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  1. A bit of a delay as some of our league owners dealt with personal issues the past few weeks. The Raiders lost at Denver 22-20, snapping their playoff-qualifying run as San Diego wrapped up the AFC West with a bruising 44-12 victory over the Chiefs. The Chargers win the AFC West with a 10-6 record, the Broncos clinch a wildcard with a 10-6 Record, and the Raiders will head home and look at several issues in the offseason.
  2. Oakland at Baltimore. We bring the top offensive unit into the game (1 Pass, 3 Rush, 1 overall) against a very good Baltimore team sporting a 11-2 record and 4th defense in the league (3 pass, 5 rush, 4 overall) The two teams are very different in their approach, Baltimore averages a heavy time of possession advantage of 34-26 minutes, best in the league...and is merely mediocre scoring - 19ppg, but stingy defensively only surrendering a league best 13+ ppg. The Raiders this season are only averaging 27 minutes possession themselves and are number 1 with 29+ppg. In turnover ratio the Raiders sit at minus-8 right now, the Ravens at +11. The First quarter...Raiders win the toss and take the opening kickoff from a yard deep in the endzone 43 yard return. Raiders highlight of the game. 3 and out for their offense. Ravens receive the punt at their own 22 with a FC. Baltimore drives 78 yards in nearly 7 minutes...7-0. There is no more scoring in the first half as both defenses look extremely good, and the Raider Offense is playing much more cautiously than normal against a Baltimore secondary that has grabbed 19 interceptions this season. Baltimore drives the first possession of the second half 86 yards on 16!!plays using half of the third quarter, and taking a 10-0 lead with a 22yd FG. The Raiders offense opens up to "normal" mode now and turns aggressive. Oakland manages their longest play from scrimmage to this point as Hollas hits wr Graddy in stride down the sideline for 74 yards, but the receiver runs out of gas at the Baltimore 3 YL. First and goal Raiders. 3 middle runs later, it is 4th and goal from the 1 and the Raiders play it safe and kick the fieldgoal. 10-3 Baltimore. At this point I am notified that Denver defeated San Diego making both of those teams 9-6 with Denver hosting us next week. This division will come down to the final week if we lose this game. The Raiders kick off and Baltimore fumbles the return, but recovers their own mistake. Baltimore starts at their own 23, and uses up another 6 minutes before again settling for a FG...getting back our 3 points with a 46yd FG. 13-3 Baltimore. Oakland starts our next possession at our own 11 after an illegal block penalty. 3-and-out, punt. Baltimore starts the 4th quarter with the ball at their own 44 and a ten point lead. Baltimore drives 26 yards in 6 plays using up 4 more precious minutes. A missed 47yd FG and the Raiders take over at our 30. A 16 yard completion to RB McCallum and a 23 yard completion to Graddy are the highlights of that drive. Raider 39yd FG...13-6 Baltimore. Baltimore 3-and out, punt...Raiders 24 yd punt return back to our 47. Raiders 3-and out, punt. Baltimore 68 yd drive and a 41yd FG 16-6 Baltimore. 4:20 to play. Oakland returns the kick 24 yards, first down at our 29 YL. A 26 yard completion to wr Deary, a 19 yd completion to wr Graddy, and a 26 yd td pass to wr Graddy. The Raiders only used a minute of clock time, and it is 16-13 Baltimore. With all of our timeouts, plus the two minute warning, we weigh an onside kick, which if unsuccessful will give them the ball almost in scoring range again...or kicking off and holding their offense. We are the Raiders...we gamble. Onside kick. Baltimore ball at the Raider 48. We hold them to a 3 and out, and save our timeouts...2 minute warning brings their punt squad in. Punt out of bounds at our 3 YL. The Raider two minute offense is always impressive, and this game is no different. a 47 yard strike to Deary over the middle on third and 10 gives us a new set of downs from midfield. A timeout, a 26 yd pass and a second timeout. a strike into the endzone falls incomplete, a 19 yd pass and Deary out of bounds at the 5. Hollas is sacked on the next play and we have a second and goal from the 14. Hollas back to pass, throws it away to avoid the sack. FG time. a 31YD FG attempt by Janikowski is... NO GOOD! Baltimore 16-13 AFC West Oakland 9-6 San Diego 9-6 Denver 9-6. Next games Oakland at Denver, San Diego at struggling 5-10 KC.
