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    Buzzer Trade Talk

    I has finally time to go through my roster after GHl relegation. There is now quite many players in trade block e.g. one of the best defenders in the league - Coronado. Feel free to offer anything that makes my road trip to SHL short as possible!
  2. Well at least I know that one of those goalies was asking 13,3M$ with 6 years
  3. Yeah! There is now couple season already played and probably some star players have new contracts. Which kind of deals you have made? At least spotted G Kaiden Smoke 3y 11,6M$ and G Diego Geolier 3y 10,45M$. Also there is (my) D Davin Coronado 9y 8,5M$ already from season 1.
  4. Trade offers shouldn't affect usable salary cap (see confirmed and eligible space in team info page). And you should also add info about your team also to make developers available to look issue.
  5. Damn. Succeeded to send Bandits (Eastern 1st) to holidays but unfortunately dropped on second round. Let's see if we can make our road to conference finals on next season!
  6. I had same problem with my two top-4 defenders. Luckily Coronado is now back in the line.
  7. Manager of Northdale Whales (Wild on Howitzer). Started where we left on Howitzer, so we chase cup also this season on GHL (Eastern).
  8. Yeah, I have also issues with text formatting (isn't what I expected set) and back and front of jersey doesn't use same pattern or colors...
  9. Here is TOP 20 overalls from "Buzzer". For me these looks quite high already... I have 2 x 90 ovr players on my team...
  10. Removing patterns doesn't work (Mozilla Firefox 65.0.1) Edit. Or it does, but doesn't update preview
  11. I hope that upcoming reset is going to fix this issue. Player development speed is lower and hopefully we don't see anymore full team of +94 ovr players with ridiculously low salaries
  12. I would say just bad luck. Also players big game trait could be the reason
  13. Northdale Wild I put some veterans to tradeblock, mostly +35yrs old, 1w, 1y contracts. Feel free to offer some young(er) guys. If nothing shows up I hope that these veterans makes their best and brings the cup to Northdale. Some offtopic: How many Howitzer GHLers is waiting fall release and planned to join same speed world?
  14. You should do a bug report to get this solved
  15. This sound more or less bad luck with goalies. I guess that this happens for everyone at some point
  16. Same in Howitzer
  17. Wanted: playmaker with two-way ability center and top-line (for league low-end) forward to the big role. I'm manager of Northdale Wild, currently placed 15th. If you found your players from description plese contact me and help my team to climb some positions. Feel free to offer any kind of trade offer.
  18. When I got promoted to GHL a season ago there was some short period where all players asked about 10x higher salary than before or after the period
  19. At least I got frustrated because message reply didn't work well. Luckily I had my answers on external notepad so it was easy to re-send answers as a forum message. As proposed on other forum thread, maybe e.g. Google Forms or SurveyMonkey etc... could be used next time
  20. What was the total voting activity % in this poll?
  21. Howitzer paused, any updates?
  22. Add recall / assign actions to player popup for 2w contracted players like there is shortlist/remove from shortlist actions
  23. side note of an side note but probably some Google Forms or SurveyMonkey could be used next time
  24. # 1: Yes it is # 2: Mostly yes