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  1. ET2018

    Season 2 General Chat

    I'm surprised my team did so well this season, but I'll take it! On to the playoffs.
  2. ET2018

    Season 2 General Chat

    Back at the top of the league...*knock on wood*
  3. I think Gusev will be good. He has dominated everywhere he has been. Plenty of Russian players from the KHL have done well in the NHL. I don't think a 2nd and 3rd round pick were worth it for Gusev. VGK got finessed.
  4. The Vegas Golden Knights just got....
  5. ET2018

    Season 2 General Chat

    Big win today over the Praire Stars! Phillipe "Big Bill" Haywood is now averaging a .943 save percentage with three shutouts (including today).
  6. Using my own special formula that is completely arbitrary and unilateral, here are my awards for the inaugural season of the cage GHL season. Most Valuable Player Kwesi Cutter - Prairie Stars Pavel Bure Award for Most Valuable Player to an Individual Team Clemens Andresen - Union Garry Bettman Award for Leadership and Community Excellence Hector Murray - Stray Cats Bobby Clarke Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship Jeet Holcroft - Aussies Most Points Scored Ian Frerot - Wolverines Most Goals Scored Elouan Scott - Red Tide Most Assists Patrick Gornell - Red Tide Plus-minus Award Aleksandar Schaller - Prairie Stars Best Forward, Overall Aleksandar Schaller - Prairie Stars Best Forward, Offensive Ian Frerot - Wolverines Best Forward, Defensive Elie Cuillerier - Leopards Best Center Aleksandar Schaller - Prairie Stars Best Winger Jeremy Lawhorn - Wolverines Best Defenseman, Overall Adam Bufford - Prairie Stars Best Defenseman, Offensive Marek Koch - Prairie Stars Best Defenseman, Defensive Tenho Suomi - Ricochet Best Goaltender Kwesi Cutter - Prairie Stars Viktor Tikhonov Award for Managerial Excellence, Innovation, and Leadership - Eric T - Union
  7. Great. Good to know that you don't think unilaterally declaring awards isn't biased or subjective. I'll be sure to unilaterally declare some awards as well.
  8. I wasn't really serious, but separate awards would be a better idea. Less handwringing and gatekeeping over a single award that way. (Not to be rude, but unilaterally giving out awards without feedback from others managers is a bit gatekeeper-ish)
  9. Yeah, I would prefer if players didn't raid CPU teams. CPU trades should be disabled entirely.
  10. Secured first place in the conference! Woohoo!
  11. Finally in first place! Apologies to Paul T...
  12. VGK has looked good so far. I'm interested to see if Gusev plays....he would helpd them out a lot if given a chance I think.
  13. ET2018

    Top Jerseys

    I was always a fan of the Scarlett/Grey combo (I grew up in Las Vegas, big UNLV fan), so that's why I went with the grey scheme. Works well with Ohio State too.
  14. ET2018

    Top Jerseys

    No love for my simplistic scarlett and gray approach?