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  1. Yeah, I am still waiting for Anders to reply to any of those things... to at least offer some explanation.
  2. uhm, report being late for 2 days now...
  3. Peekaboo


    Looks intresting, I hope scouting will be more useful then assistant tho
  4. Ah, Rackley... Yeah, I like Huthala, he's on my (well, not too short) shortlist for quite some time. I think I did try to claim him last season as well, hehe. Anyways, nice performance and rarely (if at all) seen by skater
  5. Hahaha, Paul... thats hilarious! Awesome stuff
  6. so, I created team in LIHL, to fill my empty time waiting for Cage season to unfold. Even some managers in lower leagues here surprising
  7. come on, thats just one game
  8. what I noticed is that trading or signing players rises your winner instinct, then it gradually declines...
  9. I use him with Ranta-Lamoreux-Chene... I'd say one of the best 2nd lines in the league Anyways... due to his bad faceoffs, I did all kinds of experiments... At one point, he was centering my 4th (energy) line as powerforward... but used him on all special units as a winger (both 1st and 2nd pp and 1st pk). His minutes varied from 10 to 20+. But as you could anticipate, his results were not so consistent. I moved him on winger on the 2nd late in last season and he seems to be ok there. I do play my 2nd and 3rd line as twoway, so he fits my playstyle perfectly. I guess time will tell He is always valuable trade asset, due to his skills and traits.
  10. I find him ok so far, as a twoway winger
  11. well, he already has 2 preseason wins, tho one comes against top relegeation candidates. Tomorrow is a real test. Against his former goalie. Hehe, jokes aside... Iooking for another season where Rain defies the odds
  12. Haha, yeah, well thats not the real problem The real problem is CPU teams doing EXACTLY nothing on FA when they promote, then give their biggiest assets for players they could have signed on FA easily. That was problem on Attack as well. Oh well... that team should get relegated asap anyways. Too bad its will stay computer team, as noone sane would take over it anyways.
  13. This is hilarious. After shipping Shilling for Milburn, the idiotic computer comes down with this offer... How hilarious this is? Anders mate, you really need to fix computer controlled teams logic.
  14. Aaaaaah, I want Nightmares back... not in rl tho
  15. My goalies were right where they need to be, if we look at their skill - at 90%. I wouldn't get this far if my team didnt score like they did. Everyone got rating over 70, while most of them are in the green. I am really happy how they performed. Anyways, great season and now lets trade!
  16. Let me quote this for this last game :DDD
  17. Gratz Bouncer and Hawks! Great series. Well deserved title in a very tight finals where better team won I can't be unhappy, especially after shipping off my goalie in mid season. Great season and looking forward for next one where I will be even better... hopefully Still, I'd rather I won these finals, but it is what it is hehe Looking forward for a very competetive Eastern division next season and some mighty teams, like Tide, Stealheads, neversaydie Rain and others
  18. Sry, I ment that probably traits are bs, not your research. I like your research, we need more of that stuff here
  19. Intresting stuff I would just add that last season Lang performance in playoffs was briliant. So not sure about that Nervous trait at all. I think its all bs :DDD
  20. Nay bother, big man, nay bother
  21. My teams needs to score and thats the only way for me to reach the finals. They can do that and they did it so far. I tweaked my line-up after first game against Stealheads and its working, to my surprise. As for Bears... I really struggled against them in regular season. Even managed to get worse franchise loss (1-6), few days before playoffs started. Despite that, I would put both Red Tide and Paul's Stealheads above Battlin Bears in my rankings, but that doesn't speak much. I would say that biggiest thing in my favor would be home ice advantage, in a season where I am, for some reason, heavy home team. Lets see if we can live up to that and go to finals. Which would be, after I shipped off Real, incredible result.
  22. Don't forget one important thing, guys... I have Shimon Bart. Don't be fooled by his somewhat poor appearance, he's the real winner. Season 1, GHL, Golden Cup Winner with St. Thomas Stray Cats Season 2, GHL, Golden Cup Winner with Sheshegwaning Dragons