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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Glawing in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    EDIT by Anders August 7, 2018
    I have now finally finished a new blog post that will hopefully shed some light over the upcoming release this fall. 
    The blog post is divided into two parts:
    Part 1 - The features
    Part 2 - The business
    And here's a sneak peak of the new design (work in progress). (Also available in the blog post)
    ORIGINAL post by Tobias April 28, 2018
    Hi all of you!

    Right now we are a bit quiet here on the forums and in general.

    That’s because we working with a lot of things in the backgrounds. Not generally things you notice in game but performance and future plans are in the making.

    We recently received some new hardware so the game will run smoother/faster and more stable.

    We are reading as much reports and suggestions as possible. Because we want your opinion in developing.

    Keep enjoying the game and be fair and nice to eachother!

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    Walter A. Donaldson got a reaction from EXXEO in Old Guys   
    I had an old guy back in Lumber about 14 seasons ago, I signed him in Season 19, he lasted until I resigned in Season 24, I signed him at 38 expecting him to be around for a year or two but was on my Top 2 Defensemen from the time I signed till 2 seasons before I resigned. He was still a solid player on performance in the SHL, if I wasn't so partial to loyalty I might have dumped him. But it was amazing that at 43, how well he could play despite his overall. The Fellas name was Josh Vezeau.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to ET2018 in King Sized Line.   
    New season in the BHL (Lumber) and my checking line is this -
    Hugo Sandgren (6'7, 212) - Andre Furoy (6'8, 240) -  Loick Ducas (6'8, 223)
    Yanick Goodfellow (6'3, 207) - Jonas Simonsen (6'7, 218)
    Results TBD, but I had a similar line last year and the results were good.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to xZhou in King Sized Line.   
    I had a mini-sized defensive corps for a few games due to injuries - might have been the smallest group of defensemen ever with all but one guy under 5'8" (and all but one under 165 lbs):
    Merrifield (5'6"-165 lbs) - Friedel (6'2" - 205 lbs)
    Sundgren (5'5" - 150 lbs) - Donatelli (5'8" - 154 lbs)
    Bomb (5'7" - 158 lbs) - Combrink (5'5" - 154 lbs)
    Surprisingly, we actually managed to go 4-4 during this time although I can't imagine we did a good job clearing the crease!
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to ET2018 in King Sized Line.   
    Keeping my King Sized line for the SHL season coming up....
    Vorisek (6'8) - Andrews (6'8) - Guin (6'7)
    Raeburn (6'7) - Demnjanovic (6'7)
    I'm drooling over all that size.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Baden in King Sized Line.   
    How bout the MINI ME'S   
    center Yuri Keates 5'6" 159
    Right Wing Kyle Overturf  5'5", 154 lbs
    Left Wing Pierre -Antoine Owens  5'5", 150 lbs
    I've had Overturf from the first day I took over the team he's 35 right now... he plays great ... might be over his head in the BHL he may see more bench time this season but he's there if i need him to fill a spot
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Paul T in anders, can you take a look at reputation   
    I didn't realize that a manager's reputation factored into free agent signings.  If so, I think there are a couple of issues with that.
    1) Nothing is stopping a manager from joining a fast or lightning world, building up reputation, then quitting and bringing that reputation over to a slow world.  Last season I tested out a team in a fast world, took over an LIHL team and rattled off 26 straight wins, then quit.  Someone could do this to manipulate manager's reputation.  For the record, I don't plan to compete regularly with the "other" email/profile.  Just felt like testing out a fast world... and it wasn't for me (also, wayyy too easy ).
    2) The manager's reputation in Biscuit is pretty whack.  I'm not sure what the formula is for calculating the rankings (is it based on wins or seasons or win %?), but something isn't right.  Looking at the "experienced" managers below (sure, I'll make this personal ).
    #41 ___ 5 seasons ___ 116-8-11-125
    #42 ___ 4 seasons ___ 108-8-9-78
    #43 ___ 6 seasons ___ 167-21-25-127
    #44 ___ 4 seasons ___ 74-5-6-49
    #45 ___ 2 seasons ___ 52-2-3-9
    #46 ___ 10 seasons __ 112-25-26-350
    #47 ___ 3 seasons ___ 48-6-8-35
    #48 ___ 4 seasons ___ 105-3-7-32
    The manager ranked #48 seems like the most successful one if you ask me .  I mean, I'm cool with totally getting disrespected by the media, but if free agents are actually making decisions based on this ranking then that's another story.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to ColoKrabatt in Hoarding Players   
    I, on the other hand, think limit of 40-45 players could be ideal. We still have two farm teams...
    I'm rather standing for decrease of salary cap. Lower cap will force us to limit our squads on our own. So there will be two barriers (lower cap plus roster limit) which should prevent hoarding completly. 
