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    • Hello again and thanks for the new updates in 0.7.1.  I  have a suggestion to ensure that the different arch types for philosophies on offense and defense be added. For example; offense = smashmouth: 60% run 40% pass or spread: 60% pass 40% run. Defense = Runstop: 60% run coverage 40% pass coverage, etc. I have noticed that if I do set the current offense  setting in the current system under strategies, they do not save for the entire season once set. They rever tback to 50/50 and I have to manually set them before each game, which is fine but I would like to have a set philosophy throughout the season. At least on defense anyway. Thanks for a great game and I will continue to donate and support you all.
    • Part III As free agent responses come in, Rasputin is surprised and elated to find out that ALL of his primary FA targets chose to sign with the Black Devils - a shocking and welcome development. Magnusson, Drougge, Letson, Lanz on defence, and Fogelberg and D’Onofrio on offence will join Vermilion for the upcoming season and beyond. This is a huge step toward true competitiveness. As the press release goes out, Black Devils fans are dancing on the streets.  "This is bullshit," - comments an anonymous GM to the media. "They must have paid someone off or...got the mafia to threaten them or something. Who do they think they are? There's a way we do things in this league, and signing all the top free agents is NOT that way." Others welcome the added competition. "This was coming for a while," adds another GM. "The top teams in this league have gotten too fat and content to be truly competitive. Only a matter of time before someone delivers a strong kick in the ass, and I think that time has come, not only with the Devils, but with the Fighters in the West, and some of the other promoted teams, who are hungry and talented." Drougge comments in his signing interview: “After winning the Golden Cup a couple of seasons back, I’ve been considering new challenges. My mentality has always been that of an offensive d-man, and when I spoke with Alex, he was confident he could offer me the offensive pivot role on both even-strength and the PP. Plus, with the amount of high-quality finishers on this team, I think I’ll enjoy lighting them up with breakaway passes. Fogelberg is also joining? I hate defending against that guy, will be good to have him on my side for once.” “Alexander specifically wanted me because of my experience in the league, at a very high level,” says Magnusson. “It’s good, I want to be a mentor at this point in my career. I’ve had some great seasons, and it’s time to pass some of that to the younger guys. Doesn’t hurt that I’ll be playing a key defensive role on the team. The Black Devils have a great story, and a lot of young players - but the GHL is a different animal, you know? And I’m happy to help out.” Fogelberg agrees. “The story, man - it’s all about the story behind this team. Everyone knows of them. There are some GMs and players in this league that are dreading, just DREADING the arrival of the Black Devils, because you know this team will have success, and quickly.” He laughs. “I had to get on that train, no question. Plus I could have sworn I saw Alex at some of my games this past season, scouting me - and he told me I was his top offensive target so…of COURSE I said yes immediately.” Lanz, Letson, and D’Onofrio echo these sentiments in the press. They can’t wait to get started. Rasputin now has a fully staffed defensive corps, and goaltending is set. The build-out from the back is a smashing success, and even a casual observer will see that Vermilion is a GHL-caliber defensive team with the pairings tentatively slotted as Drougge - Letson, Magnusson - Lanz, Stezhensky is joined on the 3rd pairing by young two-way d-man Elmeri Laaksonen - a highly skilled problem child that couldn't find a home on other GHL teams. It is rather more complicated on the forward front, however. Aside from D’Onofrio and Fogelberg, the Black Devils land highly skilled veteran Alharbi Gorius, an impulse signing by Alexander in a rapidly thinning FA market. These three will make up the Vermilion top line. Team mainstays such as Peloso, Weichert, Danielsson, and new arrival playmaker Abbas Hodgkinson will compose the rest of the Devils forwards. But this is not a GHL-calibre level offence - not yet. Rasputin aims to turn his scouting into trades soon into the season, and is already getting in touch with other GMs about their players, letting them know that many assets, including Vermilion’s GHL 1st, are on the table. Some preliminary offers are sent out. Rasputin knows that many will be flat out rejections, but exploring all, even the most unlikely options, is part of his plan. Being gentle about it - is not. Predictably, this rubs some of the already uneasy established GHL teams the wrong way, and complaints about Vermilion’s aggressive trade market behaviour begin to fly. This will become a popular issue in the media and among GHL GMs in the coming seasons. 
    • Take on the peloton in over 230 races and 650 stages, from the Tour de France to La Vuelta to the classic events of the World Tour calendar. Become the manager of a cycling team and take them to the top. To get there, you will need to manage finances and recruitment, plan your training and implement your strategy. And for the first time in the Pro Cycling Manager series, you must look after your riders and their morale! One decision can change everything. [Press release has been produced by Nacon] Pro Cycling Manager 2020 Features You must listen to the requests of your cyclists (inclusion in races, personal goals, etc.) and either agree to them or decline. You are the manager, only you can make the decisions that will maintain balance in your team and motivate your cyclists in crucial moments while trying to achieve the best results for your team. Here are some features in the new version: The 21 official stages of the Tour de France 2020 Career Mode: Manage the morale of your cyclists: they will make requests (inclusion in races, recruitment of cyclists, etc.), and your decision will affect their morale and performance. The transfer window is also crucial for maintaining balance within your team Motivation during races: in each race, the motivation of your cyclists is linked to morale and key events, such as wearing a jersey, winning in the previous stage, etc. A fully motivated cyclist can excel in pivotal moments in the race, including an accelerating peloton and preparation for the final sprint A new assistant to help you plan your races A redesigned dashboard Improved AI, more aggressive and adventurous You can also play as your own cyclist and pursue a career to the highest summits in the Pro Cyclist mode. Proved yourself in Career mode? Play online mode with up to 15 other players from all over the world. Feel free to talk about this story on our reddit.. The post Pro Cycling Manager 2020 – Now Available! appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
    • I love your passion for this league.
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