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    Mattti0 reacted to EXXEO in North Haven (Buzzer & Cage) Injury Log   
    Figured it would be comical tracking down how many injuries happen in the Seasons...only tracking Major Team happenings, not minors.
    Articwolves (Season 3) IHL
    Day 40: Carl-Yan Billy-St-Louis out for 3 days with UBI
    Day 43: Ladislav Gerhart out for 7 days with UBI
    Day 44: Mattias Soderbaum out for 5 days with LBI
    Day 46: Patric Karatas out for 5 days with concussion
    Day 56: Herman Bailey out Day to Day with LBI
    Day 56: Linus Engdahl out for 32 days with LBI
    Day 58: Tyko Sodegren out Day to Day with LBI
    Day 58: Eloi Hoare out for 5 days with LBI
    Day 63: Tage Aulin will be out for 6 days with LBI
    Day 64: Simon Muckle will be out Day to Day with LBI
    Day 65: Carl-Yan Billy-St-Louis out Day to Day with Concussion
    Day 66: Herman Bailey will be out for 5 days with UBI
    Day 70: Alexim Medley will be out for 3 days with Concussion
    Black Flag (Season 2) LIHL
    Day 16: Sergey Kurarkin out for 6 days with UBI
    Day 17: Jalmar Penttila out for 5 days with LBI
    Day 17: Donal Kohn our Day to Day with UBI
    Day 19: Ethan Edwards out Day to Day with LBI
    Day 22: Austin Ringler out Day to Day with Concussion
    Day 24: Patric Sandstrom out for 3 days with LBI
    Day 31: Jalmar Penttila out Day to Day with Concussion
    Day 31: Braden Max out Day to Day with LBI
    Day 31: Kyler Cassin out Day to Day with UBI
    Day 32: Lubomir Gabri our 3 days with Concussion
    Day 32: Pravoslav Doppler out Day to Day with LBI
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    Aussies Hot Streak, When's Schozen Streaking
    Just over the quarter way mark of the season the Warman Aussies have taken hold of a promotion position. Sitting 2nd in the Western Conference and slowly gaining on the Highland Blazers who should prove to be a difficult team to catch with only 29 goals against through 23 games. 
    Regardless the Aussies have put their season back on track going 12-0-1-1 in their last 14 after a shaky start to the season. The turnaround coincides with their goaltending tandem returning to form with Lennart Fransson sitting on a .911 and Robin Guilmaine who is currently in the AAHL while Fransson takes the reins through a tough schedule, is posting a .907 and climbing. 
    The return of Danial Swilley to the lineup right as the team went on their run proved to the team and fanbase that his presence is an integral part of the team. He posted 10 points in that 14 game span on the backend. Beyond his offensive contributions, anytime a team can insert an 85 overall defenseman into their top 4 in the SHL is going to have an impact. 
    Aiding to Swilley’s return is the signing of 81 overall defenseman Bryce Durfee from free agency. Posting 4 points through his first four games with the team. His inclusion into the lineup gives the Aussies a defensive core that has an overall average of 83 with the demotion of Iisakki Mantyla to the minors. 
    The emergence of Jaimie Arterburn on the second line who posted 13 points in that span before going down with a ten game injury in the 14th game. His play which catapulted him into the top 15 goal scorers league wide was an invaluable development during the Aussies run. How the team can adjust to maintain scoring throughout their roster will be integral to continue amassing points towards their promotion efforts. 
    Wick Schozen has gone on the record that the Aussies are actively working the phones right now in search of some further depth at center. All four of their centerman are posting a 74 performance score or lower. Being a team with so much talent surrounding the middle of the ice there is no excuse for the teams centerman, comprised of distributors and two way players, to be under performing.
    “We’re in communication with teams around the league. Trying to figure out a deal that both sides can be satisfied with is proving difficult. We believe the Aussies can find success with this roster, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t finding ways to improve what we have.”
    The particular target for the middle of the ice is not yet known. Are they trying to bring is someone that will supplant Nael Broadhurst from the top line? Shifting everyone down the middle down a spot and sending Matteo Bellini down to the minors. Or are they happy with the top of the lineup and instead looking to add depth. 
