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  1. That sounds very reasonable ^^ But it also makes it more harder to understand how someone can be such a luck to get players like 2 x 96 overall and one 97 Ov players in the same team After quick glance it seems that all the 10 superstar players are stacked in 3 different teams. But i am done with bitching and complaining, i will take this ass a challenge and try my best with the cards i have been dealt.
  2. Would not like to complain but man the start is uneven. Well at least there is some challenge trying to stay in my league.... Jokes aside, comparing my roster for other same league teams is exactly like comparing older game version GHL and SHL teams. I have only 2 +90 overall players, one is 91 and the second one is 90, rest of my players fall roughly in 85 OV category. And when FA list has only 2 "good" players who every team are trying to sing, its hard not to think why even bother trying when the teams are so hard unbalanced. I sure hope that my 86Ov starter goalie will hold her ground when he faces the 95+ Ov players from other teams.
  3. Jiihee

    S15 Trades

    Dude do you think that you are only One who have had money issues? Your budget is 140 for moth, I know its not much but i have been there and much deeper. And so have been many others. Out of that 140 the 2e mothly is easily handled. The question is that do you like the game so much that you are willing to pay that 2e mothly. Its totally up to you how do you use your money but i know that every moth you will use that same money for a bag of chips or Something else what you dont nesesarily need.
  4. Jiihee

    S15 Trades

    Well thats rare, but if you dont trust online payments you should probably not do it. Personally I have experienced only positive things shopping online. My orginal point was that 2e mothly fee is nothing no matter how poor or rich the person is. Yes there are porbably children also playing this game, as a father i dont see any problem if my kid would ask me to pay 2e per month for a game what she really enjoys playing. Every parent might not share my opinion but you can always ask and have a conversation. And seriosly we are living 2018, online puraches are every day life for many ppl. But ofc you are free to use your money how ever you want.
  5. Jiihee

    S15 Trades

    But to be honest if this game is something you really enjoy playing, the 2€ / month fee is not much. I can promise that every person here , not matter how rich or poor are using that 2€ for something completly useless... You can pick up empty soda cans in 15 minutes to make up that 2€ mothly fee. And if you really like this game you would do it. (just saying)
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  7. Jiihee

    S15 General Chat

    Oh boy Yep the FA is grazy, i didnt even bother to make any offers cause i knew that if you want someone you need to be prepared to offers so huge salary that its not even close to worth it at that point. Easy way to fuck your self up But must admit, that 10 mil would been much juicier than 6.5 How is that even possible o.O ?
  8. Jiihee

    Dirty Trades

    Well the head start what you mentioned is only a bit like you said, i don't really see any advantage on that since you can scout the player out many day before in the ending contracts filter. For me it just is stupid that trades like that can even happen, and more stupid that some ppl take advantage of that. Of course everyone has their own opinions and i am cool with that, but how i see this thing is that possibility for trade offers like this should not exist at all. Of course i would got that player if i really wanted but i would had to offer him over 100% more pay what he was originally getting, and if you wanna actually make a decent team you cant offer prices like that.
  9. Jiihee

    Dirty Trades

    Wou, something just happened to me what i have never experienced in this game before. Today when the trade window opened again i got offer what looked pretty good trade for me. So i accepted the offer but my mistake was not to check the details of the player carefully. What ended up happening was that the player contract was ending and i didn't have the time to renew her contract and now the player is in the free agent's. The player what i traded for him was actually pretty talented young lad and for sure is going to be GHL level at some day. Like i said it was my mistake for not checking the details of the trade offer more carefully but to be honest i never thought that any manager here would be so dirty that he would even try to offer a player for someone whos contract is ending and it was not renew'd. Before this i have had only positive experiences about trading with other ppl but this case just blew my mind. Meaby its better to stop trading and communicating with other managers to prevent something like this happening again. There should be a block to prevent managers to offer players for other managers who's contract is about to end after youth draft and end of the season, cause there will be always someone who will abuse these kinds of things at the expense of others. I wont start pointing fingers but if someone is interested about this trade its not hard to check from transactions day 77. Ps. Managers who operate like this, get some backbone...
  10. Jiihee

    S14 Trade Block

    Rafael Kapic (D) 87. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=14397 Rami Deroches (G) 87. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/goalie?gpid=403 Tim Christ (F) 87. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=3953 Joesph Egerton © 86. http://www.gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=3518 I am looking 1-2 line Ghl Center Ghl 3-4 line Center 2-3 line Forward Draft picks young affiliate players. Hit me up with offers, always ready to discus.
  11. I think it is just more realistic that every player cant be 99 in every category. Even if he is a top player there should always be 1 or 2 category where the player cant hit 99. I don't know if this is a good example but Sidney Crosby 53% Win percentage rank 33 in face-off's. Many think that he is the best player in the world but to be realistic he cant be the best in everything he does. And I personally like this game cause it is meant to be realistic. Just my humble opinion. But i agree that many centers has low face-off skill, that also lets the good face-off players shine. And this case is same for every manager so i don't really think that anyone is getting any benefits about this situation.
  12. The one big thing why I like this game is that the overall of your players is only a small part how to build a winning team. Here is a couple pointers what you should always keep in mind when you are building a team. Make sure your players fits for the offensive and defensive tactics you have chose to play. Also your players needs to fit for the roles you have assinged them, like sniper needs good shooting and playmaker needs good puckhandling and passing. Try avoid red traits if possible. Also strong goalie helps you get much needed extra points. Size and traits are very important for goalie, not just a high overall rating. Those are the basick thing what I always keep in mind when I am getting new players and for me it has worked great. Never I had a high overall players compared to top teams but like i said overalls are small part of building a team what can succes.
  13. Jiihee

    S12 Trades

    Hey i am looking 90+OV Right handed powerforward with good traits. Hit me up with message or trade offer and lets try to figure something out.
  14. First Time i got the pop up was when i was trying to open (Biscuit) ---> S12 Trades. After that it appeared again couple times when i were reading some random post, i dont remember anymore what the topics were. I did read the post what Chris provited, might be a problem in AVG.