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  1. Well......what happened is that I set up the game, all ready to laptop died, so my game was lost So time to restart it, same game, just different save file :)
  2. LANCASHIRE TELEGRAPH News - 8th July 1997 CLARETS: Daniel Mellor is the new Burnley Manager Burnley chairman Frank Teasdale surprised the Burnley faithful as he welcomed Daniel Mellor to the club and also introduced the new management team to around 50 fans who had gathered at Turf Moor. The new manager immediately declared his aim to gain promotion. "I have been a lifelong Burnley fan. I was raised not far from here in Colne," the new manager told the gathered throng. Signed on an initial rolling contract, Mr Mellor was quick to alleviate fears that an untested manager, either in coaching or as a player, would be cut out for the job. "You only have to look back to the great AC Milan team of the late 80s to see that it isn't always the case," he began, "I believe Arrigo Sacchi said 'I never realised that to become a jockey you needed to be a horse first,' and that is the mantra I will be bringing to the club." Asked whether he would be changing the players on the team, Daniel Mellor was quick to state that he has an eye on a number of additions, including a few Scottish and European players, but would be working within the team's means. After the brief manager introduction, the chairman took to the podium. "We have a big job ahead of us and it's our job to give him as much support as we can," said Mr Teasdale. "We have to start to do a job and we intend to do it. I am sure it is in very capable hands with these two gentlemen. Let battle commence. "It has been an horrendous two weeks but now we are looking at things very professionally and stability is most important at every level of the club." The new look Burnley team take on Northampton Town in the first game of the upcoming Division Two season ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the beginning of my Championship Manager '97 game. I started off with my favourite team, in one of the hardest real life seasons for the club. In reality this was the sole season under the "leadership" of Chris Waddle. Great Player, Dire Manager. If I pick up a win before October then I'll be ahead of reality!
  3. Who else is looking forward to this? I love that each team sounds like it could be an 80's Cartoon (shout out for my chosen team, St Louis Battlehawks!) I hope it lasts more than a season this time
  4. After years of Football (soccer) Manager games I figure I might as well start on my second love of American Football!