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  1. I'd like to see players' class (Fr., So., etc.) added as part of their description window in the depth chart. It'd be nice as a quick way to see how many starters are seniors and need to be replaced by subsequent recruiting classes.
  2. Just wanted to give an update: I'm still experiencing the same issue with loading my game.
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue loading my save files. Whenever I try to load a save file, I'm taken to a screen for Akron Bulls even though my save has nothing to do with that team. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Which world are most of you guys playing in? I'm thinking of joining another world soon.
  5. Both propositions 1 and 2 have the same flaw. Let me use an example to illustrate: If I have an 80 overall player, and I want to trade the CPU for a 86 overall player, how could I accomplish this if your "fixes" were in place? Well, what I could do is trade my 80 for CPUs 82 overall player. Then trade CPUs 82 overall for CPUs 84 overall. Then CPU 84 for CPU 86. I could do the same thing multiple times until I've filled my roster with high overall players. But if I wanted to be more discreet, I'd simply trade with multiple CPUs each time and VOILA! I've successfully abused the system. I could do the same thing with draft picks too. In other words, even with the most stringent regulations, I could still incrementally improve my roster by taking advantage of CPU teams. I've suggested it before--and I'll suggest it again--the best way to fix the problem is to ban player-to-CPU trades. "Obvious unfair trades" is highly subjective. And it also doesn't address my earlier point, which is that it would still be possible to abuse CPUs by making several incremental trades. Oh and don't mind rainsilent's attitude; he's quite the curmudgeon! Well put!
  6. A Tool and an egotistoical fool, eh? Well it's a good thing you're here to set me straight. And no wonder the community here is so small; you can't have a simple exchange of ideas without someone resorting to ad hominems.
  7. Why not? I have yet to say something I don't like.
  8. I'll try to be on my best behavior, but I can't make any promises
  9. Ok? So height/weight affect hit effectiveness, hit rate, etc?
  10. RIP HD. I used to play HD back in the day but went inactive due to RL problems. Maybe some of you will remember me?
  11. Of course I am putting the blame on the "inanimate thing" because the "inanimate thing" is the problem. It is far too easy for managers to abuse the CPUs and gain an enormous advantage over managers who do not abuse the CPUs. The simplest, easiest, most reasonable (read: not extreme) measure to take is to prevent managers from trading with CPUs. That's not extreme at all. An extreme measure would be to remove trading altogether, but that's not what I'm proposing. I'm also not proposing punishing managers who have already abused the system. They used the rules to their advantage and benefited enormously, so the rules need to be changed from here on out to give those of us who do not abuse the rules a chance to compete. Surely you're not denying the advantage teams get by abusing the CPUs, are you? If teams are able to accumulate tons of first round draft picks and top players, what chance do new players have to compete? That's no way to encourage new managers to join the game when they have no realistic chance to compete at the highest level with teams that have the best players, best prospects, and best picks; it basically eliminates the purpose of the draft... And also, the community will remain small if we don't fix this problem. As evidence by OP, we're already losing players to this issue.
  12. I apologize if this was answered elsewhere in the forum, but what effect does a player's size have on performance?