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  1. Waaait a second... Just looked at the sneak peek photo so does the new release segregate players even more? =) All ovr's are 29 there and afaik lowest possible atm is 40 E: really digging it that you don't have to win poff series against upperleague players anymore !
  2. Not sure if this is the right place, but I just wanted to ask that have you tweaked player development for the new release? I mean will we have ghl teams full of like 90+ ovr players where it gets more or less rockpaperscissor when all of their skills are so good?
  3. AFAIK that's the case after the release with each holding 168(?) manager spots. Biscuit atleast was full or "full" at some point so I guess it was necessary to add new worlds to keep the game growing when there were just 16*5 spots, like it is right now, per game world. And I'm probably going to slow and low where my nemesis apparently is going to be so I can finally so him who's boss
  4. Whoops! But yeah I got an impressions somewhere sometime ago that UAT would have something new already, but idk if it was like for trading or this new thing or what.. But anyhoo, I'd like to take a poke at UAT sooo how do I do it?
  5. I tried to sign up for that link, but my other account won¨t let me login and when I press signup it asks for some invitation code?
  6. HurjaHerra

    Season 17

    Sort of here... Kinda lost interest when there were more than one last season and now that I came back my teams not really in a position to do anything more than relegate, which would mean tanking and trading away players, but then again why bother if it's again few weeks and the update is coming I did track my players Congrats Jusu!
  7. For those that I harassed earlier with trading please message me if you'r interested now that the update is getting postponed, because I have no clue who you were
  8. HurjaHerra


    Yeah that can be a hazzle sometimes. Those three picks that were originally yours will be swapped with those three that were originally his. So you have to track those picks of his if you want to know before hand. So if he got a fair return with lets say his 1st rounder he might have made quite a deal for himself, since his trade partners is now going to get a lower league first rounder.. I hope that made sense
  9. HurjaHerra


    If you'r afraid that your draft will be fckd up, because of not having time to log on later iirc you get the picks of whom you just beat so you can go and check what picks he has and do your drafting based on it.
  10. What would be the point of not having an advantage if you'r willing to spend more time and put more effort than your peer?
  11. Wondering if Mandrykin will retire before or after he turns 100
  12. That would be cool. I'd guess every GHL manager would hate me then tho xD but yeah it could be hard to implement, idk. I guess easier solution would just make it follow somesort of x^y function with some variables to take skill, league etc. into account.
  13. Have there ever been a developer that haven't played their own game?
  14. Karlsson for Norris since they usually come one year after the season worthy of a Norris.