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    Advanced stats help

    3) If we had the tools to determine exactly why stuff like this happened, then every manager would use the same tactics, build the same roster, play the same focus. That would get pretty boring. I like the fact that every manager is given a clean slate and able to customize their team to their liking without there being a "right" or "wrong" way to do it I have to totally disagree with this and its really not the point of what I was talking about. You would use tactics depending on your preference, your squad, ratings, traits, etc. You missed my point completely - like I am asking for a "win" button. I want to know how to calculate winner instinct correctly. I want to know more precise formulas so I can choose my stlye/focus/roles better. Actually, I don't need formulas, but even more detailed explanation of roles and line setups. For example, in this new guide, where can I see how different twoway or scoring winger play in twoway line? For example. The fact that I can't read from the player stats (unless I am tracking my own excel sheet), I have no clue which role would produce more shots, would it have less its, etc etc etc. You get what I am saying? etc. It has nothing to do with everyone playing the same. If I lose to 82 rated squad, I would like better tools to determine if there is just "luck" part of the game, and I am fine with that, or there was something else? Captains? Underestimation? Tactics? So for, there is assistant, but from his report, you can conclude anything and is not reliable.
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    Advanced stats help

    For me, game needs some tweaking. The formulas. There were cases in both buzzer, attack and cage where players with serious lack of certain skills dominated chats and are way out of statistical oddity. Also, there is something wrong with that underestmation formula, I think it does impact the game too much. Yeah, I get that there is trait part of the game, that has impact on players perfomances, but its too shady. I am really trying to understand why is my winner instinct in blue, while clearly some other teams that are in green and if you ask me they shouldn't be there. Whatever you say, I really don't find it fun trying to guess formula to get good winner instinct. Also, I do think that having too many determined and herioc players being contraproductive regarding winner instinct is a serious nonsese. Green traits should be best, while red should be bad. Simple as that. It would give us all room to balance our squads and trades. Like for example, trading 90 guy with bad traits to 86 rated guy with green traits, for the sake of the squad. Right now I have no clue what I am to do about my winner instinct. Its just a guess game and its stupid.
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    Advanced stats help

    Yeah, but to have shots you have to have puck possesion. So basically, Corsi would determine how well you play up until puck goes in the goal. Its still something off here, looking at roster. Or very big statistical error, or there is much more in the variables then just ratings (traits?), maybe too much. We still need tools to better understand when something like this happens.
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    Advanced stats help

    Yeah, except that team that is 1st in Corsi shouldn't be good at controlling a puck, and its no near others on that list in quality of players. Wich is a main reason I posted this.
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    Advanced stats help

