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    ColoKrabatt reacted to EXXEO in Retire   
    Holy Crap!
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Paul T in Tiebreaker   
    1) Points
    2) Goal differential
    3) Goals for

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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Wendel Clark in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    Yeah, looks like the weakness of the current system is the vulnerability to abuse (which could easily be countered by disabling inter-league trades of picks) and not the switching of the picks itself. The first one to me seems obvious and the latter debatable.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Wick Schozen in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    The point that Wendel made about prohibiting the trading of picks between leagues is the best solution to the abusable system. Removing the promotion-relegation pick switch is not, because the team relegating has the best chance to return to the GHL. They have the ability to retain a roster of GHL players on two-way deals, there is absolutely no reason to give that team the best prospect entering the game world. What is a reason to award a team with the best prospect entering the game world is the team at the greatest disadvantage which is the team that just succeeded in promoting. Give them the asset so then they can cultivate a team of GHL assets and attempt to stay in the league and if they can't compete then they have to be competent managers and better situate themselves for success further down the line. You cannot incentivise failure in a relegation/promotion league structure by allowing that team to retain a top draft selection because then no team in a lower division has any possibility of breaking through to the top. Eventually the top assets will just be circulated amongst GHL teams and the handful of teams that sit at the top of the SHL promoting and relegating season after season. 
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Peekaboo in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    Also, one more thing - don't overlook this.
    There is no way I am trading any of my players at the moment to any of new promoted teams? Why? Becuase I am 99% sure they will get relegated. So, in a way, they can't trade their picks for players that will actually help them stay up.
    If they would retain their picks, that means they would be able to trade them for 90+ players right now, in a season where they actually need them.
    Just a thought.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Wendel Clark in Picks switching between promoting and demoting teams   
    This has been in my mind for a while now. Good that Peekaboo now brought it up, so I have to do the same as well. The way I see it, stopping pick switching would solve/help with many problems while creating very little, if any.
    First, the downside, if it even can be called that: the reward of promotion would come one season later. As the system is now, when you promote (and have your picks left), they turn very valuable and usually usable right away and helping in that next level you just reached (and are even highest overall picks in GHL). If those picks would not switch, when you promote (and have your picks left), those picks would come at the later end of the level you are about to leave, making them much less useful.
    But then to the upsides, that also make that one downside very questionable or at least very much outweighs it in my opinion. I think it's quite safe to say that the current system's weaknesses culminate into one thing: the huge value change of picks in case of promotion/relegation.
    Huge value change on relegation: It is already very hard to keep your place in the new league level after promotion. Or if for some other reason (like a re-building) you think you are in risk of relegation, it is a big stress factor in itself. In addition to that, you now fear your future picks will lose a lot of their value (even "crumble into dust" if I am allowed to exaggerate a bit here), and you will have to decide whether you just submit to this, or will try to trade them for something (probably for a discount since others will understand your tough situation as well).
    Huge value change on promotion: This is even bigger problem because of how this is abused and in all likelihood will be even more so in the future. If you keep your picks and promote, fantastic and I don't have anything against it. But there are other issues about this. Like Peekaboo already wrote, it is "super abusable". It's easy to trade for these picks away from higher league level. And if (probably not if but when, as the worlds before this reset showed) this becomes more and more common practice, it will be very bad for the game, even ruin it for many. It comes down to "if everyone else is doing it" factor. I'll use SHL/GHL as an example, but I think the principles are the same for every league level. If you play in SHL and want to promote, it is tempting to offer your picks to GHL team to get players that would otherwise be harder or even impossible to get. You would get an advantage. Then if someone else would do this, but you wouldn't, you would be in a disadvantage. From GHL perspective: top picks are very valuable, and very hard to get, and the promotion SHL picks have the highest odds of becoming the most valuable picks in the world. So it is obvious anyone in their right mind would want them. But how to get them in the current system is very vulnerable and let's say it as it is: abusable. And then what applies to SHL, applies to GHL: if others do it, you have to do it too, or be in a disadvantage. So it can easily become "racehorse betting" that no one really likes but are half-forced to do anyway: offering scrape (for GHL-level) players to SHL teams they think or hope to promote and it becomes a race of who bets the right team and who gets accepted first. I personally hate it, and I know I'm not the only one. Probably most of us do.