    Bellini and Henrik Henriksen are out of place in their current standing in the lineup. Henriksen’s strong offensive abilities should have him playing in the top 6. But his defensive deficiencies hold him sheltered on the teams fourth line. While Bellini would be better suited in a fourth line role due to his offensive shortcomings. Although without a defensively responsible centerman capable of taking his place on the third line, the bottom of the lineup down the middle remains in gridlock. 
    All being told, the Warman Aussies are now right where they wanted to be. After the 4 of their next 5 games that are against top 5 teams from either conference their schedule will reset to the start of its rotation. If the Aussies can hold their position in the standings through the next five, they give themselves a good opportunity to create some separation in the standings from the rest of the teams outside of the top 2. By making up for disappointing losses they had at the start of the season in this next cycle of the schedule the Aussies can start to cement their march to promotion.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Kyle44 in Season 3 General Chat   
    11-13 may be a tad high but 9 or 10 million for a star player is completely reasonable imo.  Especially since we aren't paying coaching staff salaries, large buyout penalties, retaining salary, etc.  So I still even think that the high salary deals are fair and at least keep the game interesting.  If no one had to deal with cap-hell then no one would be inclined to trade or waive players.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    There were definitely some snide remarks from other tables on the GHL draft floor after Wick Schozen went up for his fifth and final pick of the first round. The jarring began after his third pick in the top fifteen. 
    “Leave some good ones for the rest of us!” Was heard from the Wintersville Lancers table who own only a 2nd round pick, the 40th selection, after their first round pick was used by Schozen to select defenseman Jachym Pauliak. 
    With the 25th selection on the clock, Wick took the podium again to select forward Jason Mellor with their final selection of the first round. By now many managers were besides themselves at the lunacy of this. With five more selections to follow through to the conclusion of the second round, the notion that one team can make nearly 20% of the picks on the first day of the draft was not favorable on the draft floor. 
    The Northdale Whales table, run by a former rival Matti Suominen from their Howitzer days, made sure to share their positive outlook on the situation.
    “It’s good to see you finally getting some exercise in!” 
    Their implication of Schozen’s clear degraded physique after years of exile running the drinking hole of small town Warman while ‘tongue-in-cheek’ had some merit. When Schozen met with the media following the draft it was clear that the ten trips to the podium had fatigued the veteran GM. Not helping the situation was the Warman Aussies table being placed at the very back of the room. Upon demotion Warman relinquished all of their GHL draft selections, so regardless of their arsenal of picks, they were banished to the back reaches of the conference hall. 
    Nonetheless Schozen sat with the media for a good duration, possibly for the lack of will to get up and leave, regardless a good picture was painted of the Warman general managers perception of their first day on the draft floor. 
    “With our first pick at fourth overall we were able to take a player that we believe in a couple seasons down the line will emerge as the best player from this draft class. The development Aaron Mallard showed down their in the tire fire that was Forest Park in the U.S league, it speaks volumes of what he’ll be able to achieve.”
    The taking of Mallard with the fourth overall pick after he finished with a final draft ranking of 18 was viewed as a very off the board pick. 
    “We looked into the potential of trading down a couple picks. But at the end of the day if we felt we were taking a player that could be the best player in the draft why let the schmucks that compile the rankings influence our selection process. I’m sure there are other smart teams in the league that recognized his talent and he might not have been available at the 9th spot where we were picking next.”
    With their next selection they took defenseman Pauliak. Another player that was taken ahead of his ranking, a trend of the day for not only Warman but many of the teams on draft day. The top goaltender Simon Holmer was taken 2nd overall after being ranked outside of the top 15 and Franscisco McPake shot up the draft board almost as much as Mallard to fourth. 
    “With Pauliak we are taking who we know to be the best defenseman in the draft at this moment. I’ve seen enough other worldly talented 17 year olds have their career trajectory fall on its face because of arrogance. We’ll see with this kid if he has the sack to stay above his peers. His offensive game where it stands is a non factor in the GHL. If he can take the proper strides next year in the SHL he’ll be a good player. If he doesn’t, well I just used a top ten pick on a 5’9 shutdown defender. If that’s the case I’m not sure I want to come to work every day to be reminded of my wife in the bedroom. I’ll find better accommodations for him.”
