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  1. Gratz Anders!! And my condolences to the rest of the Gameplaynhockey community. Game over
  2. Well, we didn't agree on anything and... well, no point in agreement if all are not in. So, feel free Paul That being said, I decided I won't trade against CPU teams
  3. Gratz Steve! And to all who got trough. And to Wendel
  4. Sounds good. The only problem is that they will probably dissapear once players are retired and if we want to create legacy - might be better to have something that will stay permanently speaking of that, why can't I link a picture here... :/
  5. I am all for fair play and cooperation to make this whole game experience better and I find this to be good idea. I will go with the majority tho
  6. Great idea and great work. I would suggest that we add screenshots of players, at least overview. I can crop them so you can fit them easily.
  7. I sent some offers, but will cancel them. Didn't know we have that, but I am all for that actually.
  8. Yeah, what happened there?
  9. Peekaboo

    Top Jerseys

    Pixley sounds... uhm... a bit soft The jerseys look great tho
  10. Thats all fine, I just want my best shooters to have 200+ through whole season and wonder if there is a way go have control over that
  11. Well, I'd rather have my 99 shooting guys take the shots instead of 80ish ones
  12. If you have, for example, your defenders set as offensive, do they take away shots from your forwards?
  13. Hey, congrats all who made it to playoffs. It was great season, competetive as it can be. Good luck to everyone
  14. All my players are for trade. Cmon, send me some offers edit: Trading my whole team for some draft picks. Wanna try some stuff and learn more about this game
  15. I am playing same off tactic trough the whole season. Switched between 2 def tactics, but lately just sticking to one.
  16. Peekaboo

    Top Jerseys

    Very nice! White are best looking to me
  17. 15-7-0-1 and 23ish games since i moved Sykora for Charlie Chene, Lumpy, and Blade Good move I just can't beat your team, despite being succesfull against other teams from the top
  18. So, the battle for playoffs heats up the east... I must say that this Cage GHL is much more thrilling and competetive then Buzzer.
  19. Hey, I am still somewhat a n00b, but here is what I collected so far after the new game started (season and some little in Buzzer and almoust a season in Cage)... as I said, take it with a grain of salt, maybe someone more experienced will have some more things to add. In no particular order... - Development of players: They seem to progress too slow. Especially the young ones... I would expect them to grow a bit more. Can't say I have older players regress quick, as I don't have too many. - Underestimation and overall performance of players: Now, regarding this I already notified Anders, but current Buzzer GHL season is really weird. Top team on Eastern division is performing way above their players skill (even the goalkeepers). There is also team in Western that is 5th or 6th, that has even worse players (both teams are promoted from SHL). Also, players on Buzzer with most points are 80 to 82 rated, with some serious flaws in their skills (like shooting for example, but still topping the charts). Now sure what is going on there, looks like a bug to me. - Signing free agents during season: I was one of those who asked for that to be removed, however I do think that whole idea would be better if there would be a player or two that showed on free agents. I would keep them in lowish average rating tho. No superstars popping up. Just a journeyman, now and then. That way, people could patch a whole or two, without unbalancing the whole league, or devalueing players too much/if any. - Trading when playoffs start for non playoff teams: Now, here is the tricky one. I almoust wanted to get knocked out of playoffs last season (eventually I did, but due to being outplayed by better team) so I can start trading as soon as possible and having advantage over those who are still there and want the same players I do. Not sure how to approach this one, but current system is somewhat abusable. For example, the best player in Cage GHL (Elie-Breton) is in possibilty of getting relegated trough possible playoffs and manager could trade him to some teams for picks or prospects before he losses him due to 1w contract. Teams that are out of playoffs can move in for him if he relegates, since they will have small chance of signing him for free later due to team reputation, while many other teams are still locked in playoffs. Its just a stupid example, but its abuseable. Maybe to allow all teams to trade when playoffs start, but those trades would start being effective last day of the season when everything is played and before relegated people lose players to contracts. now to suggestions... (I am sure someone already suggested some of those, but still...) - Chemistry between the lines: We need more micromanagment, please. To give more control in putting our lines/teams togeather. Maybe even of personality effect of how certain people blend with each other. - More tactical options: Possiblity to set playstyle individially, like for example, telling players individually to go tough or gentle. That way we could have certain lines doing that, or even just players. Not just entire team. This is just an example, but I would get things complex here, I dunno, FM style The more we feel in control of our team, the more we will dive into the game. Thats just it, from top of my head. Sry for spelling mistakes
  20. Trading away: D'Onofrio, 29yo - Center - 90 rating Fellers, 24yo - Center - 84 rating Viklund, 26yo - Center - 81 rating Lonholm, 22yo - Forward - 83 rating Huneult, 33yo - Defence - 85 rating
  21. Gratz Fango! I will take a consolation in fact that I lost to future champions if nothing else...