    TEAM POS GP S% SV% PDO CF CA CF% 1Red Dragons 12thW 50 8,3% 91,4% 99,7% 724 551 56,8% 2Red Tide 2ndE 50 9,3% 94,1% 103,4% 801 637 55,7% 3Prairie Stars 1stW 50 8,0% 94,2% 102,1% 812 646 55,7% 4Stealheads 3rdE 50 9,1% 92,4% 101,4% 705 574 55,1% 5Rage 3rdW 50 9,5% 91,5% 101,1% 776 636 55,0% 6Dragons 1stE 50 9,9% 93,3% 103,2% 779 671 53,7% How? How? How?
  6. So, there is a good chance Rackley will again hit the FA *makes cap space quickly*
  7. Yeah, Anders might clear that one up... whats with that team focus, no matter what I have, its always down in negative comments.
  8. its weird really. And both playoffs you lost against 7th ranked team, while you did great in the season. What about underestimation? Is this the problem??
  9. We need more posts like this, it would be great to read about other teams as well. I started power ranking as 1st or 2nd, but the signing of Rackley didn't allow me to sign depth player I really needed. So, power rankings are more for fun then for actual fact. I didn't think that my 2nd line center (Burman) would retire, despite many signs pointing it could happen (lazy, 34yo, etc) and was thinking that recently signed lucrative contract would be enough. Might be good to know mid season which players will retire, as that would be more realistic... not everyone is Byfuglien, I guess Anyways, in a desperate need to get a center I traded 1st pick for skilled 89 rated 24 years old center, but with one big flaw - he didn't fit my style. So it didn't come as surprise that my team got an average start of the season, usually won home game then lost away and so forth. In the process, I managed to trade him away to center that fits my playstyle, but with bad faceoff ability. The team was still unbalanced and I decided to move Rackley in a trade that basically solved all the problems I had - got top noche defensmen, young 2nd line center and excellent 3rd line twoway powerforwardish winger. Oh, and much needed cap space, to solve future depth problems. After that trade, my team went something like 17-1-1-5 or something, sitting at the first place. Right now my numbers are very similar to Minutemen, GOALS PER GAME 5th 3,1 GOALS AGAINST 2nd 2,2 POWERPLAY 6th 23,0% PENALTY KILL 2nd 88,6% Looking at the advanced stats, Corsi % is 55ish and PDO around 103,4%, somewhat pointing out that team might be overacheaving a bit? But I find these numbers sustainable anyways. I am still in the process of changing defensive strategy, so my last winning streak was made by playing unfamiliar defense tactics. I guess I won't expect less when the bar gets filled. Also, my 2nd twoway line is destroying corsi ratings, going over 60 on average. The only thing left to be sorted out is Real situation (as he is not getting any younger, as game says), but that is something that will be fixed starting next season. My core players would be 23-24-25 years old, giving me next 10 seasons to focus on draft finally. Ok, I am losing my thoughts now and rambling so might be time to stop
  10. My team is topping the table at the moment. Rackley trade got me the balance I needed and since then I am 15-0-0-3. What makes is intresting today is a derby match with a nemesis Red Tide. Chance to take 8 points lead, or making things intresting in case of a loss. What bugs me now is winner instinct that dropped down to blue for some reason. If anyone know the formula, please let me know. I have heroes, I have ambitious players, etc, how did that happen?
  11. And micromanagment! Glad to see both things are being adressed
  12. Hockey Dynasty is spead all around... the point is to have all games at the same time... you can do the sim, Cage for example, at certain time (like 5pm as it is now) and then play all the matches at lets say 9-10pm european time. From my rich online gaming experience, that is best time to get both America and Europe online at the same time (I would say that this game is played 65% EU, 34% US and 1% rest of the world :)) Anyways, I used to play Trophy manager, it is online soccer sim game, that had games 3 times per week, running live at 5pm. It was aweseome thing, after they implemented it, activity and immersion in the game skyrocketed. I would like nothing more here, then to watch my game play by play and comment it with other managers. Cage has solid base for that, I guarantee it would be at least 5+ people online to start with and with more and more coming as game would progress. And thats what we need here, desperately, activity!
  13. It is a single most important thing to do in this game. Live games. To make people finally log to chat during game and comment it as it progress. Becuase, as it is, its dead. And you need activity.
  14. Good luck I decided to have a strategy to give away all my picks and players in first 3 seasons to build a young core of elite players. So far its looking good. Not sure how much pick is worth anyways if you are in upper part of the table. Now I can play at least next 6-7 seasons with a contender team and gather new talent in the process. Only thing that needs to be adressed is a goalie situation. I do hope to get a season or two from Real, as he is enthusiastic and lets hope he won't retire yet Even managed to make a little bit of cap, to get possibly another good player next FA season.
  15. Others strenghtened their teams? :DD
  16. What, noone likes my stylish jersey? You peacocks
  17. Lol... they should have named one player Bugsy McBugger rather then that
  18. Looking for TwoWay center, 87-90ish overall rating. Up to 31 years of age is alright. Giving away 1st round pick (and second if needed) and Eaves or Hanssen (or both).
  19. Well said. I would just hold off from trading with Union for 5 days or so, maybe he comes back or someone else takes the team.
  20. Yeah, assistant and general performance of the players are somewhat shady