  3. The much anticipated matchup between the Broncos and Raiders, both 8-5 and tied, along with the Chargers, for the AFC West lead coming into the stretch. Hollas threw for over 350 yards in each of last season's 2 games (354 in Denver a 41-21 Raider victory, and 387 yds in Oakland, a 42-14 Raider victory). The Denver personnel are a bit banged up coming in. Starting HB Michael Bennet however, acquired in a trade with the Vikings before the season, is having a stellar year for Denver, averaging 4.9 yds a carry on 220 carries thus far and has rushed for 15 TDs. The Raider pass defense has had issues, but the Run defense has yielded an NFL low 2.7 yds/carry... a very large part of the Raider success, and the reason they have still looked good on defense. The weather at game time was blustery, with a temperature of 53F and a brisk wind of 16mph. The Broncos won the coin toss and took the field at their own 20 after a touchback on the kickoff. A quick 3-and-out as Bennet carried twice for 4 yards and a sack on the lone pass play. Hester fielded the ensuing punt at his own 36 and turned on the jets. After a 42 yard punt return, the Raiders scored on a one play strike from Hollas to WR Graddy, and it seemed that the Raiders would dominate this game. At halftime the Raiders led by a 24-3 score. Bennet had been held to 13 yds rushing on 8 carries. The Raiders had played turnover free ball, and had converted 7-8 third downs...two of their more serious questions coming into the game. In the third quarter, defense dominated, as both teams only managed a FG, and the Raider lead going to the 4th Quarter stood at 27-6. In the 4th Quarter, the Broncos staged a furious rally, with TD drives of 6 plays 72 yds, and 5 plays 58 yds. At 4:50 left to play, the score was Oakland 30 Denver 20. The Raiders punted from their own endzone, and Denvers PR, CB Brown, slipped into high gear, and brings the ball all the way back to the Red Zone with a 28 yard return to the Oakland 19. 4 plays later Bennet carries it in from 3 yards out, and the score is 30-27. Denver still has all their time outs, and their coach elects to kick off with 2:56 to play. Raiders McCallum carries 3 yards- Denver Timeout #1. 2:49 to play, 2nd and 7 at the Raider 26. Raiders Hollas back to pass, no receiver open, he takes off on a scramble...2 yard gain, Denver Timeout #2 2:38 to play, Raider 3rd and 5 their own 28. Denver with one timeout remaining, plus the two minute warning. On the Raider side... a coaching decision between running the ball to force another timeout, but low odds of a first down, or throwing the ball and if incomplete, only using a few seconds. We opt to throw the ball. Hollas back to pass a quick out pattern...but the routes break down, and as he dumps it to the safety valve RB, the Broncos RLB steps in front, and the first Raider turnover of the game proves very costly. LB Jenkins sprints 14 yards before running out of gas. Denver 1st and 10 at the Oakland 17 YL. Raiders D steps up and stuffs Bennet on 1st down for -2 Yds. 2nd and 12, a Fade route by the Broncos. WR Speece open in the End Zone, and the Broncos have their first lead 34-30 1:58 to play and the 2 minute warning. Broncos kick a squib ball. Raider football, 1st and 10 Raider 38 Yard Line. Hollas back to pass, sacked for a 9 yard loss. 1:47 2nd and 19 Raider 29. Hollas back to pass...pump fake to WR2 Deary, WR1 Graddy streaking and UNCOVERED! Hollas hits him in stride at the Denver 48...40...35 brought down at the Denver 32 YL a 39 yard strike, Raider timeout #2. Raider 1st and 10. Graddy is winded and is replaced by WR 4 Erik Thomas... a speed improvement of 82 vs 78 but dropoff in "Hands" of 96-90. Raiders line up with an empty backfield, 3 Wide Left 2 Right. Thomas on the Right goes in motion to the Left, the snap, Hollas back, throws into traffic in the middle of the field, Hester has it and is tackled immediately, gain of 11 moves the chains, first down Raider! First and 10 at the Denver 21. Raiders use their final timeout. Hollas back to pass, sacked at the Denver 27, but this play will be brought back, Holding against the Defense, 5 yards and a first down...Raider 1st and 10 at the Denver 16, 1:01 to play. Hollas back to pass, Deary in the endzone, TOUCHDOWN Raiders! Raiders 37-34 San Diego 9-5 Oakland 9-5 Denver 8-6
  4. Thank you for that... I did just purchase DDS, and had long ago gotten the baseball game from Dave Koch... I did not even know they sold football, so thank you very much, I will have to try that!