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to MattBerserkers in Hoarding Players   
    For these reasons, I feel like a roster limit of 30 would be too small. Imo, it should be around 50 just to not give another disadvantage to promoting teams.
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    Walter A. Donaldson got a reaction from MattBerserkers in Hoarding Players   
    Well I just think that if they add that kind of thing it is, I'm a loyalty guy, if a player got me into a promotion, I figure, I let them play out their careers in the minors, as a sign of loyalty whether or not it has any effect. I do call up guys to fill in for an injury once in awhile. My reasoning is that if you can't get any real value for the old guys, then let'em stick with the minor league club provide some good stats.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to TheWeekKnights in Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?   
    WHAAAAAAAAAT?!  That's some serious attention to detail to notice that.  Does height change noticeably?  I feel like a fluctuating weight is normal, but not, like...growing or shrinking 6 inches as an adult.  I'd certainly like to see a couple of my players hit another growth spurt...
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to MattBerserkers in Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?   
    Lmao, must have hit his head to hard.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to TheWizard in Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?   
    Gained or lost 3-5 lbs?  I gain 3-5 lbs whenever I eat Italian food.   Spaghetti & meatballs!  Chicken parm!  Mmmm!
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Paul T in Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?   
    Right??!!  OK, glad I'm not the only one who is totally shocked about this.  The only reason I noticed this is because I was updating my "Team Italy" roster for a national team post in Biscuit and I have a template that lists all the players ratings, traits, height/weight, etc.  So as I was updating it, I noticed all the players changed.
    So far I've only seen height change on 1 player and he actually got shorter by an inch!  From 6'1 to 6'0.  For what it's worth, it was an Italian guy so I guess it makes sense (I'm 100% Italian so I can say that)!  Almost every player's weight has changed, but not significantly.  Mostly 3-5 lbs.  I'll post a screen shot of the difference when I'm finished with it.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to zinnyzxx in Why do I keep losing (help a new member)   
    Rainsilent, Fangowolf, and Wendel Clark, thank you for all of your input. I've made a few changes now. I had no idea players would get exhausted, I was only monitoring that for goalies.
    I signed a defenseman, but he won't show up till tomorrow. In the meantime, I scratched the most tired defenseman and put in a serviceable guy from the minors (although his skating is still garbage) but it will work to get the guy back healthy.
    I'm also going to spread out the icetime a bit more and put 4 forwards on the pp and hopefully that will guard against fatigue. 
    I'll come back to this thread with any updates or questions.
    Thanks again for all of your help 
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to zinnyzxx in Why do I keep losing (help a new member)   
    Quick update, I'm currently on an 8 game winning streak since I made the adjustments. Thank you for all your help!
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Wendel Clark in Why do I keep losing (help a new member)   
    70% scoring is probably way too much. Checking line is very difficult to get to work, and you only have 10% two-way line. Depending on what kind of players you have in your two-way line(s), two-way line is a good option for both preventing opponent goals (with defensive skilled players) and scoring some of your own (with offensive skilled players). You probably should either use some of your current players in two-way line(s) with more ice-time and/or get some more suitable players for this purpose. Every two-way line players should have decent DEF ability. I personally like them to have a green bar in two-way role even if they play playmaker/sniper/powerforward, if possible. I would try to balance the lines with 40-60% scoring and 40-60% two-way(/energy/checking) focuses.
    You also might want to consider changing your defensive tactic. My advice would be to consider between spread, conservative trap and aggressive forecheck, depending on how you want to emphasize what your current players are good at, what kind of game you want to play and build the team that way and what kind of tactics your opponents use. All these tactics are quite good against three different offense tactics and have only one obvious weakness each.
    Player should always fit into a role you want him to play. It does not necessarily need to be his best role bar (if it is, great), but preferably green bar nonetheless. Then the individual roles should fit into the line, so that the line has a good mix of different roles. And finally different lines should form a balanced whole.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to rainsilent in Why do I keep losing (help a new member)   
