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    jdonutken reacted to AlexanderRasputin in Season 8 Chat   
    Good win. Unexpected, but that can be the beauty of it. Congrats on the championship!
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    jdonutken got a reaction from Wick Schozen in Season 8 Chat   
    I got my leading scorer back just in time for the last game of the GHL finals, after surviving without him for a 7 game injury.  Helped make the difference! 🏆

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    jdonutken got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Season 8 Chat   
    I got my leading scorer back just in time for the last game of the GHL finals, after surviving without him for a 7 game injury.  Helped make the difference! 🏆

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    jdonutken reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Draft Preference   
    This problem should now be fixed with the v2.2.2 update
    Please accept my apologies for not responding and fixing this sooner.
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    jdonutken reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    When the league headquarters announced the sale of the Altona Dragons to an unnamed bar owner in the small town of Warman most around the league didn’t bat an eye. That was until it was leaked who had made the purchase.
    “Wasn’t he banned from the league from his days in Howitzer?” One anonymous executive sent via text message “Heard he called the commissioner's wife a sex worker after being suspended for putting a fresh coat of lead paint in the visitors dressing room before every home game."
    It was day 54 of season 2 that Wick Schozen returned to the business of professional hockey. Successfully finding a loophole in the bylaws of Buzzer, Schozen is now the owner, general manager and coach of the Warman Aussies. A mere eight days after the announcement Schozen has stripped any remnants of the teams Altona past and left no confusion in the direction the Aussies are headed in. 
    “I’m not in the business of telling grown men to divorce their wives. I sleep better at night with a team of 20 year olds who have no idea they just signed their life to me in the fine print of their contracts.” Schozen said at his first press conference in front of the media. "To do that we’re on our way down to the SHL, anyone too undesirable to other teams to be traded will have their contract voided at the end of the season and their stink of mediocrity out of my locker room.”
    This team of 20 year olds is already well into actualization. Through seven trades in as many days the Aussies have almost more draft picks for the season 2 draft as players on the active roster. As forecast, everyone over the age of 20 is going to see their one-way clause release them from the team. 
    “We’re building this program from the ground up. To do that I need kids I can mold into competence. It’s the Nike sweatshop model. Children are employed to make shoes before they can wipe their ass. The ones that survive into adulthood are mercenaries on a sewing machine. Look how well Nike is doing as a company, the same model is coming to the Aussies. If these boys can tuck goals at half the efficiency that a nine year old can churn out sweatpants we’re going to have one hell of a hockey team in Warman.”
    It was his ruthlessness as a general manager that led the Newcastle Fighters to a GHL Championship back Howitzer. But the seasons that followed were tainted by the Fighters failing to live up to expectations. Schozen’s reputation around the league worsening as his antics continued to get more elaborate in search of success. Without notice Schozen was out of the spotlight and Newcastle bought out and relocated. “I thought the guy was dead.” Another anonymous exec said to me, “honestly I preferred believing that than to know he’s back in the league.”
    What Schozen manages to do at this seasons draft is going to be crucial for the long term success of the new franchise. With 11 draft picks in the bank he can afford to miss on a few, but Schozen is adamant that isn’t an option.
    “I took my entire scouting staff with me when I left Newcastle. They’ve been following this draft class since they were 12 years old and have been accruing a bar tab with me the entire time. If any of these picks don’t turn out I’m making the scout that backed the player pay back everything they owe on their tab. With that amount of debt I’ll own not only their children but their children’s children. They know what’s at stake.” 
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    jdonutken reacted to Wick Schozen in trading a player that has signed an extension   
    After the trade deadline all contract offers are in terms of the following season (example: sign a player not on your roster and they won't report until day 1 of the following season). Then if you are situated in a top 2 seed in your conference after day 87, in terms of contract negotiations you are now considered the level of the league you are promoting to. 
    I'm not fully visualizing your situation in my head, so sorry if that doesn't clear it up. But that is how it has always been as a promoting team after day 87, going back to the old version. When I was promoting to the GHL I had a bunch of players that would not resign on SHL contracts, so I had to ensure that I had guaranteed promotion at the end of the season and had to wait until after day 87 to negotiate their extensions.
