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  1. I just started to play this game like a couple days ago. It looks so good and it have so much potential, but when I try to play a game calling the plays, I see that when I select the option of ‘Special Teams’ (for make a FG, Punt, etc.) it’s empty and I can’t punt nor make a FG, so I always have to go for it in 4th Down situations, even if it’s near my own endzone... I’ve also noticed that I created 3 new folders with new formations (offensively), I edited some plays in each one (about 3/4 per fold) but when I’m playing a game, the fold is empty as the ‘Special Teams’ one. I’d like to know if this have happened to anyone else and if it have a solution. As I said, it looks like an amazing game, project and idea, but still have so many bugs. Anyway, congrats to the creators, still work to do, but a good one until for the moment for sure.
  2. Ok, I downloaded it and it’s so good. I started a Prestige Mode at FCS a couple hours ago, I saved the game and now when I’m trying to get back to it, it crashes (it just appears the screen in gray. No menu nor anything. Just grey and the option to close it). Does anyone knows why can it be?
  3. Hey! I’m a huge fan of GM games, and I have just discovered this one. I’d like to install this mod, but I don’t see how can I download it (the link). Can anyone help me, please? Thank you! And it looks soooo good, great job!