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  1. As someone who was broke, I started with free browser games and started to move more towards downloading games and playing them
  2. Hi, I'm found CT Football manager and it was a great game and that inspired me to try some more general manager games and join this community
  3. 1. There might be some problems with bowl games, because the game began with the final score of the last game I played, and this happened to me the 2 bowl games, but after it was over it posted the score as 0-0 with no stats from the game, while in-game it displayed the team of the last game of the season while I was playing in the bowl game. 2. In-game, sometimes after a score the other team gets the ball at the opponents 25 instead of their own 25 which makes the scores really high, and makes it easy to score
  4. Right now it is a little bit too cluttered and impossible to find the recruits that you need to on the recruit board. It might be easier if you could sort by interest or position or stars
  5. Had the same thing happen to me, couldn't understand what was happening, thank you