    Upside then for stopping the pick switches: the value of picks would be predictable. That is core reason that leads to other (all?) upsides.
    If you promote to GHL (other levels as well, this is just my example), it is already tough enough to stay up. Even if you would relegate, you would know your pick to be great. If you opt to keep it, you will have a strong future asset almost certainly. If you opt to trade it, its great value is obvious to everyone, and the one wanting it would need to give really valuable price for it.
    If you are promoting (to any level), you know your current picks are not too valuable, but the real reward comes later. You can also trade them, they still have value at least to the level you are currently playing and soon leaving behind.
    Most importantly this change would reduce the very questionable and abusive practices from becoming more and more common and hurtful for the entire game and making the game fairer for everyone. Secondly, it would hugely help the teams that are in the risk of relegation (after promotion or for other reasons) since they would know that their picks would keep their high value.
    So I would say this subject and post would better belong to suggestions category really. Stop pick switching! Or at least consider the ups and downs very carefully.
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    ColoKrabatt got a reaction from Fredd Dredd in Prospect refused to sign   
    Happened several times to me... No big deal. Re-offer could help, but sometimes he won't accept. Last season, my prospect winger refused entry contract and went to Finland instead, I think he realized that he'd be stucked in AAHL... (btw, that's exactly where he's stucked now... )
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    ColoKrabatt got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Two Way F/C vs. Two Way D   
    There for sure is out of position penalty, but I still play 4 forwards on PPs.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Steve in Breaching the cap when new season starts?   
    I'm ok with the multiple offers since I'd assume you won't get most or even any of your offers back.  Otherwise you end up getting dumped and then it is a mad scramble with all the others that received lost out to get the ignored FAs.  It can get frustrating.  What could spice it up is if you are over your cap, you should lose your draft picks or something.  There needs to be a really strong penalty for going over beyond just not being able to trade or assign players up and down.  If you walk away with four 90+ players from FA but are over the cap, you shouldn't be able to skate off into the sunset towards the playoffs.  
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Deadwing in Breaching the cap when new season starts?   
    Same happened to me. I had 400k left in budget for next season. Two players retired and now I have only about 70k... Whaaaat???!??
    I never promised them retirement bonuses.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Paul T in Two Way F/C vs. Two Way D   
    I've noticed that when I play 4 forwards on a power play - even if the forward has 90-99 defensive ability - that I give up more SHGs.  Just wondering if there is an out of position penalty.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to GamePlanHockey in How to train specific attributes   
    Sure, endurance is always trained regardless of type. So it doesn't matter if you're choosing offensive or defensive training. When it comes to Spirit it's like the other ratings, it depends on what tactics you are using. But you could say that spirit is more commonly used in defensive tactics than in offensive tactics. So if you're not using Dump and chase I would go for defensive type of training if you want to improve the spirit rating.
    But the biggest impact on player development is for the player to play games, with a lot of ice time and performing well. The player will then develop the attributes required from your current tactic and the current assigned role.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to GamePlanHockey in How to train specific attributes   
    What skills/ratings that are included in the different training types depends on what tactics your team is using at the moment. In short you can say that offensive training will train your players to create and finish scoring chances on your current tactic. Defensive training will train them to defend using your current tactic. General training will combine the both types.
    Take the Physical rating as one example, it will be trained when choosing offensive training if you are using Crash the net tactics. But not if you're using Puck Possession.
    Hope that answers your question in some way at least.
    We're also looking to include an update regarding the player training in one of the upcoming releases (perhaps after the summer, no promises though). The update will include the possibility to be more specific on what skills/ratings to train for a specific player.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Wick Schozen in How to train specific attributes   
    Posing this question because I am not exactly sure how to train specific attributes. Spirit and endurance are the ones I am most unsure of but I was reading another tread that proposed some basic idea of which training settings trains what particular attributes.
    I would like one of the developers to have some input on this. If this game is attempting to be realistic there should not be confusion on how to develop your players. As in real life if a player in an organization had a clear deficiency they would focus on developing that area of the players game. Player development should not be a trial and error procedure when we only have three criteria of player training. 

    Does offensive training target: Speed, passing, puck control and shooting.
