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  1. I'm offering Andrejs Klavinš. He's 2nd pick from 1st round season 4, forward (OA 87). He's way too good for SHL and my only value. Team that I got really sucks so I need anything with longer contracts useable in SHL. Lateblomers, prospects and picks... Any offers???
  2. I would say goal difference... But be glad,it's in your favour.
  3. There for sure is out of position penalty, but I still play 4 forwards on PPs.
  4. ColoKrabatt


    And how am I supposed to know which team is yours?
  5. Big games and/or ambitions. But as everything here it's just one piece in the puzzle... I'm also looking on ego, but lesser. And of course I have lot of players which aren't heroic and ambitious, but are performing well enough for me. Leadership as "care about the least", just cuz I already have great captains and too much leaders is too much problems. Edit: Ego can be both good and bad. And I don't mean red/green definition. As You mentioned, sometimes You need cocky or arrogant brat for your squad. It's really hard to exclude something from the scouting and evaluating process... I wiew player as whole bunch of numbers, pros and cons etc. I'm not truly focusing on some area while deciding. Edit2: If You wouldn't have excluded dirty, I'd set that as "care about the least". One of my GENTLE players has soo much penalty minutes that he can't even count it. On the other hand, my two Dmen agitators have 284 pim together, so again I'm sure just about one thing - I know nothing.
  6. I'd go with familiar tactics, but I'm pretty sure the answer lays somewhere in between. Cuz even though they're unfamiliar with new tactic, if they fits naturaly to system their performance should/could grow on higher level... So both ways could work, but both could smack You down. That said, I agree with Alex, it's uncertain.
  7. I'm training slowly but happily. First center, 25 in first season in attack world (now 27) +1 OA (93->94) and in second season again +1 OA . Although in second season I've played him as 2nd center... And I found something interesting while searching his development history. When 21, his endurance dropped for 12 (99->87)!!! But last season he made +3 which lead to current 98 endurace. I think his Lazy trait caused the huge drop.
  8. Happened several times to me... No big deal. Re-offer could help, but sometimes he won't accept. Last season, my prospect winger refused entry contract and went to Finland instead, I think he realized that he'd be stucked in AAHL... (btw, that's exactly where he's stucked now... )
  9. Any trading partner? I need experienced and strong winger, sniper or powerforvard. Around 95 overall, with long therm contract. I'm offering Dmen; Rooker/Hudon-Beaulieu/Naughton (one of them). They're 93, plus all ghl picks (or Petro, 5th pick last year). Just write to me. Any bargaining is welcomed.
  10. Important, nonimportant and basically all decision have been, are and will be only on Anders. (and probably Glawing too, I don't know how much exactly he's involved in decisions but I'm sure he knows about all Anders plans) It's his game, he's giving it to the whole community for free and he can do anything he wants. Focus group was created as testing crew for people who really care about the game (that's shown by financial support). Anders got concentrate and diverse sample of the community and used us to immediate feedback about his thoughts and plans. We have no participation on making any decisions and know about like 1% more information than You who aren't in this focus group.
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