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  1. I think about it often, I'm the coaching type Manager who is always thinking of strategies to improve my team and how I play my goalies and such. Sometimes I just check the scores if all is well I let it go a while especially when I'm busy in real life. I often check early in the Morning before work and in the evening after work. But when I go for a walk I'm often thinking about what I can do to improve my teams' goal output (a chronic problem as a defensive minded coach) or improving the power play. I do tend to visualize how the games play out especially if one of my goalies put up a terrific performance. As all of you have said it is a great release from real life, and gets the youthful imagination going. Sometimes I think about it too much but it's a lot of fun even when stressful.
  2. True my salaries are more manageable, but sometimes I get a stiff the previous GM stuck me with. And 800 grand for a guy who is not really playing seems to be a waste to me.
  3. I've had my share, you might put him on Waivers, or trade him, If you can get someone to pick him up, or you offer him for a minor leaguer. You might try shifting a role, like maybe taking him from a playmaker to a Two way forward or maybe a Powerforward, I'm not involved in attack so I got no Bias here. One of my guys in New Haven, (SHL club) is being paid 866 000 for three years and is a fourth liner. Not a happy situation, but I'm making use of him.
  4. I really believe they do, one of my old defensemen Clovis Galloway was the perfect example (he was from the Old Game), Galloway was reputed as finished, when I signed him, by the End of his Career I think the "Finished" Galloway had developed from 75 overall to 77 overall, and at 39 he had at least one season left in him, in the SHL when the game ended, he never retired but at 39 he managed to stick around I tend to let player performance Judge who goes and who stays not how well rated they are. He was still good at the SHL level as he was at the BHL level didn't produce as many points but did very well as a Penalty Killer, If I could post his stats and Ratings I would.
  5. I need to unload 4 defensemen, they are pretty good players, but they got one way deals and I'm set on my roster, I'm looking for Minor Leaguers, prospects and Picks, the guys range from 75-79 overall. Santiago Bernard, Artem Prudnikov, Keith Reynolds, and Sergey Tikhonov are the men I want to unload. GHL managers you could add some of them for your minor league Clubs and SHL Managers who need defensemen, these 4 could certainly Bolster your roster. Their Salaries for most part are not bad.
  6. My team is a group of Veterans, my only young guys are 24, none of my Centers are under 30 (playing on the roster). I got young Goalies 28 and 24. I like my old guys (I'm the Punch Imlach Type), I don't think the age of old guys isn't over if I can help it.
  7. I'm using a paypal account for Patreon, why is Paypal wrong you get my money, while protecting myself.
  8. I've got a team of Old guys, Only one player is under 30 and he's just hitting his prime at 27. My Oldest player will be 40 next Season and he went up an Overall Point. He refuses to die so I'm gonna let him play until his days come to an end. He's still a solid defender too hasn't had an Average year on my team, always surprising me with solid seasons. I don't know why I went with all the old guys but they've done me proud got me promoted and have brought me pretty good 8th and 9th place finishes. Well there might be a youth movement in Menahga some day, but it might have to wait a while.
  9. I'm an aficionado of old games, so I've always found a tie where two goalies sparkled and kept it 0-0 or 1-1, exciting. Like there are some games like in the 80's which was one of the less great eras in hockey. But in the 50's and the 60's, even the 70's, a tie could really be exciting. I'm just saying there are really no fans in this game that watch games, so why do we revert to ties instead of the weird point settings.
  10. Well keeping Records from the great teams of the past is important. I don't know of any team coming close to 7 straight 1st place Finishes, or 5 straight Stanley cups in the near future. I honestly wish we just kept ties, I mean once you've battled out 60 minutes and there is no score each team splits the win.
  11. That is kind of weird isn't it, why should the rules be different then the NHL. In the NHL it's 2 points whether it is regulation or Overtime.
  12. I've got a 14-3-1-3 record, and a team who has more regulation wins but adding up the wins together we have identical record, I've got 17-3-1, they've got 17-3-1. How the heck does this happen, with identical records, I have 49 points and they have 51??????????? Please explain this.
  13. I agree, don't rush it, I've got an All-Star account to pay for it. I hope that the finished product is worth it.
  14. I sorta just go by who is tired, and who is rested. As well as my goalie's performance in previous games, so if a goalie gets a shutout, I'm more likely to start him again, unless I want to rest him for a big game. So I'd say alternating goalies is a good Idea if you have a good tandem I have 4 76 overall goalies, two of them just couldn't stop a beach ball when I tried them, so I stuck with the two best performers. One of them is leading the league in GAA and Sv%. The other guy backed an atrocious team at the start, despite performing well, his stats don't look good. But he has managed two shutouts once we got some good players.