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  1. Haha, yeah, well thats not the real problem The real problem is CPU teams doing EXACTLY nothing on FA when they promote, then give their biggiest assets for players they could have signed on FA easily. That was problem on Attack as well. Oh well... that team should get relegated asap anyways. Too bad its will stay computer team, as noone sane would take over it anyways.
  2. This is hilarious. After shipping Shilling for Milburn, the idiotic computer comes down with this offer... How hilarious this is? Anders mate, you really need to fix computer controlled teams logic.
  3. Aaaaaah, I want Nightmares back... not in rl tho
  4. My goalies were right where they need to be, if we look at their skill - at 90%. I wouldn't get this far if my team didnt score like they did. Everyone got rating over 70, while most of them are in the green. I am really happy how they performed. Anyways, great season and now lets trade!
  5. Let me quote this for this last game :DDD
  6. Gratz Bouncer and Hawks! Great series. Well deserved title in a very tight finals where better team won I can't be unhappy, especially after shipping off my goalie in mid season. Great season and looking forward for next one where I will be even better... hopefully Still, I'd rather I won these finals, but it is what it is hehe Looking forward for a very competetive Eastern division next season and some mighty teams, like Tide, Stealheads, neversaydie Rain and others
  7. Sry, I ment that probably traits are bs, not your research. I like your research, we need more of that stuff here
  8. Intresting stuff I would just add that last season Lang performance in playoffs was briliant. So not sure about that Nervous trait at all. I think its all bs :DDD
  9. Nay bother, big man, nay bother
  10. My teams needs to score and thats the only way for me to reach the finals. They can do that and they did it so far. I tweaked my line-up after first game against Stealheads and its working, to my surprise. As for Bears... I really struggled against them in regular season. Even managed to get worse franchise loss (1-6), few days before playoffs started. Despite that, I would put both Red Tide and Paul's Stealheads above Battlin Bears in my rankings, but that doesn't speak much. I would say that biggiest thing in my favor would be home ice advantage, in a season where I am, for some reason, heavy home team. Lets see if we can live up to that and go to finals. Which would be, after I shipped off Real, incredible result.
  11. Don't forget one important thing, guys... I have Shimon Bart. Don't be fooled by his somewhat poor appearance, he's the real winner. Season 1, GHL, Golden Cup Winner with St. Thomas Stray Cats Season 2, GHL, Golden Cup Winner with Sheshegwaning Dragons
  12. So, in the end I managed to guess 7 winners out of 8, only Minuteman failed to fit in my projections So, round 2... Dragons - Red Tide 3-2 (I would say here that Tide are favorites 60-40, but as I said before, can't go against my own team hehe) Battlin Bears - Nightmares 3-2 (I will go with the Joe here) Prairie Stars - Wolverines 3-2 (nice team by Wolveries, but Stars are winning Cup this year) Hawks - Tomahawks 2-3 (my pick for surprise, based on nothing but wild guess) Ta-da
  13. Good work Plenty of trophies for me this season
  14. Yeah, that overplaying is something I need to test and give more thought. I am trying to figure out kinda lowish number of points that Breton produces. In general, but this season especially. I am playing him on on both 1st units and on my first line. He is over 20 minutes per game. Now, his fitness bar never goes out of green, but I really wonder if he scores less points due to fatigue in game. Arnesen got 20 points more then him and McGraw 10 more this season. I am playing Arnesen only on my PP unit. Could it be that Breton numbers are that lower because of his involvment on pk unit as well? I guess I will adress that next season and try to get some answers, if possible.
  15. Great stuff Rain Here is my prediction Minuteman - Nightmares 3-1 Red Tide - Bulldogs 3-1 Dragons - Stealheads 3-2 (a bit biased, cant go against my team haha) Duhawks - Battlin Bears 0-3 Praire Stars - Outlaws 3-2 Hawks - Steelers 3-0 Rage - Tomahawks 1-3 Ricochet - Wolverines 1-3 And good luck to everyone!
  16. So, I managed to get a team I didn't want at all in the first round. Stealheads playstyle doesn't fit me at all and I am always on losing end against Paul. I prefer some others then him better, but it is what it is. One thing that I noticed doing some scouting is... whats with your powerplay? 16% this season and 18% last season. Way too low compared to the players you probably mount on the first unit. You can say what you want, but I would give us 50-50 odds and if I have to chose I would say your team has the edge. I don't have goalie that can carry me like last year and looking at rest of the players, we are similar in quality.
  17. Peekaboo

    Advanced stats help

    I don't mind losing, really. I am competetive as it gets, but I am in sports all my life, losing is not something that makes me upset. Regarding games like this, I just want to know what am I doing. I want my WI up and I want to know how. Thats all
  18. How did you come to these conclusions DW?
  19. Hey Kim, I understand you totally. I would suggest that you stay for next update at least, where there will be more micromanagment. I am all for more activity on forums/chat, but that should be integrated in game better. Speaking of season, Paul, there is still open race for top point player. DeNobile vs Andersen. Lets see what happens today, funny how regular season ends on new year's eve
  20. Peekaboo

    Advanced stats help

    Haha, don't worry. I threw this season chances away to sort my goalie situation. Starting next season I am getting top goalie for both my picks, so kinda wanted to cash in on Real when I could. My team got a decent run with those 2 flawed goalies. The only thing that bugs me is when I can't figure out what am I doing, and WI is the case here. I do feel a bit concerned, as game used to have mechanics that didn't work properly and this might be one of them. I know I am criticising alot, but I just want a better product
  21. Peekaboo

    Advanced stats help

    It was dropping somewhat before Real trade, but dropped even more after. But I swapped the backup goalie before, so when you put all traits on the table, there are almoust the same.
  22. Peekaboo

    Advanced stats help

    We definitely need a better understanding how to fix winner instinct. Mine went to blue after some trades, but slowly, as season progressed. Traits of traded players weren't so different. Its frustrating not knowing what causes it and its even more frustrating knowing I would need to blindly trade and hope for better result. Regarding underestimation - that needs to be fixed asap. In NHL, there is rarely underestimation, on that level. If it is, its more certain player does it, then whole team. Few seasons ago, my former Buzzer team lost 2 playoff games and then for some reason out of nowhere decided to underestimate opponent and lose easily. Thats plain stupid and does suggest there is some RNG where there shoudn't be.
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    Advanced stats help

    Actually, you are right in what you implied. I take that back
  24. Peekaboo

    Advanced stats help

    I just try to understand, trial and error is fine if you can draw conclusions from it. Right now we dont have tools for that really. Eh, where did I say you accused me? Plz don't add drama where its not. I disagreed with that part of your post. Furthermore, you are implying that I am not enjoying the game, not sure why would you do that, besides trying to create argument. I do stay by my opinion, having more resources, better analysis would help alot.