  5. You are in luck if you have time. The FBPro file available on this site patches and runs on WIN10...and has the cd iso image so that you do not need the original cd. And thank you for following
  6. The Raiders returned to the field for their 13th game of 2008. They faced a Jacksonville Jaguars team that was a defending divisional champion, but having a miserable season at 3-9. A close game at the half 15-7 Raiders became a blowout early in the 3rd quarter. The Raiders rolled 46-7 and for at least one game, appear back "on". With over 500 yards of offense, while holding Brunell and the Jaguars to under 200, and converting half of our third downs, as well as winning the time of possession battle 35:07 to 24:53 everything I had worked on seemed at least momentarily good, with the exception of 3 turnovers...but our defense got 3 back as well. Elsewhere, San Diego lost their game to Denver...and we have a horse race in the AFC West with three 8-5 teams. We will play the Broncos next game in Oakland, and in three weeks in the season finale in cold Denver. We can control our own playoff picture by simply winning.
  7. So today we go behind the scenes in a way, to look at what happens during the days between the games. In career leagues, especially... the games, however thrilling, are sometimes not the most important aspect. Here we have a Raider team that is back-to-back Superbowl Champions with an unstoppable offense, and an aggressive big play defense... that was 37-5 including playoffs from 2006-Game 5 of 2008. That team had not only won, but dominated, during that stretch, outscoring opponents by an average score of 35-17. Now however, in the homestretch of the 2008 season after starting 5-0, there appear to be multiple small leaks in our ship's hull. Any one of these leaks alone would not be anything to worry about before the next draft class, but they all seem to have hit together, and right now, even a Wildcard berth is no guarantee. I am inclined after a few hours of calming down from our dismal 5 turnover performance, to think that was a fluke... our offense style has for a decade, been just as aggressive as our defense, with a passing attack that is near totally a vertical game... as I went through the playbook in my first season, I removed nearly every pass play that ended with curl backs...preferring to hit my edge receivers in stride, and it seems only natural that eventually that would trade for some INTs for my QBs, who have had excellent seasons overall, but a few poor high-INT games over those we will wait on the panic button there. We do have a glaring hole that usually has been covered by our ability to "strike from anywhere on the field"... we are 30th-dead last- in the league on 3rd down conversions offensively 52/163. I have accepted that usually as a trade-off also, and it has always been there during my tenure. Now may be the time to do something about I go into my coaching profile and alter just a bit on the plays called on 3rd down. We should at least be hitting on 3rd and short more often than our 4/27 current... my aggressive play calling has thrown deep on 19 of those 3rd and 1 or 2 plays...scoring a TD on a 68 yd pass, but 18 incompletes... so I alter my overbearing aggressive play calling by making it much more likely that we will run up the middle on these plays...but still I am mem so I leave a 1 in 5 chance to throw it over 20 yds. My QB is Don Hollas, who in our NFL as in real, was initially someone to fill a hole in the roster, but in ours he developed much better and has had a great 2007 and half of 2008, throwing for 3860 yds and 27TDs in 2007, and on a pace to beat that in 2008 before his last game. He is aging though, so this will probably be his last star quality season, and I am looking at the draft for a QB, but that is the future. Now? His strength numbers are at 89 this season...from 91 last season...that is barely sufficient for the deep pass offense I I begin looking at his backup, Morrissey has a strength of 97, but DI rating of 82...likely more interecptions, but possibly capable of better performance in a vertical offense. I will run him some in practice this week and see how that looks in game conditions. Our return man is Hester, and just as he was in the real NFL, he is an exciting player. He was leading the league in Kick and Punt returns last season and is third this season in punt returns, averaging 17.3 with two returns for TD. He can turn a game around as a return man, but is less impressive as a receiver. We are deep at WR with 5 who could start anywhere, and 3 who are either on pace for thousand receiving yard seasons, or could with a great game over the next month. No real changes here. Our defense strategy plays right now a 2-2-7 man alignment a lot, and a 3-2-6 a lot as well... so I will only suit up the usual 5 LBs and will play one more TE suited up than normal (4) and we will go into the practice week looking at some new possession type offense plays...we have been "Out possessed" 33:20 to 26:40 on average...that will be my target for the hole we fix.
