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  1. Instead of being able to pick any school we want, you should implement “prestige” for every school and having to be hired. Starting off with only low prestige schools offering us a job and having to build up our resume before we get offers from high prestige schools that have better chances of getting recruits and other perks. The job offers from schools should also be binding contracts with an amount of years and pay. With milestones the schools wants us to achieve and being on the hot seat(even fires) if we don’t achieve them or have multiple losing seasons. With the higher prestige schools demanding more out of us than lower prestige teams.
  2. Thank you! I look forward to the next update. Keep up the good work! You have something special. Cheers,
  3. This features needs to be the highest priority. It's super tedious trying to set the depth chart manually, especially when the players get injured so much. And when the players come back off injury I often forget where the hell they're suppose to go! It takes all the fun out of the game. The game has a lot of potential!