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    jdonutken reacted to neuralhandshake in [SOLVED] Draft Preference   
    Different browsers, computers, phones. Same results here, too.
    I missed out on what may end up being a stud defenseman with my high pick. It's very frustrating.
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    jdonutken reacted to neuralhandshake in [SOLVED] Draft Preference   
    So is this just going to go unnoticed and unfixed by the admin team? 
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    jdonutken reacted to flowbish1 in [SOLVED] Draft Preference   
    I sent a PM to Anders, he said he was going to look at it/ fix it. That was 5 days ago...... Getting pissed every time i see that it still doesn't work properly
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    jdonutken reacted to flowbish1 in [SOLVED] Draft Preference   
    There as been a problem with the Draft Preference tool. Whenever i try to move players up and down, they move 2 spaces at a time. Also, i cannot save my Draft Preference. I always get an error report. This as been going on since the last update or so. Please fix this up, since it happens on both my PC laptop and a Mac.
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    jdonutken got a reaction from MarkZ in trading a player that has signed an extension   
    Anders very graciously got back to me, adjusted the player, and promised the next update would address the glitch that caused this 
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    jdonutken got a reaction from Wick Schozen in trading a player that has signed an extension   
    Anders very graciously got back to me, adjusted the player, and promised the next update would address the glitch that caused this 
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    jdonutken reacted to EXXEO in CPU “smart” Trade Offers   
    It would be nice to have the Computer GMs actually offer something in a trade that matches your transfer needs. For instance: I only have prospects up as my trade needs but I keep getting offers for really old guys that have bad contracts and are declining faster than a plane in a nose dive. I’m asking for prospects to circumvent some cap issues but am getting offers that put me in the red further. This also makes those offers pointless.
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    jdonutken reacted to canucks in [SOLVED] message error   
    Seems like each draft announcement can't be deleted. So far, the announcements for the Attack GHL and SHL drafts give an error if I try to delete them. Other drafts coming up...
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    jdonutken reacted to zinnyzxx in [SOLVED] Unable to assign (and waive) Players (MERGED TOPIC)   
    I'm having an error message when trying to assign players or put them on waivers.
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    jdonutken reacted to wmrobbins in New Release   
    Its like $2 a month man. And a much deserved $2 at that. Just get a $25 giftcard and use that for a season.
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    jdonutken reacted to Smashvilles4Realz in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    i'm going to go out on a limb and say we are done. I'm in Biscuit and Clapper and they both stopped a couple days ago. i think these servers are all done. Get ready for an eventful weekend in Game Plan Hockey land!
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    jdonutken got a reaction from Mark Z in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    What is considered "fast", "normal", and "slow"?  I'm playing in a 2-games-a-day league-what is that?
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    jdonutken reacted to GoldenBears in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    Longtime member here, coming back. Excited to see what the game has become since I've taken a break. 
    With regards to why theres a fee: running servers and spending lots of time on this game is not cheap. Plus, if the game blows up, more time and money can be spent on making it better. $2 a month really isnt that much. $24 a year is less than spending on Franchise Hockey Manager/Eastside. Plus, where else can you play online vs Friends? 
    Can't promise I'll be here forever, but I owe it to Anders to see the release. This game has come so far!
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    jdonutken got a reaction from clyde in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    If you don't have a credit card, buy a VISA gift card, and use that. a $25 card will cover you for a year.  I've been at this game for about 6 months; I can see that Anders and friends have spent a lot of time developing this game, and I think it's extremely fair that they begin to get some compensation.  Why ever would you think it wasn't?
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    jdonutken got a reaction from Glawing in New Game World Names!   
    Bandy, 99/Gretzky, and 66/Lemieux
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    jdonutken reacted to GamePlanHockey in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    So we're now finally ready to announce a release date. 
     Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - March 1st 2019  This might be further ahead than most of you expected and there's a couple of reasons for this.  First, we simply don't want to make any promises that we can't hold. We have postponed the announcement of a release date for way too long now. I will get into the reasons for this further down if you're interested.  Second, we want to get this right. In all ways possible. We still have things on our todo list but we will also use the extra time to correct some of the flaws that have been subject for several discussions here on the forum. I'm thinking of the goalie endurance issue as one example.  So here's what's going to happen.  About a week before the release date all current managers will be able to sign up and set up their current teams and choose game world. This way you will get the privilege to sign up and reserve your team name and league level before new managers find their way into the game. I know I mentioned an automatic setup way back, but you will have to create a new team and choose a game world. But since you're getting a head start before everyone else you should be able to find your old team name and mascot when you create your team. If there's any conflict we will try to help everyone out in the very best way we can.  All manager history will be kept and still displayed on your manager page but manager reputation will be reset in order to get an equal start for all managers from day 1. But your current manager reputation and league level will still decide what league levels you will able to choose from when you sign up. The manager reputation are also being reworked but I will reveal more regarding this later on.  From the start there will be three game worlds available. One of each speed; Slow, Normal and Fast. Each game world can host 168 managers. And remember that you will be able to manage two teams per account, no need to sign up or pay twice.  And regardless of what we've said earlier you won't have to enter your credit card information when you sign up if you don't like. You can start your 30 day trial without any credit card. But you will in this case be restricted from making any player transactions. This is to prevent players setting up shadow accounts for cheating purposes. But this will give you the opportunity to get back into the game and try things out before making up your mind. Once you've decided you can easily set up a subscription and the restrictions will be lifted. You will continue your trial and have the possibility to cancel your subscription before being charged. And remember that all who sign up within the first month will get the special price of only $1.99 per month. This includes all features and two teams. More regarding subscription plans will be released soon.  That was the important stuff. But if you're interested to read some more about why things are delayed you are welcome to continue reading. I will try to not make too many excuses but I will instead try to explain what I feel have gone wrong since we first announced this big release close to a year ago.  In the beginning of last year we announced that we were going to make a big new release of the game sometime during the fall 2018. At that time I felt really confident that things would be ready by then. I mean, I had more than 6 months - what could go wrong? I remember at some point even thinking things would be ready by the summer. =)  I work as a developer and I'm doing estimates on a daily basis. So how come it's so difficult making estimates for this game? I've been giving this a lot of thought and I actually think I've come up with some kind of answer. As a developer you estimate how many hours, days or weeks something takes to develop. This is hard enough and many times you get things wrong. But I don't think this have been the case in this game. I've got most estimates right for this game when it came to the amount of work required. But I have not been able to estimate how many hours I can put into this game every week. Not by far. In my ordinary work I know I work approx 40 hours each week. If I estimate a task to 80 hours I know I'll be finished sometime in two-three weeks time. But when developing this game it's been impossible to estimate how many hours I can spend from week to week. Some weeks I've been able to put in 10-15 hours. Others only 2-4 hours. Remember that we're only two guys with full time jobs and families doing this on our spare time alone. We have thought about hiring more people in order to get things ready in time but that would have meant that we would have to charge even a higher price right from the beginning. Doing things on our own we have been able to keep the price down and if things turn out for the good later on, we can put more hours in and in the long run even hire some more people. Hopefully this wasn't too much of an excuse but instead it shed some light over what has been going on. One thing is for sure - the release is coming and we're working as hard as we possibly can. We love this game and we want to make it great together with all of you!  Thanks for sticking around and being patient!  /Anders
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    jdonutken got a reaction from Walter A. Donaldson in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    yes, must say I'm getting antsy, lol 
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    jdonutken reacted to Glawing in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Well this is not the answer you looking for. But we are currently working with some major things which we need to be ready before we can tell you about launch date. 
    By the end of the week we hope to give you a more specific launch date.
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    jdonutken got a reaction from Baden in Season 33 General Chat   
    won the league (IHL) and 2nd promotion after 4 seasons.  Mediocrity in Bronze awaits with open arms, lol.