    The next three picks of the Aussies saw them select defenseman Danial Swilley, who fell from being ranked in the top 10 to the 13th selection. Followed by defenseman  Petro Kovalchuk at 20 and forward Jason Mellor at 25, both of whom were originally ranked outside of the first round. 
    “Well Swilley falling to us at 13 was a pleasant surprise. We think he has the potential to be a really good defenseman. The selection of Petro was on the persistence of one of our scouts who backed the selection with the wellbeing of his family. I’d never seen the kid play but I’m more curious about how a kid with a name like that is an America? I swear if we lose a player to ICE operatives deporting an immigrant I don’t care what kind of player he turns into, that scouts family is ..”
                                  What about Mellor, a reporter interjected?
    “Mellor from what I understand is a 5’6 midget on the ice, great all round game but a p***y when it counts. Let’s hope this runt can do enough in the first period to earn his pay.”
    Outside of the first round the Aussies selected forward, Gotfrids Ziemelis (30th), defenseman, Adolfo Kapp (36th), two goaltenders, Robin Guilmaine (42nd) and Thomas Whyte (48th) and centerman Nael Broadhurst (43rd). During the remainder of the press conference Schozen didn’t go into much detail about each player, but gave special attention to Guilmaine and Broadhurst. 
    “Well Guily probably would have been the top rated goalie if he didn’t miss half of his 16 year old season to a skiing accident. I swear these rich Canadian families don’t have the capitalistic asset management of their children like American families do. This kid could’ve been starting for a GHL team next season. Instead they take a family vacation to Banff and next thing you know their meal ticket child is falling to the second round because he can't avoid stagnant trees on the slopes and is now being seized by a team headed to the SHL. And that Broadhurst kid. I like him, he reminds me of my own son before he disappointed all of us and said he wanted to join the peace corps. This kid is full of talent and just needs some direction. He’ll get a chance on the first line as Mallard’s centerman. For a 6’6 kid he’s weaker than a starved mutt, but we’ll feed him some steak from Warman’s number one slaughter house restaurant, Gutter Jims. Our loyal sponsor and the best feed you can get in town for a measly $10. Head on down to Gutter Jims for a family dining experience like no other. With a complete open glass panorama view of the slaughter house, Jims is the only place you can see the guts spilt from the animals that will soon fill yours.”
    With that Schozen got up from the podium without any announcement and resigned to the convention center bar. Through some investigative sports journalism it was relayed to us from someone close to the bartender that Wick will not be in attendance to make the three selections his Aussies hold in the SHL draft held on day 100. The reasons for such absence are of the sorts that he refuses to sit in the same room as “the mouth breathers who run the teams coming up from the BHL.”
    Wick Schozen’s reemergence to the professional hockey scene appears to be continuing in the same capacity that it was before his absence. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on his exploits as he tries to navigate this fresh team of 18 year olds out of the SHL. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    When the league headquarters announced the sale of the Altona Dragons to an unnamed bar owner in the small town of Warman most around the league didn’t bat an eye. That was until it was leaked who had made the purchase.
    “Wasn’t he banned from the league from his days in Howitzer?” One anonymous executive sent via text message “Heard he called the commissioner's wife a sex worker after being suspended for putting a fresh coat of lead paint in the visitors dressing room before every home game."
    It was day 54 of season 2 that Wick Schozen returned to the business of professional hockey. Successfully finding a loophole in the bylaws of Buzzer, Schozen is now the owner, general manager and coach of the Warman Aussies. A mere eight days after the announcement Schozen has stripped any remnants of the teams Altona past and left no confusion in the direction the Aussies are headed in. 
    “I’m not in the business of telling grown men to divorce their wives. I sleep better at night with a team of 20 year olds who have no idea they just signed their life to me in the fine print of their contracts.” Schozen said at his first press conference in front of the media. "To do that we’re on our way down to the SHL, anyone too undesirable to other teams to be traded will have their contract voided at the end of the season and their stink of mediocrity out of my locker room.”