  8. 2008 Game 12. Raiders play at Seattle against a 3-8 Seahawk team that scouting tells us is much better than their record indicates. They defeated the Chargers, who we are in a dogfight for the division with, 38-17 for one of their victories early this season. They come in ranked 6th in the league offensively behind Hasselbeck at QB who is the #2 passer thus far in 2008, and has thrown 19TDs against only 4 interceptions. Going in therefore, we are well aware that our new defensive schemes will be tested by fire in the Kingdome. In the game's opening drive the defending champion Raiders, for the first time in seemingly ages playing with backs to the wall, look impressive. After an illegal block penalty on the kickoff put the ball at their 11 to start things off, the leagues best offense drove 84 yds on a 7 play drive and had a first-and-goal at the Seahawk 5yard line. Hollas dropped back on a play action fake and had a wide open Hester in the end zone but the play was called back on an offensive hold...1st and goal at Seattle's 15. On the next play Seattle's Trufant stepped in front of Raider RB Conner at the 4, and delivered the season's longest pick-6. 7-0 Seattle. In the end Conner rushed for a season low 23 yds, McFadden added 27 on the ground and 31 receiving for the Raiders. Hollas went 17-31 for 345 yds for Oakland...but threw 4 interceptions. On the other side, Seattle's Hasselbeck had a pedestrian game with just 149 passing yards...the Raider D had stepped up and stopped a solid passing attack ...but the Raider O suddenly self destructed with a fumble and 4 interceptions. Seattle 17 Oakland 7. Elsewhere, the Broncos lost to the Cowboys, the Chargers defeated the Eagles. For the first time in more than two seasons, the Raiders are not in first place. Seattle 8-4-0. Oakland 7-5-0. Denver 7-5-0 4 games to go ..fixed our defense I our vaunted offense suddenly looks weak.
  9. I am going to set this up by bringing it from its beginning through the past few days in a couple of paragraphs. Played with Sierra's FBPro98, using the VPNFL99 mod with some later additions of plays and game plans from VPNFL02. The first season played was the 1998 season. The Raiders clawed their way to a 9-7 season, just missing the AFC Wildcard berth on the last week of play, after a 2-5 start. Week 17 saw them play a snow bowl playoff game for all intents and purposes in New England where the winner would be a playoff team the following week, and the loser would be finished for the year. The Patriots jumped to a 20-6 halftime lead before I made some halftime adjustments. In the end they edged the Raiders 27-26 as the Raiders tried a 53 yd field goal on the game's final play after a 3 yd sack on 3rd and 8 from the 33. I was happy with the way my first season went overall. The Raiders went 12-4 in '99 scoring 526 points, highest in the league. That season after a 1st rd bye, they lost in their first playoff game 34-31 to the same Patriots who had bested them at the end of 97...a rivalry was brewing. In 2000 the Raiders finished 10-6 and struggled most of the second half of the season as our starting QB Hostetler was injured in week6 against the Chiefs, then again in week9 immediately after coming back, against the Dallas Cowboys, out for the rest of the season. The team made the playoffs as a wildcard, but quickly exited in the Wildcard game against the Miami Dolphins 21-10. 2001 saw the Raiders return to excellence, with starting RB McCallum rushing for 1382 yds and starting LCB Woodson intercepting 6 passes in the season's last 5 games (9 overall) the team won their last 8 and finished 13-3. Playoff victories against the Steelers (27-13) and the Patriots in the AFC championship (28-27) they prepared to face the 15-1 Rams in the Superbowl. The hype of the AFCs top offense and the NFCs greatest show on turf was well deserved as the Rams won 42-38 in a game with 7 lead changes. The 2002-2005 Raiders were always right around .500 (9-7, 8-8,8-8,9-7) and only made one playoff berth as a wildcard in 2004 in a subpar AFC with an 8-8 record and a quick loss to....those $#@** Patriots lol. 2006 saw the Raiders make a serious bid for an undefeated season, winning their first 12 before losing 2 of their next three. They finished 14-2 and breezed through playoff wins over the Cin. Bengals 38-6 and the New England Patriots 34-10...a Super Bowl matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was also overhyped as the Raiders destroyed the vaunted NFC repeating champions 42-13 to win the superbowl. 