    Since I can't see the most important thing, your roster, I can't really do much to help. With what I can see it could be anything from trying to get players on a line to play a style that doesn't suit them to the players just not liking the system which is a possibility.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to BenchBuddy in Frustration   
    I've been a huge fan of this game since the beta days, and it's sad seeing people like Nic Senet leave because of the reporting system. I was suspended a few days ago and since I couldn't log in, a couple of my key players have been taken and I got an average (at best) prospect in return. I think if there is a suspension, the team should be locked and nobody should be allowed to trade with them until the suspension is done with. I won't be quitting but I am frustrated about the process and how basically anybody can suspend another person and the whole team gets ruined in the process. I just wanted to say my opinions on this and see if anybody else felt the same way.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to bhandsome08 in Winner Insticnt?   
    Heroic and determined mixed in with some stable players and playing them will raise the winner instinct. From what i can tell, it doesn't rise right away. It has to be built up thru playing the games too.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to MattBerserkers in How about an open-trade world?   
    I wouldn't say it's hard to make abusive trades with the computer, sure it is harder than before, but it's still easily doable. I've actually made a couple trades with the computer where long after the fact, I look back and think what an unfair trade that was, that should not have happened. If you are actually struggling to make a trade with AI, you probably aren't even coming close in terms of even value.
    Personally, to now try and minimize accidental abuse of computers on my part, I try to limit most trading to human managers.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to Paul T in Team Tanking Problem   
    First, I think this is somewhat common.  The game, much like real life, can be streaky.  I have been on both sides of this where my team started 27-3 (back in BHL) through the first half of the season, then hit a cold streak and fell out of promotion.  Last season I was nearly .500 through the first half of the season (I'm in Biscuit, SHL by the way), then ended up hitting a hot streak and finished 4th without really changing much.
    It can be frustrating, especially since you said you significantly upgraded your team.  As stated, I finished 4th last season and feel like my team was significantly upgraded as well, only to start 2-4 this season.  And in some of those games I was absolutely smoked!  Something that rarely even happened last season. 
    There are a ton of factors that go into it.  Could just be a cold streak.  Could be hot streaks for the teams you are playing.  Maybe the other teams have found their chemistry or perfect tactics.  Have other teams also upgraded?  Literally could be 50 different things.  But again, this type of thing happens in real life too.  My advice would be not to panic and start making drastic changes (like tactics).  Maybe try to figure out if certain players are the problem and make adjustments there.  Try different fair play tactics or team focus.  Or just try to ride the wave of emotion until you get back on track.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to GamePlanHockey in Concerned affiliate players   
    Even a new drafted player may be unhappy if he is to good for the affiliate. And as Jusatin pointed out, the average GHL overall is supposed to be around 82-85. I know this isn't the case at the moment, that's why I have made adjustments to the player development rates. But this is why players may feel that they are too good for the affiliate even if they aren't good enough for the current competition in GHL right now.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to A13 in Hoarding Players   
    They need to change the 1-way contract I have so many wasted roster spots cause I can't send players to my affiliate and then I could cut some of the lower rated affiliate players freeing up roster space.
    And when you offer a contract w/out a 1-way clause they want 10-15 thousand more than their original demand. And for me I constantly get rejected by 74-78 rated players so when I get one I have to send down or waive or trade to free up roster space. A 40 man roster is good it equals 2 full teams 4 lines 3 sets of D and 2 goalies if you have more players on your team ( not affiliate ) than the per-say 18 player max any players out of the lineup get sent to an affiliate and then you send an affiliate player down.
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    Walter A. Donaldson reacted to A13 in Hoarding Players   
    They need to change the 1-way contract I have so many wasted roster spots cause I can't send players to my affiliate and then I could cut some of the lower rated affiliate players freeing up roster space.
    And when you offer a contract w/out