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  1. Hello, it would be great: - to have more detailed stats, e.g. total catches (I think currently you only can see reeceiving yards), qb rating and things like these...Also it would be great not only to see the top 5 players for each category, but at least the top 15-20 or so... - a more balanced schedule, where teams won't be playing 5 straight home or road games... - scheduling games vs division II (FCS teams) just like in the real world. And I know it may be difficult but a commissioner mode where you are allowed to take control of multiple teams whenever you want would really be amazing. Great job guys.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this game and I have to admit it's a pretty little gem, kudos to the creators. Just a couple questions, guys: - is a more flexible editor in your plans? I mean it would be great to be able to edit data for all the teams, you know... - would it be possible in the next updates to adjust the teams' philosophies to the real thing? I mean, setting the heavy run for teams like Navy, Air Force, Army...and the heavy pass for Hawaii, Texas Tech, SMU...It would be a lot more exciting and realistic. Thanks a bunch, guys.