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  1. so, thinking in right direction, Paul. I was way off with my predictions
  2. I managed to bug Anders on the chat, here it is: Focus is used to see how the player reacts when being agitated or hit by a dirty player. Persistence is used to see how much a player is affected by negative momentum in a game. Players with good persistence is less affected. Resilience is a measure of how the player may resist an injury.
  3. This will be very intresting season. Some of new promoted teams did a good job. Also many trades and activity looks great. I do hope comp teams relegete and don't pull their stunts any more. I still didn't manage to rank higher then 3rd place in regular season and the only season I was on the pace to do that was the one I traded my starting goalie after 30ish games and strong lead hehe. Managed to get to finals that season tho, with a Lucher getting starting role. It is still huge difference how my team perfoms in playoffs then in regular season (12 rounds won and only 1 lost), which is something to look at. Tide and Stealheads are still main contenders for the East division title, tho Rains team is never to be dismissed. Bodmin and Joe's Bears look strong and there is always someone else who emerges. Looking forward to it
  4. Peekaboo

    National Team: Italy

    They are too tall for Italians
  5. thats the spirit
  6. uhm, flowbish... I hope you dont mind me asking, how old are you?
  7. My players decided to skip the regular season awards this year. They usually take the playoff ones
  8. Assistant is cleary stupid and giving totally misleading information. Its the main reason I really sometimes doubt the integrity of the code in this game. Maybe I am wrong. However, the assistant needs to be reworked to give you good info what is happening, right now its just a joke. Oh, I agree with what Paul said. 1 and 2. Other then that...
  9. Most of the simulating is while computer controled teams are doing idiotic stuff, like their trading and signing of their useless 5th goalie for example Maybe you should focus on that, to fix their silly behaviour
  10. Anders, can we have some info about these plz
  11. Yeah, I am still waiting for Anders to reply to any of those things... to at least offer some explanation.
  12. uhm, report being late for 2 days now...
  13. Peekaboo


    Looks intresting, I hope scouting will be more useful then assistant tho
  14. Ah, Rackley... Yeah, I like Huthala, he's on my (well, not too short) shortlist for quite some time. I think I did try to claim him last season as well, hehe. Anyways, nice performance and rarely (if at all) seen by skater
  15. Hahaha, Paul... thats hilarious! Awesome stuff
  16. so, I created team in LIHL, to fill my empty time waiting for Cage season to unfold. Even some managers in lower leagues here surprising
  17. come on, thats just one game
  18. what I noticed is that trading or signing players rises your winner instinct, then it gradually declines...
  19. I use him with Ranta-Lamoreux-Chene... I'd say one of the best 2nd lines in the league Anyways... due to his bad faceoffs, I did all kinds of experiments... At one point, he was centering my 4th (energy) line as powerforward... but used him on all special units as a winger (both 1st and 2nd pp and 1st pk). His minutes varied from 10 to 20+. But as you could anticipate, his results were not so consistent. I moved him on winger on the 2nd late in last season and he seems to be ok there. I do play my 2nd and 3rd line as twoway, so he fits my playstyle perfectly. I guess time will tell He is always valuable trade asset, due to his skills and traits.
  20. I find him ok so far, as a twoway winger
  21. well, he already has 2 preseason wins, tho one comes against top relegeation candidates. Tomorrow is a real test. Against his former goalie. Hehe, jokes aside... Iooking for another season where Rain defies the odds