    This team of 20 year olds is already well into actualization. Through seven trades in as many days the Aussies have almost more draft picks for the season 2 draft as players on the active roster. As forecast, everyone over the age of 20 is going to see their one-way clause release them from the team. 
    “We’re building this program from the ground up. To do that I need kids I can mold into competence. It’s the Nike sweatshop model. Children are employed to make shoes before they can wipe their ass. The ones that survive into adulthood are mercenaries on a sewing machine. Look how well Nike is doing as a company, the same model is coming to the Aussies. If these boys can tuck goals at half the efficiency that a nine year old can churn out sweatpants we’re going to have one hell of a hockey team in Warman.”
    It was his ruthlessness as a general manager that led the Newcastle Fighters to a GHL Championship back Howitzer. But the seasons that followed were tainted by the Fighters failing to live up to expectations. Schozen’s reputation around the league worsening as his antics continued to get more elaborate in search of success. Without notice Schozen was out of the spotlight and Newcastle bought out and relocated. “I thought the guy was dead.” Another anonymous exec said to me, “honestly I preferred believing that than to know he’s back in the league.”
    What Schozen manages to do at this seasons draft is going to be crucial for the long term success of the new franchise. With 11 draft picks in the bank he can afford to miss on a few, but Schozen is adamant that isn’t an option.
    “I took my entire scouting staff with me when I left Newcastle. They’ve been following this draft class since they were 12 years old and have been accruing a bar tab with me the entire time. If any of these picks don’t turn out I’m making the scout that backed the player pay back everything they owe on their tab. With that amount of debt I’ll own not only their children but their children’s children. They know what’s at stake.” 
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    Mattti0 reacted to Paul T in Current road map   
    Wow, congrats! 
    We had our first kid 9 years ago and I'm still waiting for things to 'settle down'
    Best of luck.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Just a quick status update.
    The release is taking a little longer since we had a new baby in the family.
    Hopefully things will settle down the upcoming week.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Kyle44 in Season 3 General Chat   
    Not even part of buzzer but... anyways if you think about NHL, those are very fair salaries to be giving in this game if you think about what the star players make in real life.  Those contracts could handcuff a team but that is the commitment and sacrifice you make for talent.
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    Mattti0 reacted to EXXEO in Season 3 General Chat   
    That’s just crazy big money - those of us in lower leagues don’t even have that for our cap - LOL!
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    Mattti0 reacted to zinnyzxx in IHL Season 1 awards   
    This would be cool if it were in the game. Also Prince of glawing trophy lololol
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    Mattti0 reacted to Thunderhawks in IHL Season 1 awards   
    Team trophies:The Prince of Glawing Trophy,  Awarded to the Eastern Conference season champion.
    New Hartford Whalers
    The Granberg Bowl,  Awarded to the Western Conference season champion.
    Prince Rupert Regals
    The GPHM Trophy,  Awarded to the club finishing the regular season with the best overall record.
    Prince Rupert Regals
    The Buzzer Cup,  Awarded to the league playoff champion.
    Eastern Conference,  Luzerne Highland Cavaliers
    Western Conference,  Nipawin Thunderhawks  Individual trophies and awards:
    The Fishbowl Trophy,  Awarded to the "player judged most valuable to his team".
    Sergey Lavrentyev,  Prince Rupert Regals
    The Mitts Trophy,  Awarded to the player who exhibited outstanding sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability.
    Michel Borgström,  Pettisville Steelers
    The Biscuit Trophy,  Awarded to the league's top goaltender.
    Vladislav Belousov,  Prince Rupert Regals
    The Clapper Trophy,  Awarded to the league's most outstanding rookie player.
    Not awarded for season one, will start with the season 1 draft.
    *Must play 9 games to qualify for the award. (8/80 is 10%)
    The Howitzer Trophy,  Awarded to the player who leads the league in total points at the end of the regular season.
    Nima Westerberg,  New Hartford Whalers
    The Tripod Trophy,  Awarded to the defenseman who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position.
    Sergey Lavrentyev,  Prince Rupert Regals
    The Dangles Trophy,  Awarded to the top goal scorer in the regular season.