2007 saw the Raiders picking up where they left off, winning their first 10, and finishing 13-3. In the process setting a league record with 567 points scored, as well as a league record for point differential with only 210 points allowed. They once again destroyed their postseason opposition 41-10 over Miami, 44-3 over Denver in the AFC title bout...and 41-0 in the Superbowl victory over the Dallas Cowboys. At that point they had scored 40+ points in 11 straight games! 2008... the current season being played. The Raiders won their first 5 in much the same fashion, but a few cracks appeared. In week 3 the San Diego Chargers discovered a hole in the Raider pass defense and exploited it for 430 yds through the air from QB Rivers. The Raiders won 33-31 but it was the first time in 2 seasons +, they had yielded over 30 points, and was the most yds they had surrendered passing in our 10 years. The scouting report seems to have been not noticed by the next opponent Philadelphia, which we beat 44-3 to improve to 4-0. We next had our bye week. In week 5 we went back to work...against the same Cowboy team we had beaten in Superbowl. This time they had seen game film and we were in for a fight...they constantly beat our aggressive defense, burning blitzes for TD passes of 71 and 64 yds, and another stopped at our 3 by Asomugha that gained 45. The Raiders still pulled it out in a 37-34 OT win, but now WE needed to be the one adjusting. 2008 Week 6...a 34-23 defeat to the NY Giants...Eli Manning passing for 370 yds. We were 5-1, but suddenly much less secure in our future. Week 7...26-14 victory over Buffalo, as the rain and wind made the hole in our defense less noticeable. Week 8 a 33-27 loss to the Patriots in which Brady threw 4 TDs and 388 yds. We were 6-2 and still leading the AFC West by two games, but suddenly nervous. Week 9 the second place San Diego Chargers in town for the rematch. They had been the ones to suddenly pounce on our weakness back in Week 3. This time they jumped early, and never let up...our 45-24 defeat was even more one sided than that score appears as we scored 21 in the fourth quarter after already being down 38-3. We were suddenly 6-3 and only a game ahead of the Chargers and Broncos both. Week 10, a matchup with the Arizona Cardinals who defeated us 33-30 in OT. The Chargers won their game as did the Broncos, and suddenly we are one of 3 6-4 teams on top of the AFC West. Week 11... a revamped defense from the ground up in the playbook, a lot of bump and run, man-coverage...a bit fewer blitzes, and continuation of the basic play calling philosophy of "Put them into must pass situations" by being aggressive on 1st and 2nd downs, then backing off some and playing safe on most 3rds. The next team, the Redskins, were struggling offensively anyway as well (24th overall, 29th passing) so we had a "easy run through" to test our new plays. It was not easy though...the final score was a win, but not as much as I hoped after putting hours into the new plays...We won 31-26. We are now 7-4. This is the current situation.
  10. Hey Chris, thank you for the review. I have TONS of time on my hands these days and for the foreseeable future, which, combined with a love of football, has me grabbing anything "football " I can find. Your site here was a huge bonus. A question if you know, because I cannot find mention you know if this game lets you edit players and create new ones? I love the stats...but a huge part of what I love in these games is altering tiny details and then running through games, or seasons...or even careers, and seeing how much difference they make. To do that mostly requires both an edit capability, and the capability to see what is going on "beneath the surface" so that you can get a grasp on what to edit.
  11. I have been a FPS Pro football 98 player for literally decades, still love it more than Madden, etc which seems more a clickfest to me...but it is more and more difficult to keep going on new systems...most of the tools I use for it...fpsfedit, and the various tools which came on the CD long ago, I have to run from my very aged Windows XP laptop or DOS simulators...and that old laptop barely works now. Things like the game itself I can run from win10, but parts like rh play editors and gameplan editors ...the words and buttons don't show up. Just really dreading the day my old laptop dies and I can't use it anymore lol. . Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. Just checking out this place...longtime football and baseball Sim fan, from playing APBA and Stratomatic as a kid lol, to computer versions now that I only dreamt of back then. Glad to be here!