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  1. We might as well drop this stat from the game as it stands right now, it makes the league leader board into a clown show.
  2. Yeah, there is something fishy here. Its not automatically the goalie that succumb the other team's game winning goal that gets the loss, unlike in real hockey.
  3. What's the problem? We got three waiver spots for this. When it comes to playing out of position, i have not noticed this. Maybe becouse i have a basically filled affiliate roster, or maybe i have just not kept up with it.
  4. I did not know you could have more than one design actually. Where do yoy find this?
  5. To be fair, of course there are missed shots in the NHL i could have scored on, if i had just managed to get into that shot situation in the first place.Its about how many mistakes a player makes, where the same i would make numerous compared to any NHL player, not the least far before the situation to shoot happens. But in that blink of an eye i can at some rate net it.
  6. It might lead to more problems when poor managers drop their teams, leaving a less than desireable trace for the next manager to deal with. The allready problematic thing regarding trades for computer led team's prospects could become even more commonplace. But i dunno about everything regarding this proposal.
  7. Hi. I dont know if its considered a bug but i seem to notice that it is the relief goalie that gets the loss when it was the starter that got blown out and benched. Or have i missed something?
  8. I did not know this. We are talking about before the new season starts and sending offers for next season that combined would make you breach the cap, right?I'm thinking that six days including pre-season games makes you able to field at least two and possibly three rounds of bidding.
  9. Aha so the rumour is correct that a team that is demoted can just keep their roster intact but not being able to make any moves? Seems about as questionable as the trade thing with Computers. Saw one of those yesterday that i just had to report cheating on since it was an 18 year old that had +3 Overall on a 31 year old, even though it obviously wont lead anywhere. That one made my stomach turn. I'm not sold on starting doing that stuff, but i guess in the long run its either that or stop playing.
  10. For some reason when some of my players just retired i went from being slightly under the cap next season to slightly over. That is not the primary question i have right now(Although certainly interested) but rather what happens when the new season starts with my roster now being slightly over the cap. Thanks.
  11. I'm not sure people like this should be "told" anything since that might just make them become more slick about it. Just ban them for life since they obviously had the poor moral gall to get two teams in the same world using different accounts, in the same division at that, to begin with. That said, having them in different divisions is not much better becouse that could mean a whole different set of problems.
  12. Came to the forum becouse my Howitzer team's clock has not moved for a few hours now. Has this got anything at all to do with the 'Sign up again a week before launch' mentioned above?