you can't beat it! CT Football Manager looks to be shaping up to be a very good game though, it has the old 'Football Manager' feel to it (the game by SI Games) and the interface and UI are all nice and clean to use, just obviously needs to be more stable. DDS, Now to be fair I have only ever played the demos of most of their titles bar the Golf one, but something just feels off, I don't like their UI style and the more I read about the College game the more issues seem to come up, like the lack of certain rules in the game.
  7. Hello, I played out the first 4 games then decided to sim the rest of the season just to see the progress. The Game locked up and then just closed itself, no error log or anything was produced. This was using the new 0.8.5 and Real World Mod.
  8. When you pick Prestige Mode it gives you 3 team offers, if you go back and then reload it you get 3 different team offers. Not a huge issue but if there are more than the initial 3 teams it might be better to show more options on the screen? Unless it's them 3 teams that are offering at that specific time and when I go back I'm reloading the game?
  9. Somebody has been watch Queens Gambit on Netflix!
  10. I prefer to play as GM. I like to run my sports sims as business managements if possible and let my coaches do their thing. If its hockey I may set the lines but I never do the coaching game to game. Sometimes for important games I'll view the game as if I'm 'in the GM box' watching it out live! I'm not a soccer fan but I really wish Football Manager would allow a GM mode for the MLS one day.
  11. Handball Now I have Handball Manager... but if you tried it you would know why I still want another one. No disrespect but that is an old and very rough game. Plus its German only so that was difficult
  12. I'm also new to CT FM! I would also like if any more veteran players gave some tips or information i have no idea what I'm doing
  13. Just wanted to add my thanks to the list! I was so close to purchasing a different college football game but happened to see the threads on here for this and.. well it seems awesome! The interface is great and the game seems to flow nicely, PLUS YOU HAVE ATTENDANCE STATS THANK YOU!