    Does defensive training target: Defense, physicality, spirit and endurance.
    Is general training an even distribution of all attributes?
    Again, when skill development in real life is a concise and deliberate initiative it should not be a guessing game.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Kyle44 in Prospect refused to sign   
    I've noticed that signing players to 2way deals altogether is more difficult or even in some cases impossible in the new release
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Kyle44 in Retain Salary   
    I've been making lots of trade offers lately.  I've been finding that a lot of teams are close to the cap, and making trades is a little harder to do if you cannot retain salary.  I think being able to retain salary would allow more trades and make end of season trading easier.  
    This may be harder to program into the game, but adding the ability to add conditions to draft picks would be nice too.  That way if you get promoted, your picks are protected as well as if you miss the playoffs.  Also, it would add more value to the pick without conditions, and reduce the value but add security with them.  
    Just 2 ideas I had to improve trading!
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to rainsilent in My thoughts on endurance   
    It does need balancing but how? It is the attribute that I want the least amount into at all levels by far no matter the league I am in. That makes me dare ask how relevant is the attribute? I don't know if this makes my team more susceptible to late game heroics than otherwise but so long as I get the results most of the time what does it matter that I lost the occasional game late?
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to rainsilent in Checking Lines   
    Energy is more about big hits, fights and the like whereas checking is more defensive focused with physical play a part of that.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Camii663 in Prospects   
    Pelee island Hornets
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Steve in Shots on goal and player roles   
    And to state the obvious, TOI is the first place to start, so set your lines so your heaviest shooters spend the most time on the ice.  But again, no guarantees as I often will have a 3rd or 4th liner randomly lead my team in shots that game from time to time.  
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to rainsilent in Shots on goal and player roles   
    Player roles and line set ups. Snipers and power forwards seem to be the biggest shot takers. Having the line they are on be offensively focused will encourage more offense. Beyond that, it comes down to how your team plays relative to your opponent.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to rainsilent in Shots on goal and player roles   
    As I think any team would want their best shooter taking every shot in the game however when has that happened in an NHL game? I've seen instances where Brooks Orpik takes a shot on goal even though Alex Ovechkin is on the ice. The reality is that if a player finds themselves in a good shooting position then they should take the shot because you don't know if you will even get a better shot chance in that same offensive zone time.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to Paul T in Shots on goal and player roles   
    Yeah, the answer to this is a complicated one.  You could always test it out.  Review a few game logs with defensemen set to Offensive vs. Two Way/Stay Home and gauge the shot allocations.  You would probably need a large sample size to properly evaluate the results - and the results are highly subjective.
    I would think that offensive defensemen would take "some" shots away from forwards, but that they would also generate MORE offense.  That being said, here's my non-verified, "best guess" at what would happen, using a completely made up scenario. 
    Offensive:  Team shots 35 (Forwards 23, Defense 12)
    Not Offensive:  Team shots 30 (Forwards 25, Defense 5)
    Personally, I think of that as 5 more shots, not 2 less shots from forwards.
    *As with most things in this game, I use the "feel test" rather than fact based logic.  It's just more fun that way.  Try both scenarios and go with whichever one gives you better vibes.
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to rainsilent in player ego   
    I did indeed.
    A cocky person still isn't naturally confident. Case in point how many stories are there of someone saying that they can do something when they know they can't and later on admitted as such. I could be cocky as all saying that I can score a goal on Tuukka Rask for example however I have absolutely no confidence that I could actually score that goal. How many times do you hear a fan say that they could have made a better play than a player of a given sport? Like I could have hit that shot, made that pass, save, whatever. I feel fairly sure in saying that most of those fans can't back up what they are saying and know it. Cocky isn't the same thing as confidence.
    On the inverse when you see someone that is confident in something are they being cocky too?
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    ColoKrabatt reacted to bremitt in player ego   
    I think you misunderstand me...

    I'm not talking about "Anxious" in their "Big Game" rating, i mean when they are "anxious" in their confidence level. It changes (from my understanding) based on how often they are played and how well they are playing. This isn't about a confident player not handling pressure, it's about a player who has very low confidence, and yet his profile says that he is cocky. To me, a person who is cocky, is always confident.