    Jeffrey Doucet,  Cape Girardeau Craze
    The Lumber Trophy,  Awarded to the most valuable player for his team in the playoffs.
    Isto Junttila,  Nipawin Thunderhawks 
    As always looking for ideas and encourage other GM's to pick up the format to do their own leagues. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to Fangowolf in Season 1 General Chat   
    Yes Ander's team was a pain and may have tired me out to much to compete in the first cup game.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Thought I’d share a couple of lines and revive this topic to let you know what we’re currently working on for the next release other than various bug fixes of course.
    Our top priorities for the next release is to ensure that new users will get the grip of the game as fast as possible. Therefore we will reintroduce the guided steps on each page plus integrate the help files into the game in a better way. We will also extend and complete the content of the current help files.
    Afterwards we will most likely look into adding support for PayPal, improving instant messaging, extend player training options and adding league awards. Please note that this is our current priority and may be changed over time.
    And remember that we’re always considering your suggestions and feedback.
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    Mattti0 reacted to TheWizard in Be sure to sign up before 31st March!!!   
    I'm going to stifle this before it gets out of hand.
    Bottom line: During development of v2.0, there were talks of implementing a free option of the game, which would have severe limitations for managers.  The developers decided against this free option.  It may or may not come to fruition down the road.
    I'm not exactly rolling in money either, but I look at this way, for the cost of two coffees/sodas per month, I can enjoy this great hockey simulator.
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Waivers   
    I disagree, it's a different system here an does not need to perfectly replicate NHL rules. Here, when a guy is given a 1-way deal he is being guaranteed his full salary and top-team play time. However, if he is doing horribly, or to expensive for a team he can be placed on waivers for others so that he may continue with others with his negotiated deal. Or else if your waiver slots are full, you can buy him out whenever. Also, if 1-way deal just had to wait out waivers for a couple days and then be able to get sent down, it would also enable hoarding of better players which has been an issue in the past.
    Waivers are there to give you an out to 3 horrible contracts at a time. Whether you signed those deals yourself, or else a previous manager, it opens up salary so that you aren't locked and forced to control a bad team for a number of seasons.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in An extension to the 20 day trade lock rule   
    Just to confirm, we have now made a change so new free agents will only be generated during pre season. And as was already the case, only if there’s a very low number of available free agents.
    The reason for generating new free agents in the first place was to let the system calibrate itself and generate new players as long as there was need for them. But I realize this caused more trouble than good.
    Thanks for all the feedback!
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    Mattti0 reacted to Camii663 in An extension to the 20 day trade lock rule   
    No more free agents after the start of the season please! Unless they r low rated players. Maybe a roster cap size so people cant hoard players?
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    Mattti0 reacted to Erzac in An extension to the 20 day trade lock rule   
    This. Any sort of FA spawning should be kept to minimum, and timed at one certain point (start) of a season.
    The most frustrating thing is when you acquire a player in a trade, and then see a better one magically appear in FA a day later.
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from ColoKrabatt in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    Removing patterns doesn't work (Mozilla Firefox 65.0.1)
    Edit. Or it does, but doesn't update preview
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from GamePlanHockey in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    Removing patterns doesn't work (Mozilla Firefox 65.0.1)
    Edit. Or it does, but doesn't update preview
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    Mattti0 reacted to Deadwing in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    Oh my dear god, it's happening. The end of the world while waiting for new one to appear. I'm officially like totally freaking excited!
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    So we're now finally ready to announce a release date. 
     Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - March 1st 2019  This might be further ahead than most of you expected and there's a couple of reasons for this.  First, we simply don't want to make any promises that we can't hold. We have postponed the announcement of a release date for way too long now. I will get into the reasons for this further down if you're interested.  Second, we want to get this right. In all ways possible. We still have things on our todo list but we will also use the extra time to correct some of the flaws that have been subject for several discussions here on the forum. I'm thinking of the goalie endurance issue as one example.  So here's what's going to happen.  About a week before the release date all current managers will be able to sign up and set up their current teams and choose game world. This way you will get the privilege to sign up and reserve your team name and league level before new managers find their way into the game. I know I mentioned an automatic setup way back, but you will have to create a new team and choose a game world. But since you're getting a head start before everyone else you should be able to find your old team name and mascot when you create your team. If there's any conflict we will try to help everyone out in the very best way we can.  All manager history will be kept and still displayed on your manager page but manager reputation will be reset in order to get an equal start for all managers from day 1. But your current manager reputation and league level will still decide what league levels you will able to choose from when you sign up. The manager reputation are also being reworked but I will reveal more regarding this later on.  From the start there will be three game worlds available. One of each speed; Slow, Normal and Fast. Each game world can host 168 managers. And remember that you will be able to manage two teams per account, no need to sign up or pay twice.  And regardless of what we've said earlier you won't have to enter your credit card information when you sign up if you don't like. You can start your 30 day trial without any credit card. But you will in this case be restricted from making any player transactions. This is to prevent players setting up shadow accounts for cheating purposes. But this will give you the opportunity to get back into the game and try things out before making up your mind. Once you've decided you can easily set up a subscription and the restrictions will be lifted. You will continue your trial and have the possibility to cancel your subscription before being charged. And remember that all who sign up within the first month will get the special price of only $1.99 per month. This includes all features and two teams. More regarding subscription plans will be released soon.  That was the important stuff. But if you're interested to read some more about why things are delayed you are welcome to continue reading. I will try to not make too many excuses but I will instead try to explain what I feel have gone wrong since we first announced this big release close to a year ago.  In the beginning of last year we announced that we were going to make a big new release of the game sometime during the fall 2018. At that time I felt really confident that things would be ready by then. I mean, I had more than 6 months - what could go wrong? I remember at some point even thinking things would be ready by the summer. =)  I work as a developer and I'm doing estimates on a daily basis. So how come it's so difficult making estimates for this game? I've been giving this a lot of thought and I actually think I've come up with some kind of answer. As a developer you estimate how many hours, days or weeks something takes to develop. This is hard enough and many times you get things wrong. But I don't think this have been the case in this game. I've got most estimates right for this game when it came to the amount of work required. But I have not been able to estimate how many hours I can put into this game every week. Not by far. In my ordinary work I know I work approx 40 hours each week. If I estimate a task to 80 hours I know I'll be finished sometime in two-three weeks time. But when developing this game it's been impossible to estimate how many hours I can spend from week to week. Some weeks I've been able to put in 10-15 hours. Others only 2-4 hours. Remember that we're only two guys with full time jobs and families doing this on our spare time alone. We have thought about hiring more people in order to get things ready in time but that would have meant that we would have to charge even a higher price right from the beginning. Doing things on our own we have been able to keep the price down and if things turn out for the good later on, we can put more hours in and in the long run even hire some more people. Hopefully this wasn't too much of an excuse but instead it shed some light over what has been going on. One thing is for sure - the release is coming and we're working as hard as we possibly can. We love this game and we want to make it great together with all of you!  Thanks for sticking around and being patient!  /Anders
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Here's the latest info regarding the release date. I'm still behind schedule but I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But still too early to promise any specific release date. I'll need at least a couple of more weeks before being ready. Will get back with a specific date as soon as possible.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Ok, here's another update on what we're currently working on.
    As mentioned earlier I have planned to introduce more diverse player ratings. A typical GHL player in the current game worlds has almost all ratings 90+. This makes almost all players very much alike and leaves very little room for the manager to be creative.
    So in the upcoming release the hidden player potential value will no longer be a single value but actually six different potentials that each influences different rating values! The potentials are still hidden but are divided into the following categories; Agility, Strength, Vision, Precision, Stamina and Courage. All ratings are then based on one or more of these potentials and will develop in different speeds.
    Here's an example on a GHL player with a more diverse rating set:
    Hopefully this will bring more realism to the game and reward those manager who can make the most of their roster.
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    Mattti0 reacted to EXXEO in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Oh yeah - buckets of fried chicken (cue the extra a crispy colonel)...
    ...and this thread is now hijacked by talks of cheeseburgers and fried chicken! Love it!