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  1. Bodmin Bangers are looking to add depth to forward and center sections. Preferably either twoway center or powerforward. All of my 19yr and 20yr old prospects are on the table. Decent player with two way contract would score you more than one way contract.
  2. Going to ask this again... Now that this is solved. Will i get the player back, wich i lost for nothing?
  3. Now that this is solved. Will i get the player back, wich i lost for nothing?
  4. Haslam is available for trade. 35yr 90ov center with really good traits. SHL contract. Looking to get future assets.
  5. Yep. Quite frustrating to lose prospect for nothing.
  6. Sebastian Taggart, Season 2, GHL, Drafted by the Bodmin Bangers (GHL) as the 2nd round, 39th pick Sebastian just made entry level contract with 2year term. Shouldnt it be automatically 3 years, since he is 18yrs old?
  7. Looking for a center with atleast decent skating and strenght.
  8. It seems that im moving To GHL. Pretty much every player in my roster is available for trade. Looking for picks, prospects and some GHL caliber veterans. Hit me with pm and we can agree for trades early before season ends. Dig In Boys, Meat is back on the menu.
  9. Im trying to sign players from free agency but my team info shows that i have -1 750 000€ as trade offers. The thing is i dont have trade offers that gives me more salary to pay. Because of this i cannot give offers at free agency. Subforums would be nice to have, so we can start tradetalk.
  10. How can it be that friend of mine who decided to come back to GPHM after couple of years, went straight to GHL when his manager profile has like 70games played? Dont get me wrong, im happy that he is back and got a change to go to straight to GHL, but isnt that kind of unfair to players like myself? Have been battling in playoffs to go to GHL for last 4-5seasons and now only got a change to take control of an SHL team.
  11. WIll we get new subforums for every gameworld or do we post in the old ones. Would like to start a new trade forum for slow world. Game looks great btw. Thanks guys.
  12. What an awesome idea. I can be slow world sponsor for FHL winners. Maybe sponsor one season after every finished FHL season Anyone else interested in other worlds?
  13. I would love this option. I am already supporting the game with amount that would pay for few managers subscription and i would love it even more, if i could help the community to grow at the same time. Any ideas how could this work without too much hassle? Could it be possible to pay for lets say one year subscriptions and donate them?
  14. Some in game message about reset and subscription might be in place since i know there are lots of managers that dont read the forum. Nice to hear that you are taking a next step with this game. More than happy to pay subscription.