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  1. Oh, and let me give you a suggestion how to fix it very easy... Remove the option for people to offer contracts to 1w released players on day 108, instead of that make it so we can offer it on day 1 next season. That way people wont be able to overbid, as game is using correct cap space on day 1.
  2. Hi Anders. Long time no see So ... the game release relegated team 1w contracts on day 108 of Season 2. People are bidding on players, but game uses Cap from season 4. So, people who realistically dont have budgets can bid on players. Game forwards to season 3. But the bids from those teams are not removed, despite cap doesnt allow them to do that. So, right now we have teams that overbid their realistic cap for over 10+ millions. And again, the bug is ruining whole game experience. I hear that is an issue that was already reported. Anyways, if any of the teams who didnt have cap space to bid get any of the players I was bidding on, I am quitting. Getting tired of those silly bugs that can be fixed easily, but making the game broken. Also, getting tired of same people exploiting, but I guess thats for another forum. Please fix this ASAP.
  3. Same here... what did you do, Paul?
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    Season 2 General Chat

    Ty guys I had a player from your last year roster, Erzac. He is the key to the Cup.
  5. Ok, where to start What I like is team building, trading and all that silly season stuff. I find regular season somewhat dull, despite the position on the table, due to lack of micromanagment. My lines are set, team is playing more or less good but we just don't have the tools to see precisely what happens if you change players frole from twoway to sniper, for instance. We need way more stats, explanations etc. Also, we need in-game forums and chat, so people can be more active. That being said, that is main reason I created an Attack team, somewhere in the middle of my Cage season, since it became boring to me. I took an SHL team with young 89 rated goalie that used to be 1st round 1st pick and guided the team in the GHL. I built somewhat decent team from free agents and right now I am battling relegation. Due to some shady moves there and lack of propper competition, I find the GHL Attack somewhat broken and I am losing intrest with that team, which I will likely resign at the end of the season. When speaking about Cage, that is whole another deal. I would call it most active and most managers there do want to keep the game fair and balanced (aside from a person or two, but heh...). Computer logic about trading and signing players is somewhat broken, so it leaves to players not to take advantage of that. Anyways, I really like my Cage team and am currently enjoying nice playoff run. I spent these first 2 years to build a youngish core of star players (Breton, McGraw, Hanninen, Ranta, Arnesen) and I plan to build the team around them in next few seasons. The plan was also to have around 15ish millions cap space for older players on a 1 year contracts, to try to get a result while building the team. Speaking about season, it was somewhat intresting and as Cage is somewhat active I feel that we have some rivalries building up. Losing my thoughts now and rambling, so will stop typing
  6. ????????????, don't remind me of my age :DDD
  7. Fine, you can have it just for posting here
  8. Good luck... Come to Cage
  9. Viviers and Dauth available for trade starting next season. Looking for something little bit younger
  10. Yeah, all fair points and I agree. But CPU trading is part of the game coding and there is no direct human factor. Well, there is, but from one side. But my point is, it can and should be fixed... What happens on Attack? Oh, and before some managers jump on this, I am not pointing at them. Just giving an example. If you check GHL, there is like 10 vacant teams, all are stacked with 32+ players that have/had some value. Its probably all from trades with human managers. This season, my first GHL one, I already saw 2 trades for SHL picks (also, talents are just great, 2 years in a row, some first liners right away), and for 0 value!!! One SHL pick for 19 years old 80 rated player and other was something similer, basically not even improvement to current SHL team. Also, people are all after 18 years olds from last season draft. There are some 88, 89 rated top players. The example is 94 guy whom I already posted in my first post. So, what is the problem? Promoted SHL computer teams DO NOTHING at the market. At the same time, they accept trades for 85-86 rated players, since they are improvement on their team, but there are like 100 available free agents like that? That needs to be fixed right away. Right now Attack GHL is in huge mess. What I realised now that people are making trades shifting even crappier players for players like 80 rated 18 years olds, that have "green" excellent trade value, then using them to get SHL picks / or the draftees from season before. Ofc, with some other players, but purposly signed from FA for that. Yes, its all legit and noone is breaking rules and cheating, but as long as CPU trading isn't fixed, the game is flawed. Cage GHL is good so far, since its most active and people are really watching what is going on.
  11. Its not about managers, its about bad CPU logic that allows bad moves to happen. Resulting in broken league and the game. I will give you my thole explanation as soon as I sit at my comp.
  12. Its not just that. I can write an essay what happens on Attack and why its wrong. And will do it when I sit at the comp.
  13. Spot on. I am looking what are people doing to computer teams on Attack, its hilarious. But yes, I am game. Having said that, if you want fair and decent game, they need to fix computer "logic" asap. Cmon Anders, wake up mate.
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    Season 2 General Chat

    Yeah, thats nice advantage rly... can fish for players from those already relegated
  15. Whoa, I just witnessed some crazy shit on Attack. A computer team with 18 years old defender that is rated 94 gets promoted to GHL. The team doesn't sign anything in first few days of silly season. So, a guy makes trade with a computer team, sending few 85-86 rated players and some silly 20 years old worth nothing and 2nd pick for player like that. Do I need to say that FA is still filled with tons of players better then the computer team got for the 94 rated 18 years old guy. I know I am ranting, but bad programming like this and general non responsivnes of owners will make me quit soon, its just stupid and broken.
  16. uhm, its not, its just stupid to the bone and you know it if you want team that stands out, you need young elites due to their low salary return value when trading for SHL first picks is shit and its broken dont let me go into history and start highlighting trades... its just silly
  17. They get players they can't use in GHL when they promote. So, basically, you're giving future star (except this year Cage crazy not talented draft) for players you can use for 1 season. Makes no sense to me. But ok...
  18. Cmon you inactives! Wake up! You took all the best players, you bastards... anyways, having said that, I am pretty happy with my fresh GHL team, its balanced as it can be. Lets see if it works, some pretty nasty teams here. So, what are your expectations for the season?
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    Season 2 General Chat

    Was joking mate So, let the games begin
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    paused 4.29

    being dead again? or?
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    Season 2 General Chat

    You could have won point or two more and make my playoff round a bit easier tho
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    Season 2 General Chat

    how do you play D passivley offensive?